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Chapter 3 Miracle to Grow Crops




And thus, the villagers silently cultivated their fields.


Everyone had a great sense for unity and the way they worked was honestly beyond my expectations. The land they have cultivated was far wider than I have thought they would be able to do.


Well, everyone have been living in this harsh environment barely sustaining their lives so they won’t be able to survive if they didn’t help each other.

As a result of that, their power of camaraderie is great resulting to better achievements when working together.


This was the reverse if compare to the late Hartmit Kingdom.  In that kingdom, social individualism has been running too rampant that it made the country collapse on its own.

I’m not particularly saying that the people of the kingdom were bad at heart. It’s just that as civilization develops so does the advancement of individualism. It was the same with many other countries.


But if the development goes too far, it only ends up in strange results. The powerful nobles and warlords moved with their own judgment, the command order of the army became a mess, and because of that it was easily wasted by a neighboring country.


Part of that responsibility also lies with me, their Goddess,  This time, with this beastman village, I will definitely develop it into an absolutely admirable and long lasting nation――yes, I will develop them into a Nation!


By dusk, there was a really wide area that was cultivated that seems to have supposedly been impossible to cultivate judging how everyone’s condition was like and in just a day.


「Iya~, that was a good exercise~」

「If every is doing it together, this result is not that surprising」

「It would be best to drink delicious spring water after all this」


Everybody had a refreshed face as they end the day’s work.

Also, before everyone returns home, they would stop by Rione’s home to pray to the Goddess.


That night, I appeared next to Rione.

「It has been a long busy day」

「It was all thanks to Faltear-sama, it has been a while since everyone in the village cooperated together like this. When we have arrived here, I could still remember the time when everyone had a hopeful face like that.」


A gentle smile was shown in Rione’s face.

「But then everyone realized that the land was more barren than they have thought, and the seeds everyone brought were not able to grow…… Then, day by day, more and more people grow sick from malnutrition…… And then, more and more people have started thinking that there would no more future for them in this world……」

「Ah, and from there everyone started moving in the wrong direction, huh」


「We were only allowed to live here and were left behind because the land is in this condition. If they knew that the land is rich, then it would have been taken away… We don’t even have any soldiers… At best, it would only be hunters who could barely defeat a deer using makeshift bows, arrows and swords when hunting…」

So these people have been on a losing streak.

Pride was also lost as they continue to suffer and driven to a corner.

I was thinking that even in the human world, the strong would take advantage of weak, and such thought was really not good.


「Ah……Faltear-sama, why did everyone have to treat us badly just because we were beastmen…… Why were we not allowed to live in rich lands……」


Beastment must have been severely persecuted in this continent.

I gently wrapped my hands over to Rione.


「Rione, everyone, hmans included were born equal. Being a beastman as an inferior race, have never been a doctrine of my country. As long as they have faith, I would teach everyone in order to become happy」

「Is that really true……? On this continent, the empire have been looting our lands claiming it to be theirs…… They have been saying that they even enslaved our brethren that have remained……」


There are certainly many unreasonable things in this world. But I was thinking that I have to guide my believers on what they should do and also do what they wanted from me to do.


「Believe in me. I will be your guardian deity from now on. It will be fine. If everyone’s faith in me is great, then we will definitely be able to create a great nation.」

「is, is that really so……?」

Rione turned around to look straight at my face.


「That question is no good you know. The one you are asking is a God after all. All you have to do is believe and things will be happening naturally」

「Please forgive my rudeness! Please punish this useless one alone……」

「You don’t have to worry about that. I am sure that you were also exhausted after all that work, so go to bed now. I will be preparing the miracle as you sleep」



It’s not really good to tell her before I actually make a miracle.

And I shouldn’t be saying such things lightly to Rione, but Rione is special.


I am now standing before the cultivated fields.

 At this time, there is nothing planted here, so it’s nothing more than just cultivated soil.


「It is true that the villagers did their best, so I have to respond to that. Along with that is Rione’s feelings」


I have planted various seeds I have created in my hands. There were various plants and root crops including potatoes.

When everything has been ready, I talk slowly to the soil.


「I am the Goddess Faltear. Let me borrow a bit of your power. Now, come and let me see that power! Grow! Grow! Grow! 」


The plants began growing with tremendous momentum.

It was a speed that would be considered unnatural to this world. Some have even grown into a tree higher than a person, and such trees are ready to bear fruit.

It was after all a miracle of God, something that would be impossible to do in the natural world.


There are also lesser miracles of such called magic. Magic can mostly be used by humans, and such truth has been commonly understood. But in comparison to God’s miracles, the scale would be way too different.


After increasing the effect of the miracle some more, bees and insects responsible for pollination came out of nowhere and gathered here. They will be helping in the pollination of the fruit bearing trees.


「With this, the food issue should be solve. Everyone will be able to have as much as they want! I am also delighted with the good results!」


In just about three hours, all the fields were now filled with crops ready for harvesting.


However, there is a possibility that the people won’t know how to prepare such ingredients.

Therefore, let’s give them a little service.


The next morning

The village was in a big fuss. The is because of existence of trees and unknown crops grown in the fields.


「This crops, can you eat it……?」

「I was thinking that it would definitely be impossible for such trees to grow in these lands……」

「If everything here is edible, they we will not suffer from hunger anymore!」


The village was filled with joy, and everyone immediately went to worship my statue. Such a miracle would indeed cause anyone to worship me, but it was also thanks to their worship that I was able to use my power in such a way.


「Thank you very much, Faltear-sama」

Clasping her hands, Rione eagerly prayed to me.