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Chapter 5 Towards the Fief

TL: om3ga

ED: Yuki

…… I was thinking that he was useful, but I take back my words.

The reason was, 『Koukakurou』, the inn he introduced to me was somehow problematic in lots of ways.

Well, if I were to explain the detailed problem, then it would most likely become an inappropriate explanation for all ages target audience, so I would omit those details.


However, I have to tell the result—the consequences—of those chain of events.


Overnight at Sukahama

The morning at Koukakurou


I heard the *zrak* sound of the white paper-covered wooden sliding door atop my head.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the inn’s 30 years old-ish Okami entered the room and knelt.

(T/N: Okami = the landlady, mistress of the Inn.)

「Good morning」

Even though it’s still morning, the Okami was wearing a gorgeous attire, thinly covering her voluptuous thick body.

「I still want to sleep」

On the other hand, I was still half-asleep, on the cotton futon.

「Ara, even though you were quite in a hustle last night. Even our girls were surprised, you know.」

「…Shut up」

「But, aren’t you going to the 『West Wharf』at 9 o’clock? You should hurry and get up」

「Ah, yeah. So, what time is it? 」

「It’s 8 o’clock now」

Really? Crap.

I overworked my body last night and my muscles were sore, so I got up with creaking noises all over my body.

Ugh, my muscles felt so much pain.

Of course, my head was killing me with hangover as I drank sake last night.

「Here’s your clothes. I’ll help you change.」

As she said that, her sultry body came closer. She gently massaged my thighs while taking off my night robe.

This is the aroma of mature woman

Her sex appeal ain’t half-hearted.

By the way in regards to this Okami, I can’t laugh it off when I checked her with my 【Goddess Eye】, because she had a 『Recovery-Focused Wizard』 Job.

If she had her Job blossomed, the “Night” would be endless, ain’t it?

*rustle* *rustle*……

「Leave it be, I’m not a morning person」

As I said that, I took off my pants

「I see…」

The mistress looked like she was lonely as she sighed.

「If so, then here’s your bill」

Then she handed out a slip of paper.


One, ten, hundred, thousand……

「50 million Terl, How much was it??」

「If it’s in Bond, about 5 million Bonds」

「Urk … Did I spent that much money? 」

「Yes, our inn was certainly expensive. Also, because you’re here out of Garcia-han’s introduction, so last night didn’t you enjoyed our employees’ all out especially our『Hospitality Service ♡』? 」

「…Who the hell is Garcia? 」

「What are you talking about? It’s the business card you showed me. 」

Oh, that dimpled merchant. I forgot his name again.

「Then, here.  It’s in Bonds though. 」

「Ara,  thank you very much」

Hoh ……

I’m glad I withdrew 10 million Bonds at the bank just in case.

Even so, 5 million…….


It’s true that the Inn was like something out of a dream, still… that expense made my wallet badly hurt right now.


Well then, after I dawdled with Okami, I really ran out of time.


As soon as I went to Sukahama’s 『West Wharf』the merchant was waiting for me there, showing his dimpled smile.

「 “Misterr!”, Not! What the hell was that Inn? 」


「Well, it was a good experience in the end, ‘rite? Rather than that, the ship is going to depart, you know? 」

So he said. So I rushed on the boarding plank, got on the wooden ship.

「Eh? You’re on this ship too? 」

When I noticed, the merchant has boarded the ship.










The ship departed.

Treading on the clear water surface,

The wooden boat caught the wind by its sail.

What a beautiful land.

Somehow it soothed my hangover and muscle pain.



And so we both silently gazed at the surrounding nature, then the merchant suddenly opened his mouth.

So while we were silently looking at the nature for a while, the merchant opened its mouth.

「Mister, sorry about the 『Koukakurou』. I was actually testing you. 」

「Ha? Test? 」

「Yea. I… I thought that you’ve been discharged from your party」


「That way, if Mister has fallen into nobody, I’m sorry but I don’t want to be associated with you. I won’t even do any business, alrite. That way, I want to see how you would handle the payment for the inn. But, it seems that you have paid it on the spot. I’m sorry for testing you.」


The ship went east from the shore.

On the way, 【Capital】-ish cityscape could be seen, but the mountainous terrain was the one which stands out.

And it seems that it would take 3 days to get to the territory of 【Tokumo】.

Meanwhile, the wooden boat transited at some ports on the way there.

There, when I saw people who were looking like adventurers got off the boat, it seemed that reasonable amount of quests were taking place on the Far East.

Well, it seems that the quests that are at the level of 【Gydra Serpent】won’t happen though.


After that, the wooden boat was anchored for two nights on the way.

To the east, to the north

Then to the north, and to the east……

Thus, finally arrived on the territory around 【Tokumo】, my final destination

「Excuse me…」

I called the dimpled merchant:

「Your hunch was right.」

「Eh? About what? 」

「I’ve have been dismissed from the party.」

「…! As I thought…」

「My destination from now is the【Fief】the party handed to me as my pension.」


I told the merchant about the circumstance, and then the merchant said,

「……I see」

「And then, if I decided to manage the territory, then I wanted people like you as my subordinate」

「M-Me!? But I’m not that–…」

「Though, I’ve still not decided to do it myself.」

「Izzat so?」

「Yeah, I’ll decide it after I see the fief. What I meant by the reason of my sight-seeing was this. Right now, I’m still uncertain about it… moreover, I’m no longer someone who of the Hero’s party. Therefore, it seems that you don’t want to be associated with someone like that. So, it’s okay if you want to get off on the bigger harbor with better business opportunity. Although, I want you to keep me company for a little longer.」


The merchant answered with silence.

As I thought, I who has cut off my ties with the Hero’s party won’t receive any merit…


Well then.

After a while, the wooden boat finally arrived at its destination.

「So this is Tokumo?」

According to the documents Tiana provided, it seems that my property started from this port… Though even if I say, it’s too much for an individual property.

Boats flocking around like weather-beaten hair growing out.

Those boats aside from this wooden boat that has just arrived, were all just small boats.

I wonder how bad this territory was.

If the entrance—this port—was this bad, then I could imagine how【Fief】was.

Haah …

I crossed the boarding plank with my shoulders drooped and got off the wooden boat.

「A~h. What an awful harbor, huh? 」


I heard a voice behind me and I turned myself around.

「You?! So you followed me? 」

「Well… a former adventurer becoming a lord, ain’t it interesting? Well, that is if you decide to become one though.」

「Seagull-san … Thank you.」

Ah. Finally I could remember this guy’s name!

As I thought, at the same time trust is built up, it would be the same time someone could remember each other’s name.

「Master Aiga…」

The merchant, shown his bitter dimpled smile and said the following:

「My name is 『Garcia』」

「So close!」

「But not even a syllable was similar!!」

Well, in any case.

Finally it’s time for me to step into Tokumo, the land that would be my 【Fief】