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Chapter 12 Evil God


After arranging all the information, the results were as follows.


A caravan of fox people came from the Kike fox village located in the northern part of the Beastman Kingdom. Because they needed a place to stay, they asked if they could stay at a vacant house or so they said. Then they suddenly armed themselves and began threatening the villagers.


The villagers, having no other choice, followed their demands. Those people then chose a young man who would grow up strong and a young woman that will likely be used as labor force. Their limbs were tied up along with their mouth and they were placed in a wagon heading towards the country up in the north.


「Those bastards, I will not allow them to sell slaves to the empire! There have been many a beastmen who has escaped from the empire. That’s why the prices have recently been on the rise.」

So says Intanyu who was filled with regret. We were done in…… I’m sure that the villagers were not even expecting that…… to be betrayed by the caravan that they have given their trust. Even if they fought back it would have been meaningless.


「If you don’t do something soon you won’t be able to make it in time…… I have no power in areas with low faith so I cannot do anything outside the beastman kingdom……」

「First of all I need to check the geography things start to heat up. There was a considerable distance between the village and the empire. But in between that, there is a wide area of nothingness」


There certainly is a wide area that is not claimed by any country that spreads out widely separating the beastman country from other countries. It was a region that is consists of deserts and mountains. The Empire did not claim this territory because it’s a really wide area and that they won’t be able to control it.


「It is here that a wealthy fox-eared merchant named Calclet has power owning a private military force, which makes it a small independent country. The caravan will most likely go there first. As long as Calclet gets money, he would protect them……」

「In that case, we have to do something before they reach that place……」


First of all, we need to send a pursuer to catch up to them while we gods interfere to earn enough time to delay them.

Intanyu and I quickly moved to chase after the caravan. In times like these, being a god is useful. We can travel a large distance at once after all. Faith towards me has spread considerably far away, and it’s really different compared to the time where I couldn’t move at a far place at once. That alone is proof of the spread of my faith is growing.


And thus we arrived at the place where the caravan was advancing in the desert. Whether or not they understood if they noticed that they are being chased, they were moving at a quick pace. I immediately sent a warning to the caravan.

「For doing such treacherous actions stop immediately, release the villagers! If you refuse, a great disaster will fall upon you bastards! 」
「I am the goddess Intanyu! Inside your cargo is one who holds faith towards me! Release them at once! 」

However, the caravan didn’t stop. The fox-eared leader of the caravan said,

「So it was true that the Beastman Kingdom is protected by a god! But who would go this far and stop! The people of the Beastman Kingdom are being worked hard in the empire so the demand is really high and you can sell them for allot in that place! 」

「Aren’t also a beastman? Why would you capture and sell fellow beastmen? 」
「Is there no such thing as killing in the cat people’s country? Or is that not something that happen there? People will harm, betray and kill each other even if they are family. The thought of protecting a tribe because they are cozy with each other is meaningless! That is why we fox-beastmen choose to believe in money! Money will never betray you after all! 」
「I see, you do have a point」
「I’m sure you understand what you would need to do then!」


Damn! They don’t have any intention to stop! These guys who do such horrible things won’t stop by just being told. If that’s the case, then we have no other choice but to do this.


「I shall block your path」


A sandstorm rose right in front of those bastards. The small grains of sand assaulted those bastards and their wagons.



「As long as you don’t stop, I won’t as well! If you continue to resist, it will only get stronger! 」


However, the enemy was not that weak and somehow managed to continue.


「I see, if that is the case then there is no choice but to use the power of a god against another god!」

After saying that, they started to cast a strange spell, then then formed strange symbols on their hands.


「What is that?」
「Don’t ask me, I have no idea either!」


Before long, the chanting stopped.


A girl with fox ears then appeared before us. She was wearing something resembling a light robe.


She was floating in the air, so there is no doubt about it, she is someone of the same race like us.


「Oh my, my lovely children are being harassed by an some other god. I guess I have to protect them」


Then a curtain of light appeared and stopped the sandstorm blowing against the caravan.


「Who are you!?」
「Shouldn’t you not name yourself before asking someone, or so I say, but I am already aware your name, Faltear. Faltear and Iitan」
「Why, why was only my name shortened! 」

「My name is Celude, the god that the fox-eared tribe caravans believe in. After the believer enters the secret society, they will be able learn the prayer’s incantation. The rules of the society are troublesome, but when in a pinch, the other members would surely help out. It is like an organization for mutual aid between caravans」

「Indeed it seems that there is faith between the merchants……」


Celude had a nonchalant face. It seems they don’t see us as an enemy.


「It is my duty to serve those who believe in Celude. However, I require an appropriate price in exchange. Now, my adherent, pay the compensation」


The caravan’s leader pulled out a knife and cut deeply into his arm. Naturally, a stream of blood came.

「Lady Celude! This is my offering! I don’t mind offering my whole arm as well! 」


This is absurd…… She’s obviously the evil god sort……


「I understand. I shall recognize your resolution and will help」


The wagon’s horse underwent a change. It’s foot swelled up with muscles.


「With this it can run fast」


The horse, despite of the desert, ran like it had no luggage.

Oh no! They are escaping!

I tried to pursue but was obstructed by Celude’s hand.

「I won’t let you to go further」