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Chapter 15 An Evil God has arrived


After a bit of time has passed, news about the death of the kidnappers has arrived. The news arrived even though I didn’t really send people to know about the results.

The news arrived because of the other Fox Beastment Merchants who told me about the news. It was needless to say that most of the merchants who visit us are of their tribe, and even though some of them are quite unruly, only a really small number of them are actually doing the kidnapping incidents.


It seems like that group was a rather infamous group of fox merchants. That’s why everyone else knew of their names. They were called Mohilda Group.


「The Mohilda group is a real criminal syndicate and not just a merchant. Even some of our brethren were also struck by them and disappeared」

「Even though they were also Fox Eared people, we don’t want to be associated with those group……」

「They were also doing shady things and kidnapping not only here but other places too. If they continued doing those things, they won’t definitely die a peaceful death. It seems like only bones of those people were found left behind in the desert, they deserve it」


It seems like our country was targeted by a really dangerous bunch. Well, that would also mean that the influence of the kingdom is expanding.


Similar criminal organizations might also come to ruin the kingdom in the future, but for now it was finally confirmed that their death was confirmed. With that, it could be concluded that the current case was now over.


As a result of this event, the enthusiasm of the people for me and Intanyu was further increased knowing that we did our best to help.


「When you cut off your hair, that fox goddess was not able to move. That’s why in a way, that knife also became a key for this success. Well, it’s cool right? 」

For a while now, Intanyu was boasting with a smug face.

Well, I can’t deny that Intanyu did act cool at that time, however the coolness was halved because of her smug face……


「Well then, I hope that you keep your faith towards me from now on too」

「Well, I did believe in you originally though not in that way. If not, I wouldn’t have helped you in that last minute. Leaving the belief of that evil god aside, I didn’t expect that you would do something like that though」


Probably feeling embarrassed, Intanyu turned her face away.

Wait, just now, she just told me that she already had fate in me before……


「Thank you, Intanyu…… As expected, having you as a partner was really a good thing for the Beastman Kingdom」

「Aaaaa, stop it already, you don’t have to really point that out! It’s making me feel embarrassed about it! Change of Topic! Change it now!」


While we were talking, Rione served us a cup of tea.

There are a lot of people who just couldn’t read the atmosphere, but there are also people who are excellent at doing so. Rione could be considered one of those excellent ones. There is no one else who could do it the way she does. Well, if people see how their ruler is like at this time in public, it would have been seen as disrespect for royalty.


「Thank for the hard work, both of you. As the Queen, I’m really happy this case have finally been resolved」


I don’t know if there are other rulers who actively serve tea though, but well she is also a shrine maiden who serves the gods.


「Yeah. This time’s events were really tiring. Not to mention that the enemy was an actual evil god…… Although I am also a god, I don’t really want to get caught up with another other god」

「That’s right…… I don’t really want to ever fight an evil god again……」

That was a really strong being. Although she was using polite speech, she was a really strong being to match.


「By the way, what did the evil god look like, did it have a really ugly look? Did it look like some kind of monster? 」

「Not really, or rather she was an attractive one. A Fox Eared Beastman Goddess」

「Then, did she have a really bad personality?」

「She was not really bad in a way but was rather cold and calculating. It’s like how a person dealing with businesses. Well, in a way, she might be a god that handles commerce」

「…………Could that person be, that person?」


Following the direction Rione pointed, Celude was standing there.


「Uuuuwaaaaaaahhhhh! You, what are you doing here! 」

「Is this place you r temple. It really looks like a comfortable place」

「First of all, answer my question!」


「Don’t you remember Faltear, you offered your 『Faith』 to me, that’s why」

I didn’t expect something like this to happen though.

「By the way, that was calculated by 120%」

In other words, what she meant that time was「take me back with you」.


「Even it was a calculated scenario to diffuse the predicament, you still showed me a really determined spirit without backing out. Adding to that, what I value the most was not the will to overpower me with sheer force, but the state of mind when trying to make a deal with me」


Like an aristocrat who has lived a fulfilling life since birth, she shows a graceful and delighted smile. As expected, there is a big difference in the quality of fate that Intanyu and Celude have experienced.


「Ummm……so you mean, what you value the most is the strength of the feeling being offered to you?」


「Well, in a way, but I would have been able to reach this place even without receiving Faltear’s Faith..」


Eh, what did she mean by that? Did she have the power to interfere with this place even if there is records of her faith in this location?


「Well actually, my faith have also started to spread in New Kathra. That’s one of the reasons why I was actually able to manifest in this place」

Eh? Was there someone trying to spread the faith of an evil god in this place……


「Look here, didn’t you realize that a lot of merchants have already settled in this place. Those people also believed in me, and they were the disciplined and moderate group that recently joined and were also proposing devotion to me, their guardian deity Celude」


「Eeehh? There are actually nice people who are devoted to you?」

「Well, the secret organizations and fanatics are a different case, however my existence is not really a secret. The dark side though is with the secret organizations and fanatic cults. You do realize that if I was just a cultist or secret organization’s guardian, my number of followers won’t be that much, right? 」

「Well even if you say so, it’s just……」


Well there is a big difference between a normal deity and a cultist deity, and cultists usually worship wicked deities.

In my country, there were also people who relied too much on their gods even though they were just common gods without much power thinking that they possess some kind of really special power.


「You were not a pure evil god, but instead a god with both a good side and a bad side」

「That’s how it is. And it’s not really because I am evil or anything, but because there are some believers who are truly evil at heart. I’m only being lenient and would move according to their wish, of course in exchange of something」


Wait, doesn’t that make you an actual evil existence.


「Adding to that, because I was witnessed along with you when you were saving those people, the story about a fox eared god also started to spread. And then, the fox eared merchants who have heard about this told them of my name」


If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be strange for Celude’s faith also starts to spread in New Kathra. She would come even if I didn’t want to.


「Adding to that, the faith I receive from those secret societies and cults are strong because of their strict discipline. However, having my Faith spread out in the town even if it’s not that strong is still better. Right now it’s not yet that widespread so you could still stop it if you wanted to, you know? 」

That’s what she was telling me.


「Haaaaa…… You see, I’m also trying to make this country more diverse than it is now. If I don’t try to accept and absorb everything, then it won’t be able to grow strong. That’s why it’s fine even if it’s spread out」


With this way, my point would also be justified. Besides, if I don’t allow Celude’s faith to enter New Kathra, it might end up becoming a problem for this country in the future.


「Thank you for understanding」

「Yes, yes. You don’t have to be so formal about it」


Right then Celude politely bowed her head.

Although Intanyu was having a bitter face as she listened to us on the side, it’s alright as long as she also accepts.


「Oh and because of that, I will also drop by more from time to time」


「Wait a minute…… Why did it end up with you crashing over this place more than necessarily……」

Well, I just don’t really want here to come here that often, she’s annoying and you are just going to trouble Rione……


「Well we are now gods of the same group, besides Faltear did say that she believes in me」

「No, that was just taking advantage of the situation or rather a sudden development」


Right then Celude comes closer to me with our face really close to each other.


「Nonono. I have clearly heard and accepted your faith, I will never leave it be. That’s why I look forward to your future requests」


Her attitude is certainly that of a strong merchant……

That’s definitely why she was a god of comerce……


「Well, in a way, this is probably because of my disposition――」

After that, Celude looked over me from top to bottom and then smiled.

「I don’t really hate hot-blooded type of girls like you. Even though I told you to give up, you still didn’t give up after all. Having such a strong heart, I also don’t want to give up that easily. In short, I am really interested in you」


Right then I felt cold sweath rand through my back……

「You, perhaps you are thinking of me as an interesting piece to play with, aren’t you……?」

「Well in a way, you could say that I just want to be closer to you for a while? If I am around you, I felt like many interesting things would be happening after all」


This god, she’s a really dangerous one in a sense if you are not careful……


「Oh right, did you know, my tail is really fluffy. Do you want to try touching it as a sigh of our friendship? 」

That’s just a weird preposition……

「You, go acting that shamelessly all of a sudden. Do remember that I still haven’t forgiven you」


「oh, that’s right Intanyu-san too, please take care of me from now on」

「I told you time and time again, stop it with the formal speech! Just call me Intanyu, Intanyu! 」

「Oh also, can I also touch Inta-san’s tail to see if which one feels better」

「You, don’t just blatantly compare things in a casual manner! Also, I’m angry not because of the tail or because I lost, definitely not!」


In a way, I could understand that Celude was just teasing Intanyu.


「Oh that’s right, shrine maiden, can you also serve me some tea?」


「Yes! I will prepare it right now!」


Rione was supposed to be a ruler now, however she is also a shrine maiden so the feeling of being a subordinate haven’t really disappeared. Well, knowing Rione’s character, it probably won’t disappear anytime soon, not to mention that at this time, she’s the most suitable for the job.

After all that commotion, I went to see the small temple of Celude that was built at the size of a small house where Fox Beastmen prays. It seems like not only merchants have settled down in New Kathra but extras too.


Gradually, the diversity within the beastman kingdom also started to grow.