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My name is Falter.

Profession: Goddess.  

Although it might not be proper to be called as a profession, for many years until now I have been hailed as guardian deity of Hartmit-Kingdom.


 In olden days, I’d do things like creating pure water springs or finding gold ores and many more similar miracles have been happening constantly. And with that the country rapidly developed.


However, as a country grew wealthy, the citizen’s faith alse begins to fade.

And as faith declines, so did my power create such miracles, and slowly the national power of the country begins to fade.


And the result was destruction of Hartmit-kingdom attacked by a neighboring country believing in a different god.


This happening was also not irrelevant to me. I had been labeled as an evil god, rejected and having my Idols either destroyed or sold into cheap antique stores.


Time sure changes quickly…… Though I still herald myself as a God, my days of existence are also starting to dwindle…… As of now, I can still manage to remain conscious as a goddess, but before long, when I will be completely forgotten, I will disappear.


A small amount of the statues was able to reach across the seas, but it seems like my popularity also didn’t manage to enter here and finally the last piece was thrown away by a local antique dealer when they moved away.


The environment I was thrown off to was an awful place, a withered barren land. As no decent crops would grow in the surroundings, there were also no decent country that was established.


Ah…… I wonder if there would still be someone who would believe in me…… If there is, I would certainly promise them of granting a great amount of blessings…… But then, I only continued to be buried in dust and dirt, and that really couldn’t be helped. Thanks to that, I really did end up looking like an Idol of an evil god.


 ――and then, someone picked me up.


It was a young girl of around 15 of age. Her distinctive features would probably be her Cat Ears. A Cat Eared Beastman. There weren’t any beastmen in the continent that I originated, and looking at the way she was dressed, I understood that they might been badly persecuted.


I wonder if I will be processed into firewood……?


I am currently in a wooden statue, and would definitely be good enough as firewood if burnt.


I wanted to believe that such a thing won’t happen, but that might just be my selfish hope. I generally wouldn’t even be considered as a god. If somehow she would show me any semblance of faith, then I might be able to speak to her but…


The cat eared girl brought me back to her small village surrounded by a sandy, infertile land.


The village was filled with cat eared beastman. Everyone is suffering from malnutrition and without any decent source of food or properly cultivated land. It seems like they are just staving off from hunting and gathering barely managing to survive.


With these conditions, it seems like I would definitely be turned into firewood. Eventually this village would definitely disappear, but it would probably be me who would disappear first.


The girl drew some water. Is she going to prepare a meal?


However, something unexpected happened. She properly washed my statue covered in dirt. Then, while a bit awkward, she did her best cleaning me, she was quite diligent.


「Rione, what are you doing?」

Another beastman girl who noticed what she was doing asked. It seems that the girl who found me was called Rione.

「Because I found something like a God’s statue, I am now cleaning it」

I was utterly shocked.


「A God’s Statue? Which God? 」

「I don’t know where it came from. But her appearance looks really nice, so she must be a god of some other country. I was thinking that maybe I could put my faith in her and just maybe, she may be able to help our village of beastmen」

I could hear an earnest call emanating from the girl’s voice.


「After all, couldn’t we also believe in the miracles of God」

「There’s  probably no point in praying. All the good land was already taken away by the empire. It’s already over for the rest of us」

「But still, I wanted to pray to her. I have a feeling that something nice might happen if I did so」


The girl placed my statue on a small slightly dirty cabinet inside her worn out house.

A decent piece of cloth was spread underneath me making it look like an impromptu altar.


Before going to sleep, the girl prayed to me once more with her hands clasped together.


「God, Dear God, please grant a bright future among us beastmen……」


Then suddenly, I felt a surge of power filling up my whole body. The pure girl’s prayer was able to give me power!


And so I appeared before the girl.


My power to materialize has been restored!


「Uwaaaaah! A God… it really came out…」


The girl was also quite surprised. Well, that couldn’t be helped.


「Little One Rione, I go by the name Goddess Faltear. I was hailed as god from a distant land. But if you believe on thy self, I promise to grant you great fortune. Let me be thy Guardian Deity! 」


「Is, is that true……?」


「A Goddess would never breaks her promise」