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Chapter 28 – Traveling with Rione

TL: Yuki



Thus, the plan for the Ruler, Rione’s visit started.


Recently, the three high priestesses who serve under Rione have become strong, and with three of them, they are capable of acting as Rione’s subordinates.


 Nevertheless, when Rione told us about the plan, all three of them were quite confident in their ability to do political work, and their tails were wagging wildly from side to side. By the way, the groups was composed of two Cat People and one Dog People, all in their late teens.


 Some people think may think of a priestess as someone who is a servant of the goddess or a shaman, but their job is more like a minister. The fact that they let teenage girls do it is also unreasonable when you think about it, but this is a country with strong elements of ritualism and political unity.


 In the meantime, the ten stewards who held power in the kingdom’s parliament had also approved the excursion plan and, at Rione’s request, submitted a proposal for the inspection site.


 There was more variety than I expected, with some cities, some scenic spots, and some rural areas under development. The Congress took it very seriously.


 The date was successfully set, and Rione set out on her journey with her bodyguards.


 In addition, it is needless to say that I am with her. I’m sitting next to her in the carriage that Rione is riding in. The inside of the carriage is hidden from the outside by a curtain, so it is quite relaxing.


 The first city we visited was New Waddi, the second-largest city in the Beastman Kingdom.


If we ignore it, the residents might think 「 Why did you ignore it? You’re neglecting the dog people  」, so it is an appropriate choice.


It’s a city that’s like the heart and soul of the dog people, and since Rione is a cat person, she would like to show them that she also cares about them.


 The town of New Waddi was much more prosperous than it had been during my previous visits. In particular, the streets lined with stone buildings that are reminiscent of an ancient city.


 The discovery of quarries has certainly led to an increase in the number of stone structures, but this New Waddi was particularly solid.


「 This is great ……. New Kathra may not be so orderly compared to this 」


「 It really shows that the people of the Waddi Kingdom were skilled in stone processing. If there are more towns like this, the Beastman Kingdom will definitely continue to grow 」


The temple of Intanyu is a big part of the town’s history, but my temple was built as well, and I visited it with Rione. The representative priests and priestesses were in a state of panic because they don’t usually meet with their Ruler.


「 Thank you very much for making a visit at our place……」


「 We are truly honored!」


 The visit ended with the people on the other side bowing to Rione in such a manner. It was not about what the king may do when she came, but it was the fact that she came all the way to see them.


 Since we still have time, we will go to the next village today and spend the night there. It’s a small village called Morley, but it serves as a sort of relay station to the Seiran Valley.


 The dog-eared mayor of Morley also bowed, and when Rione spoke to him, he was so moved that he even shed a tear.


「 For the king herself come to this rural village……we are truly honored!」


There are no longer any cat people or dog people that conflict each other, and Rione is respected as the king, right? I was relieved to see her like this. At the same time, I realized something.


 Rione has somehow lost the clumsiness she had when she first became king, and has become a woman who is both innocent and divine.


 She still looks like a little girl, but anyone who sees her would think that she is a high-ranking official of some sort. She now naturally exudes such an air.


 Oh, and it’s not just that Rione’s surroundings have grown up enough to allow Rione to be in the line of duty. Rione herself is definitely stepping up as a Ruler. That’s what currently Rione is able to do as a king, and she is doing it because she can afford to do so.


「 I was so close to Rione that maybe I didn’t see what a wonderful woman she has becoming. I guess there’s such a thing about being too close 」


「 I’m not really that great though. There is still so much that I don’t know. That’s why I planned to go on this trip 」


 Rione absolutely never boast about her achievement. She’s still the same as usual.


 From my point of view, it’s only been a short time since the Beastman Kingdom was established, but this country is changing rapidly. And for the better.


 In five or more years, we’ll be a stable enough country where no one will be able to complain. If we were facing the ocean, we might have had beastmen come from different continents or something. There are many areas where beastmen are oppressed, so there must be a value in living with a strong community.


The day was more productive than I had imagined.


 That day, I joined Rione in bed. Normally she would sleep in my temple, but we were traveling. It’s a common ritual for maidens to sleep with the gods, and it’s not that embarrassing.


「 Thanks for your help today, Rione 」


「 It was a great harvest. I hope to see many more sights tomorrow 」


Rione smiled as she look at me.


If you think about it, only a god can talk to Rione casually.


「 th, then……」


 Rione gently squeezed my hand beside her.


「 I’m, I’m really glad to be sleeping, w, with my husband……」


「 But you gave me a lap pillow before, right 」


「 That, that was something else, okay 」


 Gods doesn’t have to sleep, so I waited quietly until Rione fell asleep.


 May Rione sleep peacefully and have a good dream today.