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Chapter 3 Departure

TL: om3ga

ED: Yuki

When I left the hotel, this city, Marine Belle has already started its activity.

A port city like this one starts earlier than the other cities.

I ordered coffee and breakfast from a tea shop near the pier and looked at the 【Fief】 document I got from Tiana.

*flips page*…

However, I can’t understand it well enough with just the paper.

Well, I’ve been there for the 【Gydra Serpent】 quest once before, but…

I didn’t imagine that it would end up I own the territory so I didn’t keep anything in mind deeply at that time.

… so that said, how about I just try to go there directly?

I don’t have anything to do besides adventuring,

So that if I think 『I don’t want to be a lord of this land!』I could directly return the fief to the King.

「Oh well, for now I should get on the ship heading to the Far East.」


After I finished my breakfast at the tea shop, I went to the 【ticket booth】 and check on my departure time.

「The departure to the Far East … It’s the first one to depart so it means it would sail on one o’clock.」

「I’ll go with that. Please give me a seat on the second row. 」

「Second row seat, to the Far-East is it? It will be 70,000 Bonds」

(T/N: Bond is the currency here)

After I paid for money and got a ticket, I headed to the 【bank】 because I still had time until 1:00.

「The remaining balance of Aega-san’s deposit is 22,053,450 Bonds.」

Also that money does not belong to the party, but my personal account.

「I’ll withdraw 15 million Bonds」

「… um… we’re very sorry but the maximum withdrawal limit on the same day is 10 million Bonds.」

「I see, then I’ll withdraw 10 million bonds」

「I understand.」

That way, I brought cash money just in case.

After all, bank does not exists in some parts of the world..


Next, the weapon shop

*Thunk* *Clink♪* *Clink♪*

「Welcome! 」

The strong voice of the weapon shop keeper..

When I entered the shop, my eyes caught on some swords that worth a few million Bonds and armors that worth more than ten million Bonds. Unfortunately, I can’t equip any of them.

If only I could equip advanced-tier equipment…

So I think…, but because it is related to my talent, there’s no way it would change even if I said so.

Anyway, I bought some spare intermediate-tier equipment that I could use.

Especially swords and knives that wears off easily, and I can’t hope that there’s blacksmith over the territory.

Well, I won’t encounter too much battle from now on, but at least I have to protect my own body.


Well then, next to the weapon shop, there was a 【tool shop】, and of course I shopped a lot there.

I bought several various grades of potions, antidotes and paralyze potions, holy waters, talismans (scrolls?), outdoor camping set,   (repel) incense, tableware, and many others.

「Oh, sorry, Please send all of these by mail.」


「Then please write the address here.」

「About the address, I’ll contact you once I moved in. Could I book it until then? I’ll pay it in advance.」

「Yes. If you paid it in advance.」

So I had arranged for the weapons and items that I bought just now to be sent to the fief later.

*Bam!* *Bam!*

When I left the store, I heard the sound of cannon echoing in the blue sky.

It seems that it is now 12 o’clock.

「Let’s go back to the pier soon.」

It was when I thought so and turn my heels,

「Eh? Eh, eeh? Aiga-senpai, aren’t you?」

A familiar voice could be heard.

「Ugh, Emma…」


It was Emma, ​​the white mage, the healer for our party.

Emma was the last one to join the party but now she’s an existence that couldn’t be replaced within the party with her high level recovery magic.



Then, standing behind Emma was the vanguard swordsman Derry.

Even though his offensive power was excellent, he’s a silent man and always hides behind Emma.


Even now, there’s no sign of him opening his mouth.

「Cross-senpai was looking for you… is it okay for you to be here? Fufufu」


This was the reason she always come and tease me like this.

「You, don’t you dare call me cross here.」

「Ahahaha! It was because Cross-senpai said he’s so excited about your【Farewell Party】? (Laughs) 」

「Don‘t laugh, He’s really thinks so.」

「Haha… indeed, it’s something I can’t laugh at」

Emma lowered her tone.

「In the first place, isn’t kicking out the weakest guy from the party a matter of course? Cross-senpai and Tiana-senpai were too considerate to you, Aiga-senpai」



「Senpai, have you ever thought about it? That you don’t have any position in the party and just dragging their feet.」


I couldn’t refute anything she said, and then she continued.

「Humph… By the way, you know the reason why Cross-senpai and Tiana-senpai couldn’t say the word “fire” to you, right? You know, and yet you taking advantage of it aren’t you? 」

「…… Emma 」

Derry, who was behind her, unusually opened her mouth.

「Don’t say anything further.」

「Derry …」

Emma pulled the brake off her excitement and took a breath.


「… Well, fine. Either way, today the guy who acts like senior yet weaker than me would be gone. Fufufu, well then… farewell, Senpai ♪」

Thus Emma and Derry left.

「The ship for the Far East will leave at 1 o’clock! Please gather around the boarding line! 」

I arrived at the wharf in time.

In response to the ship officer’s voice, I took my bag and stood up.

However, there are two ships arrived in line.

Because I could see crowd around the ship on the right side, I knew immediately that was the ship to Far-East on 1 o’clock. I was curious about the ship on the left side so I asked a guard who seemed free.

「Where’s that ship going? 」

「Oh, that boat is going westward」

「And by “west”, where does it go? 」

「To Zahalbert, Six o’clock today」

as I have expected

it’s the ship Cross and the others going to board on today.


So they could do higher level adventures.

*chatter* *chatter*

after I climbed the tarp along with a lot of other passengers, I stared above the mast of the other ship from the deck.

Although we’re close right now, that ship was going to the west and this ship was going to the east.

I couldn’t help but feeling strange.


A seagull flew by.

The ship left the dock.

As this ship went forward, the distance to the other ship which was going to head to Zahalbert gradually gets further and further.

It already looked so small.

Hoooonk… hoooonk … hoooonk …

The three roars of the horn sounded like someone crying in my ears.