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Chapter 29 – Second Day of the Inspection

TL: Yuki



Second day of the inspection. Rione and I walked from the village of Morley into the Seiran Valley.


This is a deep canyon formed by a fast-flowing river cutting through the mountains. It is a long stretch of spectacular scenery. It is probably the most scenic spot in the Beastman Kingdom.


This place was chosen for one reason: to entertain Rione. It’s a view you’ll never get to see in the capital.


「 This is the first time I’ve seen such an amazing view in my life!」


 Rione walked along the scenic route, protected by a squad of guards, overlooking the spectacular scenery from above. There are no fences, so you have to be careful because if you step off the path, you’ll fall right into the river. Naturally, there are guards on the outer side to keep us from falling in.


「 That’s good, Rione, because you’re not in a position to do any sightseeing as you pleased, you should enjoy it!」


  Rione looks at me strangely when I talk to her all the time, so when other people are around, I talk to her closely.


On the other hand, Rione also verbalizes what sounds like a personal opinion to me.


「 I have never seen such a fast flowing river before. It’s more like a waterfall than a river. Especially, the sound of the river water hitting the stones is very powerful! 」


 This is meant to be a conversation with me, and it could also be a conversation with one of our many other companions. There are some inconveniences, but I’m just happy that we’re traveling together.


 The local officials and Rione were talking about the need for lodgings to make the area more touristy, and the need to make people aware of the dangers of wandering off the beaten path.


 Once the country becomes a bit more stable, there will be more movement around the country to improve tourism.


 However, Rione came to this valley not only to think about tourism. There is another industry here that is extremely important to the Beastman Kingdom.


 That’s the quarry.


 Rione was to visit one of the quarries.


 However, since there is a risk of accidents in such places, we can only visit places where safety is almost assured.


 In the Seiran Valley, pumice tuff, a stone that is very suitable for processing, can be found. In the past, the Dog People who lived in the Waddi Kingdom took notice of this land, quarried and transported more and more stone to be used.


So how do we carry the stones? We use the fast flowing river to force them downstream. At least it’s much easier option than carrying them overland.


 The quarries in the Seiran Valley have given the city a majestic appearance with their magnificent stone buildings. The quarry will continue to play an active role in the development of the Beastman Kingdom.


「 It’s so cool inside the quarry 」


「 The inside of a coal mine can be as cool as this too. Especially in summer, you will be surprised at how cool it is. But the temperature can change very rapidly, so be careful not to catch a cold 」


 If it were just the two of us, Rione would probably say, 「 Yes, I’ll be careful, Danna-sama 」 but that’s not going to happen now that there are people to guide us.


While inside, Rione asked the guide questions like, 「 How many people are working here? 」 or 「 Have there been any accidents? I’ve heard that there are some people that die in quarries.」 and so on.


 The guide replied that, in a nutshell, the dangers of the quarry are great. You are quarrying a stone that is so big that it can easily crush you. If you were to fall, you would die instantly.


 The reason why everyone is still working so hard is not only because it pays the bills, but also because they can clearly see that this work is helping to develop the Beast Kingdom. After all, It is hard to continue a job that is not all that rewarding.


「 I wish you all the best in your endeavors 」


 Rione concluded by saying so.


Rione may not have been aware of it, but the workers at the quarry were clearly excited that their royalty had come to see them.


 The fact that those in charge was coming meant that it was worth it. To theme, this not just a sight seeing tour after all.


We continued through the Seiran Valley, where there are quarries, and spent the night in a village called Helka.


The village chief here was also nervous about Rione’s arrival.


「 We, we are extremely honored to be at your presence…… Eventually, we would like to develop this village as place for lodging and……. 」


The chief of the fox tribe couldn’t even look at Rione’s face properly.


「 Chief-san, why did you decide to establish a village here?」


「 I, I used to be a trader …… and used this Seiran valley as a pass through, but almost no one lived here, so I had to camp out…… I thought that if there was an inn here, it would surely be useful for many people……. As I was getting old and the work of the merchants was becoming more difficult, I took the opportunity to start a settlement here!」


「 I really respect that feeling 」


 Rione replied with a smile.


「 It’s a great honor!」


 The village had just been established, and the population was still small, but the village head took advantage of the fact that he was originally a merchant and had his friends who were merchants bring in the daily necessities. This made the inconveniences much easier to bear.


Eventually, the village chief said, he would like to increase the number of inns and make it a major route for travelers. Rione also said that the Beast Kingdom would be grateful if a road could be built, and would like to support it as much as possible.


 I’m in Rione’s bed that night as well.


 By the way, I took a look at my temple, but it was still just a shrine. I don’t feel like sleeping there.


「 It’s not a very big bed, so it’s a bit cramped. 」


「 No, I’m happy about this because it makes me feel closer to my husband…….」


 It was the second day, but Rione was still embarrassed.


 I’m not completely shy either, so I can’t speak for others.


「 I learned a lot of things about myself that I didn’t know by doing this inspection. I’m really glad I did it. 」


「 I agree. I also discovered a lot. 」


 The Beast Kingdom is growing even outside New Kathra. Although one won’t know that until they actually go outside of New Kathra.


「 And also…… I’m really enjoying this trip, because I’m with my husband……」


「 So, let’s continue to go on our merry way. 」


「 Yes……」


 That day, Rione held my hand as she fell asleep.