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Chapter 4 Sukahama

TL: om3ga

ED: Yuki

The journey on the ship should be 5 days and 4 nights.

Since I was bored and alone on the journey, I read some books and betting on some cheap gambles to kill time.

Huh? Mister? Aiga-sama, ain’tcha?

I was eating curry rice in the dining hall when I was called upon.

When I turned my head around… Indeed, it was someone I recognize…

It was someone with a standing out dimpled smiling face. His age was two or three years below me.


He was indeed the Traveling Merchant I’ve had acquainted with back in my adventurer days.

What was his name, again?

Whoah, as I thought! ‘yer Aiga-sama of the Five miracles what a coincidence that we met

The merchant came closer with his loud voice, and then over-familiarly sat on the seat beside me.

Ah. By the way Five Miracles, the embarrassing name he said was an alias to the Hero’s party.

However, the Five on the name referred to the Hero Cross, Tiana, Emma, Derry, and… I…. was what I want to say but it’s not true.

There’s one more member to the party, the genius who was the last part of the five. Offensive-type Wizard, Morrier

In other words, I’m not one of those Miracles

So cool, ain’t I? (Crying)

But… by the way that, Morrier guy…

It was a blessing that he’s currently on a solo expedition and is acting separately. If he knew about My Dismissal, there would be another storm that would be waiting for the party.

*chatter* *chatter*

Well then, when I think about that, I noticed that somehow the dining hall became noisy.

Hey, look at that man. He’s one of the Five Miracles!

Ehh? Really? That’s part of the Hero’s Party? Let’s ask him for a signature.

I’m Derry’s fan, you know….

Yeah, it’s always like this.

Hey, you. Don’t bother other customers! Seriously…

I stared at the Ekbo merchant who was sitting beside me with anger.

it’s alrite, ain’t it?  ‘cuz what I said wasn’t false by any means.

Tch…. You already knew that I’m not part of the five as the name suggested.

Yea, I know-. ‘Yer the elusive sixth member, rite?

What, I don’t know what that means.

By the way, mister, you’re alone? Where’s Tiana-san?

…I’m alone. Right now just consider me as a tourist.

Hee, so adventurers also do tourism.

Well, yeah.

Though it’s a holiday, you’re not with Tiana?

He always said Tiana this Tiana that, what the hell is he… ah, now I understand.

Oh… Tiana, she’s… she’s dating Cross now.

Eh!? Mister, you’ve been dumped?

I felt offended because I was the one who dumped her, but to keep Tiana’s public image I didn’t say anything and kept it at that.

I see, so you’re on heart-break vacation, huh. Then it’s better if I don’t bother you. I thought you’ve got some job for me though

The merchant said that and got up from his seat.



I grabbed his arm.


This guy looks stupid but he’s an outstanding merchant.

Look. When I used my Training skill, Goddess Eyes, he certainly has the job of Merchant.

By the way, in this world, people who had the Job they’re doing according to Job they’re born with was only few in number. (Normally, people are not working in a field that they are born to be.)

For example, someone with Fisherman Job is working as a Lumberjack, and some other people with Brewer Job working as a Priest.

Well, he looks like he was an idiot, so perhaps he became a merchant by chance, and somehow he’s coincidentally also has the Job of merchant. Perhaps there exists too, someone who had a really rare fortune (of having the same talent as their job) in this world.

Anyway, even if I’ve been dismissed from the party, it should be okay for me to utilize the human relations I got when I was still a member of the party.

I thought that if I later decide to become a Lord, then connections such as him would be useful for me.

Well, don’t be in a hurry. At least keep me company for small talk or something.

Eh, hm……

However, it didn’t seem like the merchant enthusiastic about it.

What? You’ve got a problem with it?

Nah, please. I dun wanna hear cringy talks such as heartbreak talk

Don’t say it’s cringy, dammit! …By the way, that’s not what I want to talk about. The truth is, I’m not on a vacation trip. It’s possible that I would ask for your help later.

Oh, so it’s job-related talk, huh. Say it since the beginning if it’s so.

Here comes the rubbing-hand merchant.

His mode-change was so fast!

From then on, I spent most of the time on the ship with this merchant.

He travelled to Far-East many times before so he had the knowledge about the land, so he’s a good talking partner for me.

Surprisingly, he had the same hobbies as me such as gambling and billiard, so we got along quickly.

But, what was his name, again?


Thus the ship arrived in one of the Far East’s port cities, Sukahama.

As I got off the ship and went to the city, I remembered.

Those houses made of wood and paper.

People who passed by wear complex clothes, they wear a sheet of cloth overlapped as collars and tightened with a sash.

Everyone’s hairdo seems tedious, especially the women. They heap up their black hair and tied them upwards. Town girls seemed sweet with their extravagant hair ornament.


This place has a unique flavor on culture.

Well, putting that aside.

I should visit the Empire of the Far-East before visiting the territory as I need to finish my greetings and formalities, but because I still haven’t decided to govern the territory yet, I’d go with my position as a Tourist for now.

Therefore, I did not go from Sukahama to Imperial City, instead I decided to head for Region

So, what is your destination, mister?

Hmm, I think it’s a region called Tokumo, perhaps

Whaddaya mean by “perhaps”…  Speaking of Tokumo, once mister’s party has done Gydra Serpent quest, aren’t you?

I see.

So the region where we did the quest was given as the Fief as it is.

Well, the King of Far-East won’t give any unrelated territory so it was a matter of course when I think about it.

Alas, they didn’t tell me the way to the territory…. Where should I go from here?

You should take another ship. A local cruise… but…

While said that, the merchant flips up his notepad.

It’s better if you stay overnight in Sukahama because there won’t be any ship there today. Here, take my business card, you should go to an inn called Koukakurou.  After that, there’s a ship heading there at 9 o’clock, so you should go to the local sail on the Western Wharf

….Oh, okay. What about you?

I will stay overnight too, but I will excuse myself now because I have a job.

The merchant said that and left.

……That guy, so useful.

When I thought about that, I looked at his business card to check what his name was.