Chapter 19 The Timid God

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Because the founding festival was over, the capital of New Kathra was in a quiet atmosphere for a while now.


It’s good that humans understand that, but when it comes to land problems, then it becomes troublesome.


Petitions from farmers informing that crop yields have fallen have been raised at the meeting.


By the way, the current conference is held in a stone conference hall. The place has been improved a lot compared to three years ago. Various influential people from various towns and villages gather together to conduct politics.


However, the final confirmation of final decisions confirmed by Rione, the shrine maiden still remained unchanged. In a sense, it could be considered that a theocratic political system have been adapted by the beastmen.


「My power alone has a limit though……」

I and Intanyu were checking the soil conditions surrounding New Kathra. The soil’s fertility has fallen. A drop on crop yields was a natural result.


「We probably need to bring in some good soil. There’s a river flowing close to New Waddi. Following that, there should be a layer with fertile mud deposits if we follow it downstream. We could probably do something using that」

「The place would be too far down New Waddi. It’s not a realistic approach」

「I would have liked it if you came up with an alternative instead of denying it though……」


When I denied her suggestion, Intanyu puffed up her cheeks.



「Let’s see……what about the soil in the forest beyond the terraces? Are we not approaching that area for development? 」

There are woodland in the area beyond the terraces not far from the capital of New Kathra. The surrounding area around it is controlled by other kingdoms but the woodlands are out of any country’s sphere of influence. There is a certain reason for this though.


「It’s fine if were in outer area, but if we go in too deep, we will be entering the Saturu’s area of influence. They might treat it as a sign of invasion. 」


Inside the woodlands, there lived an ethnic group called Saturus which are deer horned beastmen. Even to this age, they are living freely in the woods without creating a proper city or state.


「Saturus are considerably stronger than normal beastmen. And when it comes to fighting them in the woodlands, we won’t be able to fight decently…… if possible, I would like to approach them in a more peaceful manner……」


In the first place, we have no clear idea as to what the political organizations in Saturu are like. They were like a nomadic bunch of people.


Although nomadic, that doesn’t mean they are weak. If that were the case, refugee groups would have already taken over the woodlands. All of those who tried were easily driven off of by the Saturus and was forced to leave in the sandy area near the terraces.


It might be possible to launch a war of aggression, and some people have even suggested it, but the woodlands is the stronghold of the Saturus which gives them more of an advantage. It’s also impossible to deploy a large army when raiding a forest and only guerilla based attacks would be possible.


There have also been talks in the past conferences if we could form an alliance with the Saturus, but because we have no understanding of how their nation works, we were not able to discuss it with them.

Of course there are also other Saturus that have migrated to the kingdom, but because they are a nomadic group, they can’t really fill in with the discussions.


As a result, the Saturus that came into New Kathra were accepted, but without involving any interferences on both sides. On one side is the Saturus, and on the other side is the beastman kingdom that is starting to spread its influence.


In any case, the problem with agriculture should be solved soon. Most of the industries in the country currently rely on agriculture so it would be a massive hit if the industry is damaged.


I was thinking about such things while walking around with Intanyu. It’s not like we are visible to normal people anyway.


I then suddenly felt a strange presence.


This is the presence of a God! It closely resemble the time when I first encountered Celude.

However, the intention seems to be different and was not evil compared to that time. Rather, it was more casual and plain that you won’t normally notice. It has a natural presence as if it was integrated with the world.


「Intanyu,, I could feel the presence comparable to a God! I’m not sure but would at least be as power as a high ranked spirit! 」

「Muh? I don’t feel the presence though? I can’t also see anything with that presence around me……」

「Don’t dogs have good ears and a good sense of smell?」

「You, don’t make fun of dog people…… If dog people have a strong sense of smell as you have expected, it will only end up hindering their normal lives…… In the first place, a god don’t give off any kind of smell」


Certainly, I don’t like to be a god who would smell like rotten eggs.


But, it’s definitely around here.


「Please help me……Help……」

I heard a voice coming from above us.


When I looked up, what greeted me were panties.


No, I mean someone wearing a dress who was stuck on a treeWell, it was a shocking sight to be suddenly greeted by panties after looking up.


Some of Humans might be glad to see some pants, but when viewed directly from underneath it was honestly a strange sight and well, it was not really something that I have to be worried about……


「You, are you a God?」

「Yes…… but my head was splendidly stuck on a tree…… I didn’t really care about what you were doing…… it’s so embarrassing that I want to disappear……sigh……」

「Wait, did you really want to ask for help or do o want to disappear. Also, how big is your head for it to be able to get stuck on a tree? 」

「Ah, that was wrong, there’s nothing wrong with my head……  It’s because of my horns……」


I move to the side to look at the god’s full figure, and there I fund a majestic goat ram horn on her head. I also found a goat-like tail connected to her butt. Her feet are closer to human just like other beastman. She closely resembles a Saturus that were inhabitants of this area……


「 don’t how big the horn of a Saturus could grow. But I’m sure she’s related to a God」

「That’s how it looks like. For now let’s help her out」


We quickly rescued the child. She is a small person after all with an appearance similar to a 12 or 13 years old kid.


「Thank you for helping me…… I’m a deity that is worshiped by religious people in this neighborhood, Hortensia, the Guardian Deity of the forest…… please don’t bully me and my people……」

「We didn’t really have the intention to bully anyone though, but how did you end up getting stuck on a tree?」


「Even though I’m worshiped by the Saturus…… they don’t really like festivals. Then I heard about a festival being held here so I decided to go down to watch, and when I was enjoying a drink from a tree I fell down and got stuck. It’s been around 10 days since then」

10 days! You were in a more miserable situation than I have thought……


「That was really a disaster. Well then, see you again later」

Before she left, she was captured by Intanyu pulling her back.

「Wait, it’s not 『See you later』. Since we found the guardian deity of the Saturus here, let’s ask for some good soil! 」

Oh, that’s right. This is a fortunate event.


「Nee, Hortensia, would you like to come with us one-sans for a little talk?」

「Do you have alcohol?」

「I have some from my offerings, but」

「Ok, I will go……」


Hortensia nodded timidly in agreement.

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