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Chapter 9 From Village to Country

TL: Yuki

Intanyu burst out in laughter.


「Why are you a God more concerned about her as if she was your daughter? You are currently acting as if you were her mother」


「Well, because……..If Rione didn’t pick me up that time, I wouldn’t have been in this situation now……For that reason, Rione is special existance……A really, really special existance……」


I hugged Rione tightly showing my will to protect her.




Rione was also slightly confused. Oops, did I overdo it?


「Ha…..That’s rather passionate. You are also a girl」

「It’s more like, Intanyu’s ideas regarding conception is strange. Isn’t it normal for gods to value innocence? 」


「Well, that’s true, but it’s also fine for a shrine maiden marrying and mating with a god, right? Normally, the god in such a case is usually male but…….the ritual aspect is strong, it should also work with two females as well」

Without hesitation, Intanyu just blurted out something even more outrageous.


「Ehhhh! Having such a marriage……」

My mind completely turned pure white. Surely, it’s not really impossible for Gods to do such……

「You know, it isn’t really such a strange occurrence. Or rather, by doing such a ceremony, the shrine maiden’s position will rise even further and if we factor in their future political development, it’s surely a plus or so I think」

Political Development— ah, so it’s that matter that you would like to include this situation.

「Intanyu, you, I can somehow understand as to here you would this to head into」

「Even though I’ve ended up this way, I’ve still protected the Wadii Kingdom for over 300 years before coming here. I may have lost to that violent lot from the Garm Empire but, if I once again would be given a chance to redeem myself, I will definitely destroy that empire this time if I have a chance.  I also want to make a grand nation of beastmen with you. It is for that reason I came here」

I will gladly accept those words of full of promise.

Indeed, if we are to make the people who have faith prosper even more it would also be beneficial to us gods. That would certainly expand the religion’s area of influence, and it would be a win-win situation for everyone.

「I understand. Well, I, and Rione, would you like to perform a ceremony of marriage with me」

「Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh…… about that… umm……Faltear-sama……」


Ah, right, I’ve been hugging Rione since a while ago……


「Ah~, of course if it’s unpleasant for you, I will not force you and formally stop…… Having emotional distance with my shrine maiden growing is not something that I would like to happen after all……」


Since Rione was someone I consider to be my life’s savior, I don’t want her to do something she doesn’t want.


「That’s right. If you have any man you want to aim for, I will teach you how to capture them. I also promise to help you building a happy family」


「No….. It’s just, I was simply surprised by the talk about marriage……I wasn’t trying to avoid Faltear-sama…… Please do understand that……」


Intanyu murmurs 「what a pure-hearted girl indeed」. That’s why, because her heart is pure, please don’t tease her too much.


「Ah, and so…… in regards to the marriage with a god, a large change will be happening to Rione, so I will explain that. If that is not agreeable to you, then there is no choice but to stop it」

「Change? Will it be about me growing? 」


It’s more like, you wouldn’t grow at all, since that was an effect of the changed, for I’ll continue with the explanation.


「In any case, your position to the world will definitely change would be something completely different」

「Also, you will become something like the head of this village or country with position even far higher than the elders, your decision would also be more significant that what everyone else would say 」


As expected of Intanyu, she really understands what I’m trying to do. I explained my plan to Rione as slowly as I could. Then give her as much time to think about it herself. I told her that I wanted Rione to decide as to what would make happy as much as possible. After all, in the end it will be her personal decision as to what happiness is for her.


There’s no doubt that Rione’s life will definitely change from what she originally thought. That’s why I have the obligation to explain it to her properly. I am not an evil god. While I am not entirely innocent, I am still a proper goddess none the less.


Rione who seriously listened carefully finally said 「I will do it」. And as if having the temperament of a goddess, she smiled without a single cloud of doubt.


「I am sure, ever since the time when I picked up Faltear-sama’s statue I have already decided to dedicate my life to you. There is no doubt」

「Is that so, then I will tell everyone related our plan. In this regard, I will send an oracle to the people on my side. Intanyu, please help out too」

「Of course, It will also be a plus for me if this 『Country』 grows stronger」



The talk was settled in around two weeks. And so, excluding the security personnel, a large group of villagers gathered into the plaza. The elders also attended as usual.



「Up until now us the village of New Karta has been kept safe. However, for a long time until now, a suitable leader for the developing New Karta still haven’t been found. And so, it was announce the selection of a new leader will be held」



The villagers became noisy. That was natural reaction.


「The next leader has been decided to be the person who attends to and follows the will of Faltear-sama, and was chosen as her shrine maiden who has contributed to the village for a long time now, Rione!」


Although confused, they reacted as if they were already expecting it.


「By tomorrow, a ceremony to show that the Shrine Maiden Rione is now a direct servant of Faltear-sama will be held. After that, it would be established that Rione will be set as the new leader and be crowned as its Queen. And then the country’s name will now be known as 『New Kathra Beastmen Kingdom』! 」


I could feel the excitement of everyone when the word Kingdom was declared. I could even understand it just by looking at their faces.


「This place was nothing more than a small, poor village until a while ago. There wasn’t even a proper name for it. However, our sphere of power have started to widely spread even adding to that is the Wadii Kingdom’s people. It would be impossible to just call ourselves a mere village now on. And so, from this day I declare this place to be a country. I hope both the cat-beastmen and the dog-beastmen will devote themselves as proper citizens of this nation! 」


The people were elated to the elder’s words. To declare your selves as a country means the power you possess is strong.


The declaration was done smoothly. All that remains now is how well this New Karta Beastmen Kingdom will fare.


On the next day, a marriage ceremony for me and Rione was held in the temple.


The ceremony itself was very simple. Rione on have to wear the ring I placed in the table onto her finger and declare 「I swear to live as Faltear-sama’s first servant! 」.


And that was pretty much it for the ceremony.


However, a large change will be happening to Rione.


「Somehow, my body feels so warm……」

「That is the divine protection of the goddess. It’s like a proof that one has officially become a shrine maiden. And until you step down as a shrine maiden, you will not age I is what I believe would happen. If that is unpleasant for you, then further discussions will be needed」

「E, I won’t grow old? 」

「Indeed, and that means perpetual youth. Before, in the country where I was, shrine maidens would usually quit and get married living a normal life after five years so it’s just some sort of a legend. You are also a shrine maiden. You have to make that decision yourself」


Gods can make suggestions but won’t give decision for people. If that were to happen, the purpose of a human’s existence disappears. A child would not grow up properly if you spoil them too much.


「If possible……I want to serve by Faltear-sama’s side forever」


After all the procedures done, Rione will be clearly declared to the eyes of everyone as their Queen starting today.


She then held my hand softly.


「Please take care of me……」

「Un, please take care of me too, New Queen」


From this day on, the Kingdom of New Kathra starts it’s history.