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Chapter 24 – Scripture Production Works

TL: Yuki


And then, I should also add something like a code of conduct.





・Do not live by your own selfishness


・Do not steal from others


・Do not immediately settle things with violence


・Do not lie to yourself nor to your friends


・Do not do what is meant not to be done






「Do not lie to yourself or your friends」 This is to not completely ban lies, after all it couldn’t be helped in a society for one to lie if necessary.


This is also to prevent someone from saying 「I don’t like you」 straight to the strangers they encounter. SO I’ll just say that’s it’s fine to lie for their own selfishness. Well, there also a debate about what would be considered selfish and what would be just plain rudeness, but it’s up to them to read the air and think about it.




Next is the reason why violence is only prohibited but not completely denied, that is because if a war breaks out that notion itself will be completely denied.




I’ll also add something that would be more spiritually motivating.






・Do not be arrogant


・One must always have a kind heart


・DO not discriminate against other races






The Beastman Kingdom is made up of a considerable number of races, so it couldn’t be helped if conflict arises among the differences. That’s why I’ll put this rule here.




I wonder what else I am missing. Should I also ban adultery? I guess not since it would also belong to the rule of 「Do not do what is not supposed to be done 」so it should be fine in that regard. Rather, I’d like to ask them to pay attention so that they can have a good look of respect over everyone.


Next would be something for Rione.






・One must respect the Gods


・One must respect and follow the Shrine Maiden who worship the Gods






I wonder if this is enough…… I then recalled my memories in the Hartmit Kingdom Era…… However, the more I recalled the more confusing it became.


Since there are 10 Items on the list, I’ll call it 「Faltear’s Ten Commandments」. There’s more to it than that but that should be fine.




Now then, what about the laws? I’ll move on the next passage with that in consideration.


I should look over Intanyu’s Scripture as to what it’s like in Wady Kingdom. That should be helpful, I think.






The God of the Dog People will keep an eye out for a thousand nights and declare loudly. If there are obstacles in your way, bring it down with weapons in hand. Everything in life is predestined. If the wicked tries to escape, it won’t be able to soar like a majestic bird, so with an angry rage, capture them and tear them apart.






This is much more complex than I have expected…… It doesn’t say much, but the delivery is quite good. Is the presentation important after all?


Anyway, the main point is that there will be benefits if you believe. I see, I also have to write what I could offer them properly.






As God I have declared, if you worship me, I will definitely offer great things. That’s why worship me more.






I wonder if that’s asking for too much……


It makes me kind of look like a crazy person. Oh well, I could also ask Rione to adjust it for me…… Or rather, I could just leave it all to Rione.


If there are things I would have to write, it would be things that Rione won’t be able to write on her own. For example, Rione doesn’t feel like expressing herself in a distinguished way. So I decided to add lines for Rione.






As god I declare. As a result of the country I once ruled forgetting faith, it was attacked and destroyed by another country, I was also regarded as an evil god and wandered the lands for a long time. As faith weakens, my power which once protected the country as it’s the guardian in light, has become weaker and weaker until it was nothing more than a candlelight that illuminates the darkness.

However, an unexpected encounter happened and a daughter of a cat race who had been banished from their country picked up a statue of me. The child was but a poor and weak being but had strong benevolence. She washed my statue clean and prayed. With her faith so pure, my power was revived quickly and I was able to protect that child’s land. With that I established the child Rione to become my Shrine Maiden and taught her knowledge that would help her protect and flourish the lands.


I know deep inside that a beastman’s heart could be filled with serenity.  That’s why I decided to take the position of becoming their guardian deity. With my help and everyone’s efforts, we’ll make the Kingdom of Beastmen prosper forever.






I wonder if something like this would be alright.




This should increase Rione’s public trust. It would also increase the faith towards me, making it have mutual benefits for both of us so it’s all good.







I showed a part of the scripture that I was in charge of to Rione.



「Alright, here, can you make a scripture based on this」




「Thank you so much, my dear……」




She called me Dear again.


「Should I also add,『I recognized the shrine maiden as my wife』?」


If my gender is not written properly then it won’t probably sound weird or have any discomforts.


「Um, no…… It’s alright just being this way…… It would also be too embarrassing for me if it was written this way……」


I guess I’ll leave that to Rione.




One month later, the scriptures were almost completed by Rione and her subordinates, the other shrine maidens and priests. Not only mine but also included are ones from Intanyu, Celude and Hortensia.


I was thinking that the scripture would be completed with this, but-



「Dear, we have some work to do」


Is what Rione said as she brought a large number of bundled paper.




「What’s this? The compilation of the scriptures should have been over, right? 」


「Yes but we need confirmation from Dear and other Gods for it to be complete. We need everyone to check if there are any mistakes in the contents! 」


「Eh, so we have to read all of this……?」


「Yes, please do! It’s important after all to be officially recognized by our Deities! 」


Is what cheerfully replied.




After that, it took us a few days to check it while we were free.


The other Gods were also forced to look through it and were quite tired after checking.




The book can’t be left unpublished after all……




After all the verifications were completed, the book『Scriptures of Faltear』 finally went into publication and it’s copies were spread out to various parts of the kingdom.




I wonder if my Religious foundation would finally be in place with all this. For now I could say that I have officially become the state religion.




However, there’s still a lot of things that I have to prepare.




About two weeks later, Rione came back again and asked for a gathering.




「Everyone, this I would like to ask again about rituals and other things」