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Chapter 4 I got Involved in a Trial




The Villager’s surprise got peaked even further.


An Old Man came out of a house and proclaimed the second Miracle.


「There were recipes for the crops that I found written on the walls of my house…… There is nothing more I could think of that would have the power transcribe it other than our guardian deity Faltear-sama!」


This time, the people immediately gathered to that person’s house. The contents that were transcribed were all the so-called recipes. Potatoes are to be steamed and eaten, or can be processed into powder for preservation. Fruits that were still unripe can be heated and used as replacement for vegetables, and ones that were ripe can be consumed as is or be served as sweets.


I also added ways to prepare fertilizer and how to properly use it. Since the lands of this area are close to sandy, there isn’t an abundant amount of nutrients on the soil, and proper application of fertilizer is needed to nourish it, or the soil will end up too barren again.


「We, we are really grateful!」

「I was wondering if Faltear-sama is a Goddess if Fertility……」

「Everyone! Let us build a wonderful shrine we could all visit and enshrine Faltear-sama! 」


Well, at this point, even if it will only be a simple one, it would be enough. I am not really forcing them to do so, but it will be a sign of appreciation for the villagers, so I will honestly accept it.

If people continued coming to Rione’s house, then it will certainly be really annoying for her.


Because the impromptu shrine was made out wood, it was completed in just a few days. They seem to be good in terms of civil engineering and construction works.


I asked Rione about it, and she said that they were originally good craftsmen and were good in wood processing since they originally lived in a forested area.


「The of us Cat Beastmen, the Kingdom of Kathra, was our hometown. It wasn’t particularly large but it was peaceful and was surrounded by beautiful forests」


Although Rione was telling me with a nostalgic face, this talk also leads to a tragedy on how the empire ravaged their lands.

It was only around 3 years ago. If that is so, then they have been struggling to survive for three years until now since they have fled to these lands.


「but now, for the time being, you will be having now a stable life with the current crops, and the village is also peaceful 」

「Hai, thank you very much, Faltear-sama!」

「Now that I think about it, why don’t we call this village New Kathra? With this, a new history will be marked from this point」

「What a splendid idea!」


That story was also told to the elders, and the new name of the village was unanimously decided as New Kathra Village. When I have just arrived in this village, the people were all gloomy and have a heavy atmosphere, but now everyone have been exceptionally bright.


With this, I, Faltear, have been officially established as the Guardian Deity of this village of New Kathra. Everyone was in a festive atmosphere and I am also happy about it. If too much of the doctrines are to be systematized, there is a chance that the amount of faith would slowly fade.


Well, there is one thing I would like to point out though.


As a celebration, everyone did their best to create a statue of me and made it as large as possible, and I’m not bothered about it. But for some reason, my image turned into that of a beastmen with cat ears included.


Oi, wait there for a second! I don’t clearly look like that! Well, I didn’t manifest to anyone, but there was the original statue that Rione brought! I definitely didn’t have any cat ears on it!


When I came out of the shrine and listen to the people, they were saying something like this.


「We all, are cat people, and since it was someone supporting our tribe, won’t a cat eared figure be more suitable」

「That’s right. That’s why it ended up like this」

No, that is not the case, you know……


「Iwas also thinking, maybe she also have wings?」

「ooh, certainly, magnificent wings that would let her fly far away!」

Hey wait, since when did I become something like a manticore hybrid……

Certainly Gods can fly, but that’s because they can make themselves airborne, and not because they use their wings.


Uuuhh…… It’s going to end up really weird if I let the villagers do as they like and leave this to their own judgment……


As the life of New Kathra becomes more stable, some changes will start to happen.


First, it will be the gradual increase of the population.

However, the birth rate of the village isn’t didn’t greatly rise and they just can’t split like slime to quickly reproduce. But well, I was thinking that the mortality rate of children will definitely drop from now on since everyone is now able to get proper nutrition.


The cat beastmen, those that live separated from this village―― Heard of the news and came wanting to also live in this village.


When their country was destroyed, there was no reason for all of the refugees to stay in one settlement. Besides, since they were also cat beastmen were also trying their best to survive.


Then rumors were spread of a bountiful village called New Kathra, and that if you do your best working hard then the village might accept you.


Because the growth of the population would further improve the development of the village, those who were deemed worthy were immediately accepted into the village.

Along with that, something like a law was also established. If you were to steal things or harm the villagers, then a proper punishment was set. There was even a simple trial system that was established.

But when the population grows along with the number of outsiders, disbelief starts to grow, and that is also something that couldn’t be helped. It would also be weird of any kind of community to not have any kind of law in this world, and that would also be accepted as a sign of the growth of the village.


However, there was one trial which was really annoying for me.


And that is, where they would put their hands in boiling water in the name of their Guardian Deity Faltear!


「A honest person who is true to his word would not suffer if they dip their hands in this boiling water. That is because Faltear-sama will protect it. But the hand of a person who has lied will turn red. And they will not be accepted」

Right in front of a big cauldron with boiling water inside, an old man declared that and there were two others who were the ones to give the verdict.

Oi stop! If you do that then both of their their hands will be hurt!


Out of panic to stop it, I spoke directly to the old man’s mind.


Stop such nonsense things! And considering that you were using my name for this without my permission would be nothing more than blasphemy! Let the court gather the proper evidence conducting a proper look through and decide!


「Ahhh…… We are really sorry about this…… Stop this now! End this trial right this moment!」


And thus, the trial which would have resulted in a lot of injuries was abolished.


Then this time, as finding evidence became a law and trials were held in that direction, subtle changes have begun as the development of the village continues.

For the time being, something big happening won’t be happening immediately in future……

Of course, I also need to make sure that I will be treated as a proper Guardian Deity.