Chapter 10 Let’s Expand The Village

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Even after the New Kathra Beastmen Kingdom was established, there wasn’t anything like a splendid castle suddenly appearing, neither did the population suddenly multiply hundred-folds, but rather the system of New Kathra Village being the setting where conferences were held to determine everything and be recognized to be the capital city of the country was firmly established.


In that meeting, Rione who was established as it’s Queen would have the final say on decisions that were finalized. However, if the meeting goes in a strange direction, I would directly communicate to the members through an oracle.


Too much involvement is bad but people are not perfect beings. If they choose decisions that will lead them to ruin, then I will definitely need to immediately stop them.


In addition to that, if a large group of people wished to become a citizen, we would arrange someone to be a representative that would join the conference.


This will be good enough for now when it comes to meetings and conferences. The country was only on the scale of a few villages after all.


Additionally, the establishment of an army was started. Needless to say, it’s impossible to find or assign professional solders. We wouldn’t be able pay the soldiers’ salaries. However, it was a situation where we would need a military force. Since nations or forces that aim for New Kathra will increase in the future, the power to fight against them would be necessary.


While it’s said that there’s nothing a God’s power cannot do, it is absolutely forbidden for deities to directly take a mortal’s life. Deities are relatively lax when it comes to creation, but when it comes to taking away lives, the rules are strictly followed.


Generally is what I would say, which means that there are some Deities breaking the rules…… There are also deities that would cause natural disasters to indirectly kill people. I don’t really recommend doing it though.


If that was what they usually did, all the people in this world would have become slaves to gods. And then it won’t be a case anymore of men going to battle against other men.


That’s why I’ve sent several oracles in regarding wars.


One, why people of a certain age or older should join in the basic military training?

Well, simply being able to throw stones from a high place or having knowledge in how to properly thrust a spear would already be considered significant threat. In the case of a retreat, having knowledge about concealment would be useful.


Next, won’t having a military force during peacetime become an issue on the agricultural front and about becoming a soldier only during wartime?

As for this farmer/soldier system, it was done in the kingdom where I originated from. And they were especially established in the remote pioneering regions where the efficiency of this method was showing good results.

And another point, why not immediately remodel the surroundings beforehand to become something like a full-blown castle so only a few soldiers would be needed improve the defense?

While surrounding the village in high ramparts may be impossible, simply digging a hole would already improve the defensive performance of the current state of the village. As the number of fields increases, the scale of New Kathra Village will expand considerably. Along with that development, is the time for a proper moat to be created. If a moat was properly created, then it will no longer be a dream to create a full-fledged fortress.


After the New Kathra Beastmen Kingdom’s conference, all ideas were agreed upon. It seems all my opinions were one after another, being adopted.


The country’s appearance was gradually being straightened out. Firstly, the population started to rapidly increase. Up until a while ago there was only poor village, but now a foundation of a country is being made, or something along those lines that was heard by most of the beastmen that came to join the country.


Right now there were also other beastmen that doesn’t possess cat or dog ears. There are now people with rabbit or fox ears. Besides that, there were also people with bear ears and even ones who had the horns of a deer.


「There’s quite a few types of beastmen」

One a certain day I voiced my impressions to Intanyu. On the continent where I came from I only knew about the existence of beastmen, but I did not expect that there would be such a wide variety of them existing.

「For a long time on this continent, beastmen have lived together peacefully following their own ways. Some races have legends saying that they fled from other continents where they have been persecuted. Everyone then gathered together, it was like this current kingdom of beastmen that we have created」


Intanyu often relaxes in my temple. It was on times like this when Rione was missing from her seat and is hard at work.


「I see. In a sense it might also be the path right. When population increases national strength will rise as well. If you advertise about opening our doors to all beastmen, then they would probably come even from a distance away is what I believe」


Currently, there were plans to build and improve other villages besides New Kathra and New Wadi. As the number of villages increases, the country would also become stronger.


「That’s right. However, that the time when problems start to appear」


Intanyu made a difficult face.

「What is it?」
「A shortage of water」
『Ah, I see……』

「When it comes to New Kathra, they are drawing spring water and New Wadi is close to a river but everywhere else is troubled by the lack of water supply. Without a good source of water, everyone would most likely try to live in the capital New Kathra instead」



This was certainly a serious situation. New villages cannot be established without a water source.


「While the population has certainly increased, the number of water well craftsmen is still lacking…… Also, the won’t be able to find any water source just by drilling deeply in a straight line……」


It seems like Intanyu was also thinking about how to enrich this country. Now that I think about it, there was a method to dig wells without the need of deep digging technology from my hometown Hartmit Kingdom……


「Alright, let’s try that out」


I carved the method of digging that well onto the temple’s wall. While the temple would be dirtied, no one will forget it if it was drawn here.


「I’m home」


The Queen and Shrine Maiden Rione finally returned to the temple.


「Rione, can you show this method to the development teams? A good well should be able to be made with a bit of effort using this method」

「I understand…..da, Danna-sama……」

Right now, did she just call me Danna……?


Now that I think about it, we are certainly considered as a married couple because of the wedding ceremony, but am I being considered as the husband in this relationship……


「I, I’m sorry……I’ll go back to calling you Faltear-sama instead……」
「No, just calling me Faltear is fine……」
「You guys, can the two of you get rid of that too formal newlywed couple air already」


Intanyu was already fed up with the current atmosphere.


「A, anyways let’s try out this 『snail-like well』! It’s hard work but it has significance! 」
「I, I understand….. Da, Danna-sama……」


Still though, it’s weird for someone like me to actually feel awkward when being called in strange manner by a Human Woman…… Even though I have existed as a God for a long time, there are still new discoveries and experiences that I have I could find……

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