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Chapter 14 Cleanup after the incident




Now then, even though the hostages have been released, proper punishments have not been given to the kidnappers yet.


「So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to kill them? 」


Intanyu asked me in a cold, heartless voice.



「It is not good for god to manage a human’s life and death as they wished. That is one of the taboos a god should not ever break」

「Then, are you telling me that you would just leave these rascals on their own? You do know that if these people survived, they would continue doing this on other places, right? 」


I understand what Intanyu was trying to imply. Although there should have been a difference in the sense of value between humans and gods, Intanyu was much closer to a human than to a god when we talk about feelings.


「Well, we could indirectly lead them to their death」

With that decided, I covered them with sand enough for them to live.

「We don’t really need to bind them until they die. When night falls, temperatures in this area will drastically drop which definitely lead to their death. This area is not even on a road, so there’s no way for anyone to help them. Leaving them alone struggling to death without anyone helping them would be a more horrifying way to die」


I said that indifferently. I have no intensions of forgiving them. However, I will keep it in moderation as a God.


A long time ago, I remembered of caravans only worshiping gold crying for help, and it sounded like a really disgusting noise. Hearing the voice of humans that you don’t desire to protect sounded like an annoying and eerie insect’s cry.



「I see. There is also that way of thinking. Alright, I got it」



Intanyu, just like me wanted to deliver this 「Punishment」 and was satisfied with how it will be done.



「So, it should be enough for them to suffer as long as they don’t die right?」


After she said that, I could hear screams coming from the criminals.


「I made receive pain close enough to what labor pains would feel. That degree of punishment should be ok, right? 」

「Oh, you can do something like that」

「If it’s those who don’t know the pains of childbirth, then they will definitely suffer a lot」

「Got it. We’ll recognize this as punishment」


Endure fear, pain and suffering until they die. Perhaps, it could be considered to be more severe than just killing them on the spot, but it’s a befitting punishment for those who challenged Gods.


My biggest purpose is to protect the happiness of the new beastman kingdom. We can’t just simply let an organization who tried to threaten the highest of authority not to be punished. They don’t deserve any form of mercy.


And with that, the punishment for the criminals ends.



「But you know, even though we were doing our best to save the abducted, we were not expecting for a really troublesome evil god to be their protector. I hope that this doesn’t cause anything troublesome at a later time……」


If you worry too much about this, I will also become anxious as well…… I don’t want to get involved in something like that again……


「Well, I think it will be fine…… What that god seeks was more of an equivalent exchange and commitment to faith. There are also some elements of curiosity added to that when she was directly looking at you」

「――You are saying that as if you are just trying reassure yourself right now」


Ugh…… I was seen through……



「I have never encountered an evil god like that before……」

To my understanding though, she’s not really much of an evil god but one who doesn’t concern themselves about good or evil. Knowing that she’s not really an evil god, I thought that it was probably ok―― but still, there are things about that one that I don’t really understand and don’t want to understand.



「But you know, why did she accept a price that could be substituted, but well, that didn’t really matter」

Because I cut off my own hair, it is currently shorter―― so I lengthened it.

Golden hair stretched down my waist and flutters.


「Wha……? You were still able to grow your hair? 」

「Yup. I can do it. That’s why I find it mysterious as to what that Fox God’s intensions really was」


Intanyu who was surprised gave out a tired sigh. Her tail also drooped down.


「I’m not really sure if that was something worth it or not. That God might end up disappointed」

「Well, it’s not like there’s no value in that, you know. A God’s hair is quite special. That’s probably why Celude agreed」

「……I do hope it stays that way」


After that, the residents who were abducted are walking in the desert trying their best to return home. This is something that they have to do with their own feet. The unfortunate thing is that there are some of them who could not walk properly. Others were slaves who escaped so they are sturdier than other.


They continued calling our names as they continue their journey. We gave them a small oracle that if they continue to call upon us then hope will arrive.

As a matter of fact, if they stay silent, their heart would also start to weaken.


A terrible night arrived, making the desert cold as if it was winter. The cold penetrates their bodies, and they have no idea which way they should go. Even if the direction slightly diverted, it will greatly deviate from the place they are headed to.


「Everyone, do your best. If you continue walking without giving up, everyone will surely be able to return home」


I and Intanyu then created a guiding light for them to follow. With that in place, they would be able to find their way even in the darkness.


「It’s the guidance of Faltear-sama and Intanyu-sama!」

「Let us continue! We will definitely be saved! 」


Because of the guiding light, it seems like their will and their fate have been greatly revived.

They continued their journey without giving up, until finally being rescued by people of the kingdom who came to look for them.


The news about the villagers who were able to return alive quickly spread throughout the kingdom. Of course, that also includes the Miracles made by me and Itanyu.


Because of this incident, the faith towards us has become even stronger.

This change could be seen on the people who joined the kingdom at a later time. Like the people of the old Kathra, they began praising us in our temples like what every devout people do.


――First is to the Guardian God Faltear, a noble and wishful God!


――Second is to the Guardian God Intanyu, a God who loves justice and hates evil!


――We are grateful to live before your guidance!


All those words were words from their hearts. It’s not really needed to be written in a difficult sutra, and simple words born out of true faith are better.


Listening to all this words of praise is making me feel itchy all over and a bit embarrassed, but I’ll probably get used to it soon.


If this continues, I along with this country will definitely grow stronger.


「Even so, I don’t really want to get involved in an incident with an evil god again……」

I was complaining to Rione about my honest feelings. Because only Rione and Intanyu are here, it’s alright for me to show my real self.

「Geez, I don’t really want to meet an evil god like Celude ever again……」


「Umm, Faltear-sama…… I don’t really think that you should be speaking like that……」


That’s right, I should just completely forget about that Evil God……