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Chapter 23 – Let’s Make A Holy Scripture

「Well, since we’re about to start a serious political talk, I’m calling over Rione.」

「I’m being serious with all my talk! A boy is changing into a girl! Isn’t this a major incident!?」


Somehow I can tell that this is Celude’s most favorite topic. Personally speaking, I think it’s okay to have such hobbies to each and their own. I don’t quite understand it, though…

This is just my assumption, but perhaps these kind of immoral deeds are actually regarded high in Celude’s secret cult. I feel like there was an Evil God of the sort back in the continent I hailed from.


Now then, let’s really change the topic here. It’s time to talk something that Rione can have part of.


「What I’m really concerned about is Gram Empire’s movement. This Beastman Kingdom of ours has been growing lately, so we might invite their invasion to our land…」

「We could only imagine the worst case scenario if the Empire was our immediate neighbor, but aren’t there vast deserts and mountain ranges between them and us? They also would need to take into account the expenditure for it, so I think we shouldn’t be so afraid.」


It seems like Intanyu doesn’t worry over it that much.


「I’m with Tanyu-san this time. A mere human’s body would be greatly burdened just to reach here.」


Celude seems to be obstinate not to call Intanyu with her full name.


「I have been in the woods for a long time, but the last time the northern ever attacked us was about 500 years ago.」

「The Kingdom’s Parliament also concluded that there is little chance that the Empire might attack us, uh, d, dear husband…」


It seems like Rione can be quite particular to call me dear husband at times. It makes me quite ticklish when she does so, and it looks like that is also the case for her.

By the way, the meetings that were initially discussion between villages now have extended and given a prominent name such as 「Kingdom Parliament」. From the looks of it, they’re actively electing the parliament members right now.


It looks like, unanimously, everyone agrees that things would be fine regarding the Empire.

Perhaps it’s because I hailed from another continent, I’m not familiar with the terrains around, and that stemmed into worry.


「If so, then the Kingdom is teeming with peace for now. That would be great to hear.」

「Dear husband, rather than the Empire in the north, isn’t our relationship with Raffiette Kingdom in the south more important? Not that we have any problem with them.」

「Raffiette Kingdom, huh…」


Certainly, if we take a straight line, that Kingdom is much closer in distance. Just like the Empire, they’re not our immediate neighbor, and there’s a vast desert separated us, but there were people from there during the festival. Not only that, a trade route between us and them has been established.


Raffiette Kingdom is a kingdom that dominates the southern part, or rather, all the way till the most southern land of the continent. It’s not a military country and it has no taste to spread its dominance deeper into the continent, but rather trying to cross the sea to take over of other islands.


Since a long time ago, salt merchants from Raffiette Kingdom have been making their appearances in this Beastman Kingdom. Not only salt, some other merchants also bring dried fish to sell. Generally speaking, if you found an unusual item appearing in the market, then it’s not wrong to say that the people from Raffiette Kingdom are involved.


According to the stories of the merchants from there, each lords of the regions have authority of their own, as it is more like a federal state than anything. Apparently, the Kingdom itself is no more than a decoration.


「The Southern Kingdom seems to haven’t make any movement for now, so I think it’s safe to say that our Kingdom is indeed in a period of peace. It’s good for the international affair department, isn’t it.」

「D, dear husband, if that is the case, I have something in mind while we’re plentiful with peace.」


This time, Rione is the one to change the course of conversation. Her face is serious.


「Hm, what is it?」

「Why don’t we compose a Holy Scripture?」

「Holy Scripture?」

「Yes. Up until this point, de, dear…. Faltear-sama has shown us her power to keep the faith in its course, but now that the Kingdom has grown so large, I’m sure that there are people who have no opportunity to observe her might.」


It’s not like I’m concerned, but she went back from calling me dear husband to Faltear-sama. It seems like that’s as much as her effort can take her.


「I think it’s about time to produce a method to let everyone know Faltear-sama’s greatness.」

「Indeed, there is but a few religions that have no scripture, after all. Some people may not be convinced with just the fact that we are this country’s Guardian Deities. I will salvage and retain the scripture from my original religion, and I’m sure Celude has people in her firms who can make one for her.」


I see, so it’s the Scripture to once again revive the Faltear Religion upon this land.


「Currently, I have the record of all encounters between Faltear-sama and I down to the details. It may be closer to a historical record, but I’m thinking to integrate it into the scripture. However, in a Scripture, usually there would be parts where the deity talked to the people. For that, I can do nothing but ask for Faltear-sama’s help.」

「I see. Let me think about it… But, hm, this is difficult…」


Well, I don’t really understand stuff like this, so let’s just say things that sound good. Things like 「Be kind to each other」and 「A smile will bring good day」, anything on the line of those.


However, Rione attacked me with her gleaming eyes.


「Faltear-sama, I’m sure you can give us your utmost wonderful, marvelous words ever be that anyone who heard it will be greatly encouraged to be more faithful than ever, please!」


Your expectations are too high!

If I just made it crudely on the spot, she’d be disillusioned by me… This sure has become a great pickle…



Once I’m alone, I began to work my head to weave the words appropriate for my scripture.

Let’s see, first, I need to add my, as the God, portrayal into it.




The Goddess of Justice, she who shall never forgive evildoers, the Avatar of the Sun. She who substantively hailed from another continent came to guard the beastmen of this continent. Her hair glitters golden, the gleam that symbolizes her righteousness.

Her raiment is of the Gods’ Silk, the articles that shall never be spoiled from all filth there be.

She expresses the ideals of all young people who want to stand up for their lives.



I was thinking of make it this way.

This… it’s like the portrayal of a character from novels…

In my previous country, literature called novels were often to be rented out at bookstores, and what I made is just like a page taken from those novels….

Making a portrayal of my own self is way more embarrassing than I thought, huh…