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Chapter 26 – Rituals

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


「 It would be strange to start with choreography. We need a song 」


「 That’s right. We need songs that will cheer up the listeners 」


Celude and Intanyu were more on the same wavelength than ever. I’ll leave the singing to you two now.


「 I was inspired by a song that was sung by a secret society 」


「 I see. I’m sure I can think of some morale boosting songs that were sung before a war 」


Hortensia-kun and I were watching from the sidelines.


「 Hortensia-kun, don’t hesitate to join in the songwriting, okay?」


「 No, mine is too earthy, so it probably won’t  suitable for this. The lyrics were also quite direct and obscene…… I’m not sure if I’m cut out for this……」


「 That tends to happen when you’re a God of Fertility……」


「 I can dance, but I’d better leave the music to others.……」


While we were talking about this, the two motivated gods started writing a song.




Shining Whisper Words and music by Intanyu and Celude Arrangement by Rione


Because there’s a new light of hope in front of me right now


I can walk out of my grief and tears, o Lord, o God, Bless


When I was alone and lonely, I murmured your name, and the courage to quietly arose


We’re delivering our wishes, hand in hand, for everything to be all right


God is watching. I’m sure I’ll shine


Because there is a new light of hope right in front of me now


I can erase my sorrows and tears and walk away, o Lord, o God, Bless


< The following is omitted >




「 It ended up becoming something more sparkly than I imagined, here’s the song: ……」


Also, if you just look at the lyrics without the melody attached, these things are pretty painfully cringe.


「 This beginning part is the chorus. It is the central part of the song, so it repeats over and over again. 」


「 Rusty? Isn’t that something terrible……」


「 I did not include any negative or scary parts, but aimed for a universal audience that would naturally start moving when listening to it. If you want to be a top idol, you need to have a song that everyone loves 」


「 i don’t know about you guys, though you sure are more aggressive than usual……」


Also, I’m curious about the fact that Rione is casually doing the arrangement.


「 I, I didn’t do much…… I just thought that it would be cool to repeat the chorus multiple times like in the last part of the song, and arrange it especially to show aura, and modulate it……」


Although she was a little embarrassed about it, but she did mention more details than expected.


For now, the song was complete. The next step was choreography.


However, I didn’t know any good choreography on my own, so I had to come up with it together with the other members.


「 Is it alright with you, Faltear-san? But this move might not look good to someone without a tail does it. It would probably suit me or Intanyu-san though 」


「 Yeah, I don’t really understand these things, so I’ll just go with what everyone else decides 」


「 Hey, you’re the leader, can’t you be a little more proactive in giving your opinion! 」


Intanyu points out while a bit mad about me, but I’m not really trying to be a leader…….


Once the choreography is almost decided, we started the dance lessons.


This is the most difficult part though.


「 Faltear-san, you’re a little late!」


「 I don’t know what you’re talking about!」


Rione’s guidance is also quite strict!


「 Also, Faltear-san, please be more conscious of your smile!」


「 But the dance that was dedicated to me was rather solemn, and I don’t think they were smiling…….」


「 This is for the enjoyment of all who sees it! The person who sings and dances this should not forget to show that they are having fun! 」


Even though I’m a god, I started to run out of breath in the middle of it and had to stop a few times…….


It was unavoidable, as it was a very difficult task to sing and dance at the same time.


At the seventh break, I collapsed on the floor and was coughing.


Why are we doing this……? Why are we so tired just trying to make ritual dances……?


「 Here, stand up. Leader 」


Intanyu smiled and extended her hand. By the way, why am I supposed to be the leader?


「 You’re not ready yet. This is far from the top idol. Rise up! 」


「 That’s right. We’re here with you 」


「 Faltear Onee-chan…… Fight! 」


The atmosphere is kind of touching.


「 Producer, I want you to let me go through it again from the top!」


By the way, the producer is Rione.


「 Alright! Do your best once again!」


And finally at the next practice, we were in perfect sync.


「 Did we just do that?」


「 We’ve finally done it!」


「 You’re good!」


「 I’m really glad, Onee-chan!」


For some reason we were crying and hugging each other.



And two weeks later.


Rione, the Shrine Maiden Queen, has formalized the ritual content for me, Intanyu, and other nationally recognized deities in a book called the Ritual Code.


This included songs and dances, samples of which were to be presented to the priestesses and priests in the capital city of New Kathra.


「 Now, I’m going to show you a song and dance demonstration, so please remember it well 」


And so we went out in front of the crowd and sang, 「Shining Whisper 」.


About halfway through, the audience began to shout. Some of them were singing along.


Even though it was the first time they heard this song, I felt a sense of unity that even I couldn’t believe it.


After the song was over, the audience broke into applause. Many of the priestesses and priestesses were crying.


「 Excellent!」「 This should please the gods!」「 I’ve never been so moved by a song and dance! 」


The performance became a legend, and 「 Shining Whisper 」 became a tune played by people at various festivals.


I often watch them performed by other people, and it’s quite moving because I’ve gone through the same rigorous training.


Perhaps it was because of that song that some priestesses and priests 「 Let’s work with a smile on our face and a feeling that God will enjoy us 」 as a result, temples around the country became more open and accessible to the public.


Compared to the solemn and gloomy religious facilities, this one might be much better.


Although, I still kind of feel like there was something wrong with that practice.


Wouldn’t it have been wrong for God herself to aim for the top of being an idol……?