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Chapter 2 Pension

TL: om3ga

ED: Chinozuku

*chirp* *chirp*…



Morning sunlight slipped through the lodge’s window, and small birds were tweeting without a worry in the world.

“Well then, it’s time to go I guess.”

I pressed the cigarette in the ashtray; I grabbed my bag and stood up.

I have already taken a shower and changed my clothes.

Ah, yeah.

It’s the day when Cross forced me to participate in his embarrassing 『Farewell Party』 thing.

If I think about it, it’s obvious that it would be awkward if I meet everyone.

Well, I know he did it out of good will, though…

At times like this, it is better to leave quickly while everyone was still sleeping.




It was when I thought so and about to open the door of my room.



Right in front of the door, there’s a figure of a woman there. Her presence surprised me so I retreated back to the room.


When I saw her three strand braided blonde hair peeked through the entryway, I knew it was Tiana the party’s member specialized in support magic.

「Good morn… no! What the hell are you doing over there so early in the morning!!」

「Same goes for you, Aiga. Where are you going so early in the morning?」

「Uh … Well, I’m going to take a walk」

「With that much luggage?」


I see.

So she has foreseen it that I would escape the『Farewell Party』.

「Aah, yeah. I’m going to leave. As a man, it’s better to leave without making any commotion. So, please don’t stop me. 」

「I won’t.」

「Stop me, dammit!」

At least try to keep me from leaving or something, even for appearance sake!

「Doing a 『Farewell Party』to a comrade you dismiss… There’s something wrong with Cross’ brain」

Ah, so it’s not just me who felt that way.

「Then, why are you waiting in front of my room like this?」

「It’s about the party’s item distribution.」

Tiana said, while correcting her red framed glasses position.

「You’ll be going to bring all the equipment, items and others just like that because Cross said it’s fine, aren’t you? That would be a problem for me.  I’ve come to make a list of items you take from the party so after confirming it, I want you to sign the confirmation letter.」

「You’re standing in front of someone’s room so early just for that? 」

「Because it’s important.」

Hah …

As always, she’s like this.


I said that there’s something wrong with Cross’ head, but this girl, Tiana too, there’s something wrong with her head.

「*sigh*.Well, at least come in.」

Said that, I pointed my thumb towards the room, but Tiana didn’t enter.

「What’s wrong?」

「… Umm」

Ah. I see.

If she’s with me together alone in my room, she’d feel awkward.

Haah … Seriously what a pain.

「Then how about we head to the lobby?」


As she answered, once again I left the room and locked the door.

「This is the list of party assets that we handed over to you.」

Inn’s lobby, near the entrance.

Tiana gave me a sheet of document.

When I think about it, with her three strand braid blonde hair, wearing red glasses and dresses with a pair of trousers, it seems like she had no opening at all.

「By the way, how is it going with Cross?」

I asked that while checking the list.

「Nothing. It’s no longer your concern.」

「Ah yeah, I see. I’m only someone who just dismissed from the party so…」

「That’s not it! … I mean, you’re the one who dumped me, so it’s not your concern for minding who I’m going out with!」

「Don’t be so loud. Other guests are still sleeping, you know.」


Having said that, Tiana faced the other way and became silent.

I read the paper…..

In the silence, I checked the list.


「Then, I need my stamp here, huh…」

As I was about to stamp my seal on it,


There’s something caught my eyes on the list.

「”Hey, Tiana. What’s with this 『Fief, 2500 Units Worth1』 on the bottom part?」
(1 In the raw, the author uses Koku  穀(こく) as the units. It means grains of cereal, rice or others. I don’t know the author means units as in 2500 person or 2500x150Kg of grains because Koku with different kanji  also means 150Kg worth of grains. Dunno tho.)

「… It’s a  territory I decided to transfer to you at my discretion.」


「Just think of it as your retirement pension.」

There are so many parts I want to retort but the first one I want to retort is…

「I didn’t know this party has such assets!」

「Do you remember we did the 『Gydra Serpent』subjugation quest last year? At that time, the king of that territory was so happy and he gave that territory as a reward. But even if the party got a territory, we couldn’t do anything about it. Moreover, if we continued our journey, it would just be a waste. I think it will be a win-win solution if I push this territory to you who are going to leave the party. 」
(T/N Yes, there are grammar errors but no, there’s no typo.)

「You’re too honest! …… Besides,  territory is too much for me, I can’t  go on adventure while managing a fief.」

As I answered, Teana sighed with annoyance 『Haah …』 and immediately corrected her seat.

Her posture was surprisingly beautiful.

Her bosom on her waist curves like a dove, her breasts wrapped by summer knit clothes tightly straightened up.

「Aiga, you….  What are you going to do after leaving the party?」

「What am I going to do, huh? Well, first, I’ll find some new comrades…」

「I personally think you should stop being an adventurer.」


「Your training skills are definitely first class. It’s because of your strength that we have gathered this way and made it this strong, and for that we’re really grateful as a member of the party. So, th- thank you」

「Tiana …」

I’d say so myself, but when I heard it directly from my comrade, my chest feels hot, my ears twitch and I feel like I would cry at any moment.

「But your skills are only up to that point.」

! ?

「If you train a party and they become strong, you won’t be needed by that party any more. That’s your destiny. If you leave and train another party, in the end would be the same.」 (ED: Damn, she’s so honest)

「That’s….. Nobody knows if I don’t try it first…」



Exactly as what Tiana said.

The fate of my Training skills.

My talents on the other skills are mundane; moreover I’m 27 years old now

(T/N I feel you, dude… I want to pat your shoulder rn)

I’m no longer young enough to bet on just chances.

Even though Tiana hadn’t told me that, I was aware of it myself.


If I form another party, the same thing would have occurred again.

「Talent is a cruel thing. Not only whether it exists or not, but if the nature of the talent itself was not suitable, you can’t be happy. 」

I noticed  『Pity』 appeared In Tiana’s blue eyes, it made me a little lost.

「I know it’s strange for me to say this, but I want you to be happy. You’re someone who raised this party so far. Even if you cannot succeed as an adventurer, remember that there’s more to life than just adventure 」
(T/N I want to quote Tony Stark when he said “get a life” to Cap here, but I refuse to remind you that Tony papa won’t be back)

「So, you want to say 『How about you becoming a lord of a fief?』Huh.」

「… I only gave your pension.」

Hm …

I squeezed a deep sigh and look at Tiana’s blue eyes again.

「I’ll receive it with gratitude.」

And stamped my seal on the list.

Tiana also sighed for a few seconds,

「This is the data of that territory」

She said and handed over another file.

「… Oh, now I remember the quest of Gydra Serpent. That island country on the far-east, huh?」

「… Yeah」

「A good place to live, huh.」

「Your fief is far on the countryside, though.」

「I see. Thanks to you I’d get a pretty good second life. Haha.」

「Aiga …」

「Well then, I’m going soon, before everyone got up.」

When I stood up saying that.

Tiana’s fingertips caught my sleeves.


「Let me ask you something. The reason you said 『Let’s break up.』at that time, was it because you noticed Cross’ feelings or…」

Immediately I drove her fingers away.

「Not a chance. You’re thinking too much. … Be happy with Cross.」

As I said that, I left the lodge.