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Chapter 17 Enjoying The Festival


「Uwah, amazing, it’s a bishoujo……」


Is what we’ve heard.


When we turned around, several young people that were not beastmen were looking at us.


「Seriously, those three are too beautiful……」「I, I am on the dog ear faction……」「I’m on the human faction……」「Then, I’ll be aiming for the Fox Ears」「Well, everyone is just too cute」


For some reason, everyone seems to be talking about us.

「Eh? Intanyu, did we have that many human dwellers?」

「It’s probably because of the festival, they have come from faraway lands. There’s the empire from the north, and there’s Raffiet Kingdom from the south」

I see. Probably hearing about the festival, people came from faraway places.


「However, the three of them are too divine……」「Un, that beauty is already at the level of gods」「Too Godly」


Could it be, we’ve been discovered!


「I don’t think I even have the right to speak to them……」「Let’s just give it up……」「Or rather, why is there a high amount of beautiful girls in New Kathra?」「Seriously, maybe I should really move out of Raffiet Kingdom……」


While saying those words, the men gradually dispersed.


「It seems like we’re still going to stand out even if the people won’t be able to recognize our faces.」

Then a beastman with Cat Ears approached Celude, saying「Ojou-san, if you don’t mind, will it be alright to walk together?」 as a pickup line. Annother thing to put into mind is that beastmen, even of different race, may be able to love each other. In the case where the parents of a child are of different races, the child will be born of either of the parent’s race. There would never be a case where the right ear would be of a rabbit and the left would be of a cat beastman.


「Well if you can offer something, I won’t mind」

Is it really alright for this god to say OK!

「Are you really sure about that! I’ll buy you anything that could be found on the stalls!」

「No, that much of an offer won’t be enough, it should be at least――」


I immediately took Celude’s hand and go.

「I’m sorry! We have to go and this person is going with us!」

Fuuuh, that was dangerous, that was really dangerous……


「Interacting with humans is forbidden! And at what price are you going to accept in order to agree? 」

「Well if it’s only walking around in this festival, offering his eyes should be more than enough」

「That’s too heavy of a price to pay!」


「I think that would be a cheap offer though, after all you will be spending time in the festival with an actual Goddess after all?」

Celude, your basis of equivalent exchange is way too out of the norm. For this Goddess, a mortal’s life won’t be worth that much. This is the difference in perception of a God and a Mortal.

「I will definitely keep an eye on you from now on, just in case……」


In the background as we were arguing about that, Intanyu was talking to people at a skewer shop.


「Say? You see, I have forgotten to bring my wallet today. This one, would you give it to me as a symbol of dedication and offering to your goddess? It will be a request of mine only at this time~」

「Oi oi oi! Stop it, you are bothering the people of that store!」

I grabbed Intanyu’s wolf ears and drags her away.


「It hurts, it hurts, stop it! Stop pulling my precious ears! 」

「You, weren’t you eating the offerings of the people!」

「But I want to know about the they serve at the festival. And I think that the food here is more delicious because they are making it for the festival」

「No, and what are you trying to do instead of actually enjoying the festival……」

If this state continuous, things will definitely end up badly……


「Originally, wasn’t festivals created not as something that people would enjoy      but to dedicate that to a god in order to impress the said god」

「Umu, yes, Celude has a point. But what about you In-san! I am talking to you Intan! Why are you trying to slip away!」


These two members that I’ve got entangled with were more troublesome than what I have expected……


After stopping the two, we continued enjoying the festival as we move all around the place, but we were also assaulted by the stares from the boys. As expected, a God in human form stands out too much……but well, I haven’t visited any festivals for a time now……


「I didn’t expect that we attract too much attention though……」

Because of our godly hearing, we could hear a lot of voices speaking 「Those ladies from before were really cute」.

「There is nothing wrong with a Goddess gaining attention. You should be proud about it instead」

「isn’t it fine letting a small bunch of humans show their appreciation to us」


The two seems to be fine about it. Am I just being too conscious about this? However, it was indeed nice to see the town on a human’s perspective. It’s a festival after all so it couldn’t be helped that a lot of them are busy, but everyone looks happy.


Most of the people who are celebrating now were people who couldn’t even see a hope for their future just a few years ago. And most of them at that time were covered with sad faces.


But right now, everyone is smiling happily and enjoying themselves. I know from watching thi situation that I’m the right thing. Continuing forward, our aim will definitely be creating a country where the people of the beast kingdom could smile.

Well, to be exact, it will be 「Watching the creation of a country」. After all, the one who will be doing most of the work will be Rione and the people.


――And then, a girl with dog ears abruptly stopped in fron of us. She a girl of around 20 in age.


「Sorry for the bother! If you have time, would you please come with me for a bit! I assure you all that it won’t take a lot of time! 」

What, what? It seems like this one this time is not just trying to pick us up, after all it’s a girl……


「Hmmm, fine. I’ll let you indulge us to best that you could offer」

「That looks fun, I will also accompany you」

Because of a majority vote from the two, I was taken away without really understanding the current situation.


Our destination was a back area of an impromptu stage.

「Ummm, what is this situation about?」

We listened to the explanations of the dog eared woman.

「It’s a contest」

What is that?

Before we could really understand the situation, is was already our turn to be called out.


As soon as I went up the stage, I was greeted by a loud cheer. And the gaze I’ve felt was more intense compared to what we’ve encountered. From above the stage, I could see hundreds of spectators that are staring at us.

Oi, oi, oi, is it really alright for us to be witnessed by the public like this……


Then I took a glance at the signboard behind me.

<Town Festival Beauty Contest>


Is it really alright for us to be exposed to this strong gaze!


「Alright, now we present Entry Number 8 which is these group of three. A female staff that was looking for candidates seems to have found an amazing discovery. Now then, may we hear about your names in turn? 」


The presenter continues.  In this situation, I have no choice but to answer using a nickname I suppose……


I replied with「Fal-desu……」without completing my God’s name. After all, I can’t just say「I’m your Goddess Faltear desu」.


「I am known as Celude」

「Then, I go by Intanyu」

Oi! Don’t just straightforwardly give them your real names!


「I see! So everyone is confident with their beauties enough that you would like to use the name of the goddesses!」

Sigh, good, I’m glad that it was interpreted in that way……