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Chapter 2 The Villagers Begin to Embrace Their Faith




Rione who was really happy and ecstatic, immediately returned to the village to tell everyone about the tasty spring water.

Hearing the news, the village exploded in excitement as if they were celebrating a festival. That’s to be expected, water after all is the foundation of people’s lives.


「Rione, how were you able to find something like this?」

「This direction is so far away from the current source, and we didn’t really have any idea that there was something like this hidden around here」


 Everyone came to Rione bombarding her with questions.

 By the way, I still haven’t shown my appearance to anyone in the village other than her. If any could easily see like someone walking in the neighborhood, then it will be harder to gain respect or it will dampen it.


Even a King would only show itself on certain occasions making people revere him as someone of different status. If you your King walking around like your average neighbor, then it would be very hard for him to show off his dignity or gain respect from others.


As for me, I don’t really want to make myself be worshiped with great esteem, but not only because it is necessary in order to regain power, the faith they offer also directly affect my existence.



「I, yesterday, found a statue of a dirty statue which I thought belong to a god! When I picked it up cleaned and prayed to it, a goddess appeared and has given me an oracle about the water source! The name of the Goddess was said to be Faltear-sama!」


After hearing about the story, everyone immediately went straight to Rione’s house clasping their hands they all prayed in front of my statue. This seems to be the distinctive style for praying for these cat eared people.


「Goddess of a foreign country, please lend us your powers!」

「No, not a foreign country. Let us enshrine her and believe in her as our guardian deity! 」


My body is being engulfed in warmth. It’s good that faith has become stronger and with this, I would gain greater powers.


If it is now, then I would probably be able to move beyond that that mountainous terrace.


 However, I have to warn them and stop their plan of building a small shrine as soon as possible. I’m happy for their exploding excitement, but that will also cause a lot of problems. If they were like this, it would be too scary if they would also easily cool down from too much excitement.


I spoke directly to Rione’s mind.

(Listen okay? Be it a small shrine or temples don’t prioritize on building it not until the village is a little richer. Instead of that, they should focus on properly fixing the water source to make sure it would be easy to gather clean spring water)

「I understand! Our Guardian Deity Faltear-sama! 」


Everyone in the village was startled by Rionne who suddenly spoke.


「Umm, another Oracle has been sent! It was relayed that we should focus in clearing the area of the spring first to easily gather water! 」


「The goddess was more concerned about us!」

「Magnificent! Truly a magnificent Goddess! 」

It seems like the villagers were also pleased.

As a whole, this village have probably suffered a lot and survived, and with that their threshold for excitement is severely low. Everyone quickly rejoiced at the slightest of events.


On the other hand, their way of living that follows the worshiping of gods like in the old, I could understand that these people on this village might have probably lived a simple life. It made me reminisce about the old times.


On that day, people who were free of work, were doing things like removing soil and dirt to make a clearing and were building stairs to the to make it easier for even children to access the spring and be able to easily collect water.

Despite being a small village, their unity is great. Probably because everyone helped each other survive in this harsh environment and were doing their best to live. However, starting at this point, I will make sure that they won’t be suffering anymore.


I also checked on the living conditions of everyone in the village. They were all living a humble life of both gathering nuts and edible things or trying their best at hunting beasts.


Speaking of beasts, there weren’t able to hunt anything big, and a deer would probably be the best they could procure. Everyone was quite thin, and if they are to encounter a bigger animal like a strong big boar on the mountainous regions, they won’t have the ability to defeat it.


As for agriculture, it probably hasn’t been a long time since they moved into these lands, and there were only a handful of things that will be possible to grow in this place, the most probable ones would be ones used for harvesting oils. If they have were to move in other lands, then they might have found some that would have edible plants to boil. I won’t guarantee that they would be nutritious though.


First of all, it will be necessary to ensure that they could have proper nutrition.

At the very least, you wouldn’t be able to sustain a village without any decent crops ready.


I decided to check what is beyond the terrace.

Even though the soil quality is a bit sandy, there should be various crops that would be able to grow in such environment. I wonder if there are such things growing in the wild.


And then, in accordance to my conclusion, a few potential candidates were selected.

First would be potatoes. A fast growing versatile plant that can be made into different material ranging from flour, to dried and even good as is. It is also easy to prepare as preserved food.


Next are a variety of plants from the melon family. These ones could be easily grown in the village.


Next will be fruit bearing trees, the type that you could harvest fast and consume when ripened and could be used as ingredients if harvested while still unripe.


Just looking around, I was able to see many things. But that is after the environment was properly established. After that is done, the lives of the villagers would definitely stabilize.


However, it would take some time to plant them and wait for a harvest.

I guess, I have no choice but to create a miracle.

Fortunately, I have received strong enough fate for me to be able to exert my powers, and it would already be something that normal humans wouldn’t be able to use.


I whispered again directly to Rione.

(Listen well, I ask you to tell the villagers to cultivate the land thoroughly. The wider it is the better. Tell them that by doing this, the Goddess their Guardian Deity will be giving them a blessing)


「I understand! Faltear-sama!」


Everyone was startled once more by Rione’s call.


「An Oracle was received! Let us all cultivate the excess lands! Then a something good will happen afterwards! 」

「Why would we need to cultivate such sand-like where no decent crops would even grow……」

「I also tried doing that at first, it didn’t work out well……」


Negative voices started to spread out. But well, there were at least some who tried out planting seeds.


Then a person comes up front that was considerably old, probably one of the remaining elders of this village.


「Nay, a miracle did happen to Rione, who truly believed in Faltear-sama! Shouldn’t we be entrusting our beliefs to Faltear-sam! Even if nothing did happen, it won’t be nothing much than us moving our bodies a little bit. We won’t be suffering from any loses either way! Comparing that to receiving this beautiful spring, it is nothing more than a small price to pay! 」


Voices of agreement started to spread from one another.

It is certainly a big help to have the words of the elderly to help us out. It’s also because elderly people incline more towards their faith.

In the original traditions were religion was not yet properly established, there were times were people not only believed in gods but also followed the words of their elders.


And thus, after all the commotion, everyone silently cultivated the lands.