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Chapter 27 – The King’s Pleasure Trip Plan

Thanks to the improvement of the scriptures and rituals, the national religion has finally come out. This is a very good thing. We’ve had our share of strange hardships……but we bear with that fact since that is for the development of our own country.


 But it wasn’t only God who worked well.


 Rione’s work was also quite impressive. At the very least, it is safe to say that there is no monarch on this continent who is more hardworking than Rione. It may sound like an exaggeration to say that, but she would almost not sleep or rest while working every day, but it is indeed not uncommon for me to do political work with less sleep.


The reason why she is able to work so vigorously is thanks to me. She became almost immortal thank s to 「 Marrying 」 me. This means that she can work forever in her young and healthy body. I also have been granted the physical strength to bounce back from minor illnesses even after contracting them.


 I helped Rione as much as I could. For example, if there was something Rione was looking for, I would lead her to the place where she could find it.


However, I am only helping. I will not order Rione to do this or that. My stance is that a God is the one who teaches and guides them, not using them as a puppet who can be manipulated at will.


 I have no intention of breaking this stance at the moment.


I may sound like a good God trying to appeal to my believers when I say this, but even from a God’s point of view, we need to do this.


 If we continue to rule over human beings in a coercive manner, they will surely come to resent God. And that is the exact opposite of faith. If that happens, God’s power will be weakened, and the range of what a God can do will narrow.


If another country attacked at that time, the country ruled by that god would eventually be destroyed.


 Throughout history, there have been gods who have tried to move people the way they wanted, but most of the time, these gods lost all faith in them and disappeared from existence.


Although much more relaxed than humans, God is also not a permanent and unchanging being. God can barely exist when humans lose faith in him.


 However, there are cases where people are brought to life by gods, even if they are not human. There is often a creation myth where the first god creates several gods, and this is the process by which the gods created other gods. Its cases like this where a god would be born without human interference.


 I digress, but this is how I came to be Rione’s 「 Husband 」 and I am living my daily life, helping out in a moderate way.


「 Phew, I guess we’re done with political duties for the day 」


 Rione, who was left alone in the Miko’s office, stretches her arms at the desk. The desks and lamps are fine, but it’s basically a bleak room. Rione does not indulge in luxuries beyond what is necessary.


「 Thank you for your hard work. It’s really a lot of hard work, day in and day out 」


 I lightly patted Rione on the shoulder. This is the least I could do for my 「 Wife 」 at this time.


「 If I were to slack off, it would cause the country to tilt. Still, the work I had to do was gradually decreasing. Look, it’s only around ten o’clock at night 」


 In this continent, we have the convenience of clocks, which allow us to measure a day in 24 hours. In some areas though, the time is determined by dividing the time when the sun is rising and when it is not rising.


「 Come to think of it, a while ago, it was often after twelve midnight that we would end 」


「 That’s right. Still a King is a King, and there are plenty of things that would be needed for me to decide. That has calmed down a bit now. My subordinates, the priestesses and priests, have grown up, and the Kingdom Council is functioning better than in the early days. I don’t know what to say, but the whole kingdom is turning from a child into a young teen 」


「 I know what you mean 」


 In the beginning, the creature called a nation, which didn’t know right from left, gradually learned many things and began to know what to do.


 As a result, the workload on Rione, the Chief Priestess-King, has been reduced.


「 That’s why Husband, I have been thinking about trying something because I’ve been having more free time. 」



The reason no one else can enter the Political Office is because Rione can talk to me. It is a story of what is wrong with a shrine maiden talking with the god they worship, but there are still many people who are very sly trying to gain her favor.


「 What is it?I’ll support Rione in whatever she wants to do. That’s what I’m here for 」


「 I wanted to go around the Beastman Kingdom. I know it sounds like a big deal, but it’s called public inspection. I myself haven’t left New Kathra at all, so I have no idea what this country has to offer. Furthermore, I think if I can learn more about the country with my own eyes, I can use it in my political work 」


「 I mean, really, Rione, you’re too much of a diligent person 」


I pushed her shoulder a little harder.


「 Ah, that hurts a little, husband.……」


「 If it hurts, it means you’re tired. It’s definitely a still a little stiff as I work on it~. But the public inspection would also mean that you are going on a trip, so I guess it’s not so that badbad 」


「 Isn’t it!I’m looking forward to it, too.」


 The mirror in the room shows Rione’s face and mine. But if anyone else were to look at us, they would only see Rione.


「 Um, can my husband come with me too…..?」


「 Of course. I’m the only one who can protect Rione if something happens to her, and I’m worried because we’re going outside the capital of New Kathra 」


In general, a husband who doesn’t worry about his/her wife’s long trips is not a good one.


「 I’m glad……」


 Rione seemed to be deeply relieved. Rione was still overly cautious of me, though that was partly because of the relationship between God and Humans.


「 And …… I have one more favor to ask…….」


「 Come on, don’t be shy, say it. I want to fulfill Rione’s request as much as possible 」


「 I only want Husband Faltear to go with me……. I want only you, my husband to be with me alone…….」


「 Eh? Don’t you need a human escort or something?」


「 Oh, that’s not what I meant……. That …… I want the other gods to stay at home…….」


 It was then that I understood what Rione was trying to say.


 Also, I was kind of been neglecting her too.


「 Those Gods are indeed a handful to deal with. Sorry about that……」


「 No, that’s not it, my husband, it’s nothing for you to apologize for, and the gods have done nothing wrong.……」


「 But we did end up having less time alone together 」


 With a chuckle, Rione nodded.


 The other Gods are like her husband’s colleagues to Rione. It’s fine if the husband’s coworkers come to visit the house once in a while, but if they come every day, the wife won’t be happy. That’s just how it is.


「 Also, I’m hoping to make this a trip for my husband and I……」


「 Rione’s I’m feeling so pathetic that it’s starting to hurt!」


 And then I ended up hugging Rione tightly as a result.