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Chapter 22 – Hortensia-kun’s Worry

TL: Mabbo
ED: Yuki


Perhaps due to the spread of the faith for Hortensia-kun, the Agricultural God, the Saturuses began to show interest in us, as two societies who worshipped the same god.


The Saturuses had several chiefs over small gatherings, since they weren’t a tribe that settled in one country, and a number of those chief had the opportunity to meet with Rione, the Miko Queen. It was clear that there would be a diplomatic relationship between us and them! Isn’t that fantastic!


However, since the audience was held under the tradition of the Saturuses, it was quite blasphemous that watching it unfold made me anxious…


「The Miko Queen is sure beautiful. It’s the first time I see a cat beastman like you.」

「Thank you very much for the praise」


Rione was accompanied by other shrine maiden under her, she carried herself with a majestic manner befitting to a monarch. By the way, while some of these shrine maidens had cat ears, some had dog ears some had foxen ears, and some normal human. With this much people, the audience had become quite a big meeting.

To say further, there were also male shrine priests, but they had other business to attend to, thus couldn’t attend the audience.


「What a real beauty~. I want her to come and marry my son.」


This Saturus, why is he talking to her as if she’s some villager girl!?


「Uh… Umm, I’m very flattered to hear it, but I am a servant of the Gods, so…」


Rione also seemed to be working her head as to how to reply it, she’d been bewildered.


「Neighbor, that’ll be impossible. No way would a Queen come to our place.」


Is what another Saturus said. The audience really felt like a gathering of elderlies.


「Ah~, yer right. Then, does one of the shrine maiden-sama back there want to come to my village? 」


The escorting shrine maidens were all making a troubled face, being suddenly asked such a thing out of nowhere.


「My son’s quite a drinker, but he’s a good man overall. I can say he’s quite dependable too. Whaddya think…? 」

「I told ya, neighbor! Yer being rude in front of the Miko Queen! Just take the girl from the Oak Tree tribe and put up with her!」

「We’re having dispute with the Oak Tree tribe over fruits’ common rights, y’see…」

「Just bring some wine! Y’all be dandy in minutes.」


Your talk over matchmaking is spiraling out of control, you know!


I decided to give Rione some follow-ups from her back. Nobody else could see me.


「Guide them over to the temple! For it seems like our guests want to continue their conversation! 」


Rione is the kind of girl who listens, so she’s not used to dealing with people like these.


「Understood… Gentlemen of the Saturus, I will introduce our temple to you…」


After that, the Chiefs then gave out their opinion of the temple, saying stuff like 「This is very splendid…」 「How astonishing…」 「Compared to this, my house looks like a leaking shack」. Our plan to make them understand the dignity of this beastman kingdom had turned successful.


Later, when I was meeting with the other gods, I heard from Hortensia-kun that being invited to become a wife was quite a high praise amongst the Saturuses.


「Um… Saturuses are people with freewheeling nature, you see… And stuff regarding to their sex is also all over the place, so… a household to be wrecked is commonplace…. So, when they invited a woman to become a wife, they mean that you are a decent woman who can make a proper household…. So, it was his own way to praise Rione-san, you see…. I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand…」

「Intercultural exchange is difficult…」


Either way, it didn’t change the fact that the diplomacy had started. Since our country was worshipping Hortensia-kun, they also began to build small shrines dedicated to him.

However, since he was enshrined as a female god in this country, they also treated him the same even in his own homeland, as only female dresses were being offered.


「Um, if the faith continues to be mistaken, it would really turn into something troublesome…」


So Hortensia-kun whispered me, his cheek red.


「What? If you have something in mind, don’t be shy to tell this Faltear Onee-chan.」


His position had completely become a cute little brother (or sister) among us.

Let this Onee-chan of yours give a good advice.


「Gods like us are affected by our followers’ faith, right? If I were continued to be treated as a girl, then…………………………………… Won’t I really change into a girl someday…」


It’s such an oblique worry that I can’t find any advice for!



「Wouldn’t that be something splendid, then?」


Celude nodded her head, entertained.


「If you actually changed your gender because of it, I’m sure you will receive a special kind of faith from a portion of your followers. Of course, I can’t say that there’s no faction that thinks it’s better to be a male.」


「I don’t need that kind of narrow faith…」

「You’re wrong!!! Especially because it’s narrow, the followers are pious!!! There’s this Theas religion among the religions I know, and they’re small in scale and long in age!!!」


Why Celude is not being herself and her tension is high…!?

And looking at it, her fox tail is erected straight… I wonder if she’s excited…


「Aah, additionally, there are also androgynous gods as well. Don’t you think it’s nice if the change turned to be like that? You might also produce an esoteric cult that does morally questionable deeds out of it. Isn’t that wonderful! It really spreads the dream! 」


「I, I’m getting really worried…」

「There’s nothing to be worried about! I’ll give you my full support once your body starts showing the change! Rest assured!!! Oh dear me, coming here was a good decision after all. I’m having so much fun! 」


Something from her character had changed. Was she always such a passionate person…? Was this matter really that important that her personality crumbled…?


「Hey,  I knew something was wrong with that Fox god… She could’ve started a heresy on her own… It’s better to put an eye on her…」

「Rather than that, I don’t want to get involved with her…」


「Is there something wrong?」


With a satisfied look on her face, Celude was hugging Hortensia-kun from his back. That was how Hortensia-kun being treated by the three of us. He was the only one who looked young, after all.


「In the first place, I’m sure you two already know that most religions put divinity and sexuality on the same pedestal. Rejecting it would be the stranger one, even more so, since Hortensia-kun is a God of Good Harvest. It’s weirder to think that it’s not related! I’m the right one in this conversation! 」


If she said it like that, it would be hard to refute…


「Uumu… However, thinking that there might be a time we would meet such a god, perhaps we should at least prepare our mental… Taking obscene as full negative would be too mean, after all… We can’t discriminate one another…」


Intanyu also began to think over the matter seriously.


As it was a hard question to tackle, let’s put this issue for later!