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Chapter 30 – Return of the God and King

TL: Yuki



The inspection continued, and a week later, Rione returned to New Kathra.


The priestesses, priests, and stewards greeted the returning Rione at the entrance to New Kathra. It was a surprise that Rione had not been told about.


「 I’m sorry you had to go through all this trouble for me. ……」


 Rione had tears in her eyes at the hospitality. No matter how many years she had been a king, she is always pure-hearted in this way. I guess the reason why everyone is willing to do this for the king is because they are attracted to her pure heart.


 I am one of them. Rione doesn’t seem to have lost her edge at all, but she’s still a little girl.


 That is very important. I don’t want to be in the company of people who give off an air of 「 I’ve already figured out how the world works 」. At any rate, I’m a God, and I’m not going to be able to stand the sight of someone with such an air of authority.


At this rate, it looks like Rione will still be able to make it as a Miko King for the time being. The public’s support seems to be very high. In fact, now that she’s finished her tour, I’m sure her support from the provinces will go up as well.


 And I was greeted with a welcome on my end as well.


The Gods were lined up next to the group Rione welcoming.


「 Hey, Faltear, did you do a good job~?」


 Intanyu is waving her hands. Her dog ears are also twitching.


「 It’s only been a week. Isn’t that reaction a bit of an exaggeration?」


「 , no, no. Still, you’ve never been this far away from New Kathra before, have you? Something may have happened to you. I’m at least a little curious about it. 」


Celude is giggling for some reason.


「 Intan-san, weren’t you saying something like 『 It’s lonely in New Kathra without her 』 or 『 When is she going to come back 』 didn’t you. Aren’t you just feeling lonely without her, Intan-san……cute……」


「 Naa! Don’t say weird things like that! that is, I mean…… I’m not trying to compliment you or anything! Also, I’m not trying to flatter you!」


「 Eh, Intanyu, is that so?」


「 No! I’m not lonely without you……. No, I’m a little lonely, but that’s just normal…….」


「 Alright, alright, thank you, thank you 」


 I put my hand on Intanyu’s head.


「 Stop it! Don’t treat me like a child! 」


「 But, Intan-san, your tail is honest. If it twitches up and down like that, it means you’re happy.」


 It is true that that is the way her tail reacts. I think.


「 Hey, don’t look at me weirdly! I didn’t mean it to be that way…… I didn’t!」


Although Intanyu complained, she still hugged me after. So, which one is it?


Hortensia was watching us from a distance, watching us with some trepidation.


「 Th, Thank you for your hard work!」


「 Hortensia-kun, you are just making me look like a bad person…….」


You see, for some reason, in the country I was in, they told people who were released from prison to thank them for their service.


「 Then……Faltear Onee-chan, welcome back!」


Wait, you are already treating me as a big sister? But that’s okay, I don’t mind having a cute little brother like Hortensia. No, I’d rather have a sister……? Well either one is fine……..


「 I’m back~ Onee-chan is back home~」


 This time I hugged Hortensia. He’s so small! He’s so cute!


「 Hortensia, who I haven’t seen in a week, seems even cuter than before.」


「 U, ugh, for some reason I’m having mixed feelings about this……」


「 That child was waiting for you more earnestly than usual. Always murmuring 『 Is Onee-chan alright…… I wonder if any strange gods are messing with her or something……』 and so on 」


「 Ah! You promised not to tell her!」


Celude snitched on him once again.


「 Celude will take the initiative if she thinks it will be fun. When you have a weakness like that, it’s already your loss. 」


 「 I’m glad to see that you know me as well as I know you, Faltear. I’m glad to hear that.」


「 I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of your behavioral patterns. Tricksters, I guess you’d call them. It’s not hard to see why, since gods like that appear in mythology from time to time. 」


 Celude is basically a criminal of amusement. If a person has a strange belief, she may do something irreversible, but if she is watched properly, she is not that scary.


「 That’s right. You didn’t do anything stupid while I was gone for a week, did you?」


 I look at the gods who became my housekeeper.


  Humans don’t try to do anything so outrageous. But when it comes to gods, it’s a different story. They can influence humans with just one oracle.


 However, Hortensia is not the kind of person who would do such a thing, so the problem is really with the other two.


「 You’re a skeptic as always. I didn’t do anything. The events of the past week are recorded by the priest’s scribe, so you can read them. 」


 For the purpose of making history books, a person who is appointed as a scribe among the priests in this country writes down what is happening. It is said that if you write a lie, you will be scolded by the gods (Intanyu had warned them about this several times before), so unless there is something wrong, the facts will be written down.


「 You don’t have to worry so much about it, because the well-being of New Kathra is in our interest as well. You can trust us on that.」


Celude said to me with a serious face. That’s true. If there is a unity of interest in God, then there is no problem, right?


「 Okay, okay. Nothing that weird is going to happen, right?」


Although I said so at the time, I still decided to look at the clerk’s records that night.


 Celude looked serious than usual for some reason after all.


 I can’t help but feel like she was trying to hide something…….


 Then, I found the following description.


『 On that day, I received a message from the god of commerce, Celude. The god of commerce, Celude, told us to offer more food from different continents called aburage. Most of the citizens did not know what aburage was. Only the merchants in the southern kingdom of Lafayette know about it. The priest decides to purchase the aburage for the donations. 』


「 Oiー!」


 I urgently told him that he should not spend too much money on Aburage, and that he should buy it within a reasonable range. I also told Celude that she should be scolded later for her excessive goofiness.


 And so I really scolded her.


「 You……why are you always doing unreasonable things like this……?」


「 You know, aburage is really delicious, right? If you know how delicious it is, you’ll be captivated by it, too!」


「 That’s not the point!」


 In the end, I lectured Celude for about an hour.