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Chapter 16 Founding Festival


Recently, the town of New Kathra became very lively.

Although the population is indeed growing steadily, it is different from the usual atmosphere of a bustling city. It was more spectacular than usual.


I don’t know why so I asked Rione.

「Ah, that’s because they are having a festival」

「A Festival?」

「Yes, I was thinking about a doing Nation Founding Celebration Day this year!」

Now that I think about it, I completely forgot about festivals…… even though I’m a god, I really haven’t thought about it.


But well, because we were too busy preparing the country we didn’t really have the time to do that before, please spare from that. After all, this was not a country that conquered vast lands, but a village that literally started from nothing not even having a name.


「Currently, the population of New Kathra is around 3,500 people. It’s not big to be called a city yet, however it should be more than enough to be able to hold a festival」

「Eh, it was that much already?」

When I arrived at this village, it was so small that it could only be considered a little-village. I did get the impression that it was increasing, however I didn’t expect for the increase to be this much……


「Ah~. Regarding that, there are also villages spreading out, so it would soon be a bit difficult to understand the exact number of the population. There are a lot of places that could become farmlands, and there are still a lot of people that have not settled down yet.」

I see, so the town is already spreading out, and will probably continue to grow. Compared to the old village, the area of New Kathra is probably around 10 times bigger now.


「The area around here was suffering from not being able to produce crops. And right now, New Kathra is the place that produces a lot of crops, so it was only natural that people would gather in this place」

「Un. I did what I could do to help after all」


Right now, a variety of crops are being planted in large fields, and some fields are even doing double or triple cropping. There are even some crops that could rarely be found in this continent.


As an example, and result of improving the growth of wild plants using my power, wild radishes that would usually grow to only about bigger than a finger now grows to as big as a thigh. The large radishes would always surprise travelers that have seen it for the first time.


As a result of constructing waterways that draw spring water towards the city, the supply of clean water has stabilized and is being distributed throughout the town.


Of course, all of this is not just because of god’s help but also because of their efforts. Rione was also in charge of politics. It was said that her title as「The Wise Ruler」 is being transmitted outside of the beastman kingdom. Because the numbers of merchants that have visited this place have increased, the rumor about that is also spreading out.

Rione was originally a hard worker, but this would also help make things work out for her.


At this point, it could be said that the Kingdom of New Kathra will be growing more steadily.


「and so, because of that~ I thought about holding a festival soon. It, it was an even to honor my husband……」


「You, you don’t really have to imply the husband-wife subject, you know……」


Rione would still try to call me husband every now and then, though I would prefer if she calls me Faltear instead.


「But, I am a shrine maiden…… in other words, I was declared to be God’s wife, that’s why I want to have more awareness regarding that……」

「About that, you don’t really have to be too formal about it, you know? After all, I am also a woman, so I feel a bit uncomfortable being called as such, so I would prefer if you call me Faltear instead」

「It’s not about that…… it’s because I don’t want to neglect the formality of that, and make sure to be formal about it…… I am in the position right now as both the Queen and First Shrine Maiden, and that would be something that I don’t want other shrine maidens to see……」


「I see…… Got it. If Rione wants to take that as a challenge, then I won’t stop you」

「Yes, I will do my best! By the way……Faltear-sama, I mean my husband, I would be really happy I could have the opportunity to work with you together…… It’s been three years after all……」

「Nn? Did you want something from me?」

「Ah, no…… It’s not really something that important! Please forget about it!」


Just then, Intanyu and Celude arrived. Because they were my colleagues, we would often gather at this temple.


「Our patrols are over. There are no problems today」

「Oh, you both were patrolling the ton. That’s quite remarkable」

「Not really, we were mostly checking the offerings if they were properly placed」

「That is not remarkable at all!」


This god is too free spirited.


「Why. Won’t I know how much fate is being given to me by the amount of offerings presented? It’s also an important job, you know. The snacks that were offer were not that bad」

It won’t be convincing anymore if you add the talk about snacks at the end, you know.


「There were also some offerings on my altar. It was very delicious. It also seems to be goods from foreign countries. They called it abura-age or something. It was a great experience, with the taste of beans and various aromas intertwined in multilayered way」

Celude was mesmerized so it was definitely delicious. It was also a kind of food that I haven’t heard before.


As far as I’ve known, Celude’s faith is not particularly evil, it was just very loose probably because she’s a god of commerce. That’s the kind of impression she had been showing lately.


「The Founding Festival is definitely going to be a big event. That’s good, that’s good」

「It seems like you knew about it Intanyu. I wasn’t informed about it at all」

「Is, is that so…… well, it’s a good thing that festivals and other things have now started to occur naturally……」


It seems like she’s trying to hide something, well I didn’t really care about it anyway. It couldn’t be helped.


「You two seems to have been busy a lot lately, right. Why not go out and take a walk around town when the festival starts? 」


Celude made a great proposal.

「That’s right. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a festival」



On the day of the festival, we, the three gods, materialized into human figures. We also didn’t change out face or looks that much; we only made it hard to be perceived by others.


Normally, there is no human who would immediately be able to recognize the presence of god, so those who were curious would only be able glance before immediately turning around. We decided to tour the place this way.


「In other countries, they say that gods would wear masks so that people won’t be able to see their faces, but we could also do it this way」

「Wearing a mask would just make us stand out. Its better this way」

「It’s only noon but it’s more lively that what I’ve expected. Just look at the many stores that are currently open」


There certainly are more stores that could be found that was placed on both sides of the streets along with the long established ones, and there were also stalls and bazaars everywhere. It seems like farmers and other townspeople also decided to put up a shop of their own.


「The townscapes have also been improved. It also gives off the impression that the number of stone building has increased.」

「That is definitely thanks to the people of Waddi。The Waddi kingdom have a lot of stone structures and buildings」


Being smug about that fact, Intanyu puffs out her chest in pride. That is the actual case after all.

It wasn’t until we have accepted them as refugees that we realized that we didn’t develop any big quarry, and in the original village there were no stone structures or a place to gather stones, so New Kathra never had any stone structures

But they were annexed by New Kathra, we also discovered a location where stones could be harvested, and because of that their old knowledge had become useful once more.


Itanyu said proposed that a small valley where tuff could be gathered. Because my power has also increased and the area I could travel to widened, I was able to go to that wide and beautiful valley. But for the people of Waddi Kingdom, that place have more worth than just the scenery.


Because of that, we have been able to integrate stone building withing New Kathra Capital. It also improved the town’s overall atmosphere.


「It had become a splendid town, even though I didn’t help that much. It kind of reminds me of what it was like, back in our original home」

Smaller towns give off a different atmosphere compared to larger towns. Just watching the progress of development feels good. Even I’m starting to feel sentimental about it.


――But, it felt like I’m kind of attracting a lot of attention somehow.

That’s funny…… That’s not what’s supposed to happen, after all we are gods……


「Uwaaaah, what amazingly beautiful girls……」


Such voices is what I’ve heard.