Chapter 25 – Road to Top Idols

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TL: Yuki


「What do you mean by establishing a ritual? The beastmen are properly praying at the temples, don’t they」


Intanyu said while looking a bit aghast.


「I don’t mean something simple as prayers. I know that it is an important duty that all priests and shrine maidens dispatched to temples all over the world do. 」




Come to think of it, I really haven’t anything like that on the scriptures.


I also felt like if I write things in too much detail, then people might just give up reading it. I want everyone to be able to read even the basics of it as much as possible.




「I see, it seems like your country was quite loose when it comes to religion……. That’s why your faith have ben severely weakened」


Intanyu couldn’t help but sigh. What she said hits hard, but I can’t retort because what she said was right after all. I’ve also noticed after all in the last 50 years that the priests have been quite loose and ended up getting destroyed.




「Are you sure about that? This is the Capital of New Kathra Kingdom you know. That’s why you need to establish something firm. If there are heretical teachings and twists, we as gods would also notice it. However, when it comes to those who are living in the frontiers, the amount fates may change. Also if the teachings are too different, it will end up turning into a different religion instead and would not give us power through faith! 」




「I, I see……」


Intanyu was quite passionate about it.


Certainly, if I just rely on the spread too much, the frontier priests my end up coming up with new doctrines and rituals instead for the people over there. The people living in those areas won’t probably know the correct doctrines and rituals and end up believing what was told to them.




「Then, shall we have the priests do something like blood offerings and stuff everyday?」


Celude made some strange proposals but we ignored it.




「Should we have them offer prayers clearly and chanting it on the altars at least twice a day. Something like『I give my sincerity tto the great guardian deity Faltear-sama who is the light that illuminates the country』 would probably be alright」




This is what I proposed which is quite simple. However, it seems like the others have completely different proposals to suggest.




「As a tribute to the gods, dancing is also good. The Saturus that worshipped me liked to dance and used to dance in front of my shrines. I’m not good at it myself though」


That idea in itself is very fitting for Hortensia. It’s also not a bad suggestion.


「Thank you for your suggestion. Then, we should set a special day and have everyone dedicate dances during that day. About four or five times a day should be alright? 」




Rione writes down our conversations in paper. It is the mission of the priestess to hear out the words of God, so she’s currently doing her work faithfully.




「by the way, what kind of dances are they doing?」


「It is something amazing that you would feel energized just by looking at it you know? The number of people may vary, but they usually do it with about four to five people, I think? 」


「No, I want to actually see the actual dance, not just the concept. Otherwise, the dances will become completely based on the region」




Thinking about it that way, it would certainly end up in that outcome. However, what was suggested next was not something I expected.


「If you have the concept, could you show an example for the shrine maidens and priests to follow?」




「It’s the best way for them to dedicate the dance after all. Please do consider the benefits!」




「That’s right, I also agree. I am willing to help too. I love this kinds of events after all」


Celude’s tail swings in excitement.




「It can’t be helped……. I’ll also do my best to help. I’m the one who suggested it after all」


Intanyu is also quite enthusiastic about it. What about my opinion.


Eh, if it’s like this, won’t it be confirmed that everyone would dance?







30 Minutes later


We 4 gods have decided to practice dancing.




It was quite a mess, I didn’t want to do it, but I can’t back out anymore. If I knew that this would happen, I would have suggested for it to be something that a lot of people would be required and could not be done by a small group of people.




The shy Hortensia was terrified, but because of the current situation, he didn’t have the courage to run away nor did he have a chance to.


「I’m, I’m not really good at dancing……」




「Now, now, don’t be shy, it’s not like were visible to everyone right now. They would only be able to witness us on the day of the performance, and it’s only to give an example for the people to follow」


「Even so, I’m not really sure if I could do it even if it’s not real thing……. And the reason I can’t really dance is because of my poor motor skills……」




「Now, now, that’s why we’re going to practice a lot. Let’s do our best」


Lately, I’ve finally started to understand just what type of God Celude is. From what I’ve observed, it seems like she’s a god who enjoys festivals or events in general.




「Once you get better at dancing, you should show it to everyone in the form of an idol like you did at the festival. I wan’t you to become a top Idol who can sing, dance and interact with the audience」


For some reason, I feel like Intanyu’s intension is something different from what we have suggested. Do you want to gain supremacy by becoming an Idol?




「Let’s see……then the producer will be, me Rione……. Everyone, let’s do our best……」




Excuse me, Rione, why you also joining in.




「Alright, then let’s begin. The Leader would be Faltear, please decide the choreography of the dance.」


「Celude、why do I have to decide that?」


I don’t have any experience dancing, you know.


「Of course, you have to. It will be a ritual dedicated to Faltear after all」






「Umm, maybe like this? First, move your right foot like this, and then……」


I decided to just go with the flow. I don’t really know what to expect out of this, but I’ll just do it.




「I’m disqualified」「I can’t do it, desu」「I’m sorry, I can’t……」




Why are you three gods already giving up…….


「You’re the ones who suggested this, you know!」


「Ummm, Faltear-sama, even though I’m embarrassed, I can’t dance with you! But I do hope everyone dance along!」




It was also rejected by Rione, why? Why did I end up betrayed by everyone……

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