Home Goddess Chapter 21 – The Weak God’s Talent

Chapter 21 – The Weak God’s Talent

TL: Mabbo
ED: Yuki

「You little, not only did you stutter, why did you end it with just a self-introduction!? Who cares about what your favorite offering is! Can’t you convey more about a God’s Prestige!?」


So Intanyu explained to him. Just as what she said, the surrounding pedestrian was talking about how they heard something akin to a kid introducing himself. What he said was too mundane that it’s hard to think it was a God talking.



「Listen here. It’s okay to be a bit more intimidating. Repeat! 」

「Yes, I understand…」


And thus the second challenge is decided.

Do your best, Hortensia-kun!


「Everyone, I’m Hortensia, a god who takes pride with my big horns. Pleased to meet you… Umm, fear me, fear me……… rawr, raawr. Thank you very much.」


Intanyu walked up to him then gave him a smack to the head.


「You! Stop playing around! What’s with that『Rawr』thing!? You actually want to be spoiled by girls, don’t you!? 『I can’t see him as a boy~』 is what you wanted to be told, isn’t it!? I can’t feel even a hint of seriousness that you want to be stronger! 」

「Th, that’s not true… I’m, with my own way…」


「I no longer care! There’s not even speck of earnest I can feel from you! No wonder the Saturuses make fun of you! Who would put their faith in such a god! 」


With a sullen mood, Intanyu took her leave. Her dog tail shook left and right, so she must be quite mad.


「Forgive her will you, Intanyu has a rather short fuse.」

「No, I should be the one apologizing… If I stay like this, nobody will ever put their faith in me…」


Hortensia-kun’s eyes turn glassy with tears.

I gently gave him a hug.

I feel like words wouldn’t be enough. Just like how faiths and miracles could be expressed beyond what words could, there are times when two gods need something other than words to reassure one another.


「It’s okay if you live the way you want to. Being strong isn’t the only way to live a life, after all. Cheer up.」

「Thank you very much, Faltear-san…」


Even for gods, having quirks is a good thing. That’s what I believe. It’s okay to be a timid kid.

However, it is also true that one need majesty to be worshipped upon. It would be great if he had a good quality to put a faith in.


Well then, we could encounter Intanyu if we go back to the temple now. I want to give her a little bit more time.


「Since we’re already here, why don’t we take a look at the field? Tell me if you found something.」

「Yes, if you’re fine with me…」


I grabbed Hortensia-kun’s hand and brought him to the outskirts. It made me feel like I earned a little brother, or maybe a little sister.


There are various vegetables being planted in the fields. However, I feel like the yield is worse compared to last year’s.


「If only we have a better fertilizer.」

「Please wait a minute.」


After he said so, Hortensia-kun approached the field, then began to observe the crops with zeal.


「You should cull out some of the fruits, you know. Since the nutrition is dispersed to each fruits, you can’t get ones that truly grows. Also, the spaces between the plants are too narrow. Since the field is wide, try to spread them, it will change a lot.」


Huh? Hortensia-kun’s face looked different from just a while ago.


「This plant has too much exposure to strong sunlight. It’s better to cover it with a cloth, especially in this season, while this one is not even in the right season. Give it two more months, it’ll produce more. While this one is already ripe enough to be harvested, but it wasn’t.」


「Eh? Hortensia-kun…you were perhaps well-versed with agriculture…? 」

「I was originally a god of good harvest, you see… Because of that, there was a time where people mistook me as a female god… Before feeding it fertilizer, this field is already lacking basic knowledge. That’s why I think most of it can be improved.」


I grabbed Hortensia-kun’s hand.


「You are amazing! You will, absolutely, gain more respect from now on! 」

「Eh… Things like this isn’t really something great…」


Perhaps he’s not accustomed to being praised, Hortensia-kun’s face reddened, bewildered.


Don’t tell me, the reason why this child has been constantly showing anxiety is because he’s never getting praised?

If so, then I shall shower him with praises.

I embraced him tight.


「Hortensia-kun, you should know that you possess wisdom that can bring happiness to people. If you tell everyone about it, they will surely be happy. And when that happens, you too will show more smiles than you’ve been.」

「Someone like me…?」

「Yes, it’s okay, it will be okay. I will be with you until that happens. I know just how amazing you are, after all.」

「I… feel brave…!」


So he declared with a voice stronger than ever.

After that, Hortensia-kun talked about the correct way to cultivate the field among the farmers.

Eventually, the harvest of the farmers who tried his methods rose in obvious manner, and Hortensia-kun’s faith began to spread among the farmers.


Ultimately, a temple dedicated to Hortensia-kun was built within the New Kathra. However, while it was indeed functionally a temple, it was but a small log hut with a triangle roof made of harvested straws. This straw roof is changed regularly, apparently to celebrate the regrowth of their vegetation.


With that, Hortensia-kun has decided to settle in New Kathra. By now he’s recognized as the Fourth God of the town.


「So you have a redeeming quality too, huh. Compared to before, your eyes look gleam.」


Intanyu has acknowledged him as well, and their relationship now is smoother than usual. Even as they’re speaking, Intanyu can’t stop caressing his goat horns.

He seems to be a little bit intimidated by Celude, but it’s not like he was terrified of her, and I’m pretty sure he’ll get used to her.


「Now I understand why Intanyu-san was mad with me. If I want to get strong, I should show it with my action. Despite that, I was being coward, and what I did was the opposite of what I said. It’s bad to be a lying god, after all.」

「And you’re now able to say even those words, huh. You really grow up.」


By now, Intanyu has been spoiling him like a little sister—or perhaps a little brother.


「But——Your feminine part doesn’t change at all, huh…」


Of course, Hortensia-kun is still wearing a one-piece dress.


「…….Somehow, they think of me as a Goddess.」


The only dresses they put as an offering to his temple are ones meant for girls. A God of Good Harvest is usually pictured as a goddess after all, and so the misunderstanding just won’t be cleared.


「Ano, Faltear onee-chan…」


By the way, I’m being addressed as Onee-chan by him.


「Can you tell everyone through an oracle that I’m a male…?」

「The populace already accepted you as a goddess after all, and we can’t possibly raise a confusion among them… Please be patient about it…」

「Uu… I understand…」


Crestfallen, Hortensia-kun droop his head.