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Chapter 20 Hortensia’s Remodeling Plan

On our way back to the temple, I remembered about something that I was worried of and asked. After all, if I leave this for later, it would become more and more difficult to ask about it.


「You see, on the continent where I came from, there was once a legend that Saturus were an all-male race……


Although I’m seeing this God as a little girl with short bob-cut hair and wears a one piece, I don’t really know the gender.


「Ah, I did hear about such a legend. In this continent though, the Saturus refers to ram horned ethnic group, that’s there are also female saturus」

「Is that so, then is Hortensia also a girl」

「No, I am actually a man」1

「Then what’s with that form!?」


Hortensia was crestfallen and droops down.


「Well, you see, in my shrine, only women’s clothes were dedicated to me……」

「Is there a special meaning to that which was stated in the Saturus Beliefs……?」

「No, it’s probably just to harass me…… I’m being bullied……」


A God being bullied, what are you talking about? Is there a greater God that they are worshipping?


「Ah, I made it sound depressing…… I’m sorry, please forget about it……」


We finally arrived at the temple despite the strangely uncomfortable atmosphere around us.



「Oh, a new God came again! I’ll immediately prepare some tea! 」


I’m sorry Rione,  it seems like I’ve brought another troublesome God again.


「Wait, you see, this one prefers drinking alcohol, so it would be better to prepare some liquor from our offerings 」

「We did have some fruit wine, then……」

「Fruit Wine is fine, please give me some, Rione!」


In this way, the talks started after the Fruit Wine and Pickled Fruit Syrup was prepared.

First on the topic, I told him about our request.

We explained about the soil running low on nutrients, trying to acquire soil that have dead leaves and other minerals that would serve as fertilizer, and make connections with the Saturus――that is if possible.


「I’m sorry, I don’t have enough power to do so……」


Says the Saturus God with a sad face


「Why are you so powerless against your people?」

「It’s because the Saturus people think I’m stupid and were making fun of me all the time…… They never listen to what I say……」


「Eh? Perhaps, the Saturus tribe itself is bullying you? 」


This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a God that is actually bullied by their believers.


「If I talk about it, it will be a long story……Ah, umm, can I please have some more Fruit Wine to drink?」


He finished drinking three full glass of wine already, but just as I’ve expected of a God of the Saturus, he really drinks a lot.


「Here, please enjoy」


After replenishing his glass, Hortensia started talking about her state.


「From the beginning, I was normally worshiped by Saturus. However, Saturus have customs were they were making a lot of fuss at festivals of Fertility. It is a festival after all so it’s expected to be fuzzy and noisy, and this continued until about 30 years ago」

「Un, I’ve heard about that story」


「We originally lived outside of the forest, but when we started living inside of the forests, all festivities were banned because of making too much noise」


So that’s where it started……


「Then, because of that, although the festivities weren’t bad, it drastically changed into something like throwing the statue in a pond or ruining the shrine making them think that they are allowed to do something rude to their God」


Intanyu also added「There are places where such festivals exists 」. On such festivals, they are intentionally angering their God to make it rain.


「Starting from that point, the impression of the festival became too ingrained on the Saturus and began to turn into a habit of thinking that it was normal to bully me……」

「So that’s the main reason!」


That’s just a pitiful result……


「That’s why, nowadays, in Saturu’s beliefs『Someone like Hortensia』 became a sort of insult or a mean thing to say to someone, and it seems like the younger generation misunderstood that concept and thought of me not as a God but a failed family member instead…Ah, some more fruit wine please」

「Aren’t you drinking a little too much……?」

「If I don’t get drunk, I won’t be able to speak properly……」


Well, even if she continues drinking, it’s not like a God would be full and they won’t die from drinking too much anyway……


「I currently wearing a one piece because they are only offering female clothing to me…… this is also a form of their bullying……」

「I think it fits you well though」


Intanyu, that’s not the follow-up that you should have said.


「It’s because of that…… I am not really well respected by the Saturus so I won’t be able to request them…… I’ve been thinking about what my worth really is for quite a while now…… Am I only an object recognized as an Existing God, despite my people not really following me……」


This is indeed a very saddening story. Also, it seems like making connections with the Saturu would be pointless.


I was thinking of a way to comfort him a bit.

And then someone else spoke with a completely different ideology.


「You, aren’t you ashamed of yourself!?」


Intanyu holds Hortensia’s shoulders and shook him.


「Awawawa, wha, what are you doing……」

「Aren’t you a God? If so, why didn’t you punish them!」

「Well, it’s because I don’t really have the power to……」

「Don’t just immediately give up and think that you can’t do anything!」


「Hey, hey! Don’t start forcing the guy!」


I tried stopping Intanyu.


「That’s no good! If he don’t believe in himself and just let this people do this to you then you will forever consider them to be stronger than him! Not to mention that this guy is very unhappy about it! In other words, he is definitely dissatisfied with the status quo! You have to fight against it! Be strong! Change yourself!」


「But, what should I do……」

「You are now in the New Kathra territory, and it’s possible for us to speak and be heard by the people of New Kathra without the influence of the Saturus. First, let us introduce you as a great God, then introduce yourself to the people! 」


I see, it seems like Intanyu’s strategy is to strengthen Hortensia by introducing her as a Deity of a Religion in New Kathra.

It would have a faster result than trying to recover the stupidity of the Saturus. On the other hand, Hortensia might also start to change.


「That’s a good proposal, Intanyu」

「That’s right, that’s why please trust me more!」


And thus we allowed Hortensia to communicate with the people of New Kathra.

It’s not normal for Gods to talk to people and being able to do so needs a great amount of skill that’s why I don’t normally do it, but this time is a special case.


For the time being, we targeted the busiest areas of New Kathra. I and Intanyu also tagged along.


Yosh, for now let’s do a light greeting to announce to the inhabitants that Gods have descended!


「Umm, can everyone hear me? I, I am Hortensia…… ah, I’m, sorry, I stuttered…… My favorite offering……is, um, Alcohol…… Please get along with me. That’s all」


I and Intanyu both face palmed at the greeting.


What kind of Introduction is that!

  1. TL Note: It’s a Trap!!!