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Chapter 32 – Meeting on what to do with Rumors

TL: Yuki



I want the problems of foreign countries to be dealt with by foreign countries. It is in the best interest of the Beast Kingdom to stay out of unnecessary matters as much as possible.


「 Of course, we have no intention of asking you to send reinforcements. In the first place, even though we are in a neighboring country, there is a wilderness between Count Roquon’s territory and the Beastman Kingdom that is barely inhabited. We, too, came here after camping out in fear of being eaten by wolves…… 」


That’s what the bunny-eared messenger said in his defense.


We can see from this story that there is a large buffer between us and the neighboring countries.


I wonder how far the Lafayette Kingdom to  recognizes us as a neighboring country. I have my doubts about it.


「 I’m sorry to cut you off. So, why did you come to our country in the first place? 」


「 Yes…… You may think this as a bit of an inconvenience but……we want the people of Count Roquon to be accepted as immigrants if possible…… 」


Even some participants in the room were puzzled.


This was because it was such a big deal.


「 The Count’s territory itself……? Then again, are we going to be expecting hundreds of people……? 」


Rione’s eyes blinked, as she hadn’t expected this.


「 The current population of the Count’s territory is about 40,000. It is located in the northern frontier of the kingdom, so the population is not that large. In addition, it is hard to imagine that all the people will emigrate, and the number of expected immigrants will probably be around 30,000 at most. 」


That’s 30,000 people! Lets see, what’s the current population of New Kathra, the capital? It’s probably between three and four thousand. The population of the entire Beastman Kingdom is still unknown. There are a lot of people coming in from outside, so we don’t really know.


Even if the population is roughly 100,000 people, a 30% increase of the total population would be too sudden.


The impact would be so great that it’s hard to imagine what will happen……


「 Wait a minute! Even if you want to move here, we can’t afford to have that many people in New Kathra, our capital city! It’s okay if it’s done gradually, but if it’s done suddenly, I think the people who are already living here will complain! 」


It seems that the risk of the change is too high for Rione to accept. That’s not something even I can take for granted.


「 I understand the feelings of the Beastman Kingdom side. We are hoping that we can lease some of the land that is left over and settle there. In addition, the head of the family, Calmia La Vianta, is willing to swear allegiance to the king. Of course, she is aware that the titles and other positions she held in the Rafayette Kingdom may become useless over here. 」


「 So you’re saying that if they accept you as a citizen of the Beast Kingdom, that’s all that matters? 」


「 Yes, your highness. We would be satisfied if we could have a third option, instead of abandoning our faith or dying for our faith…… Please grant us your pardon…… 」


Since there is still no one in the Beast Kingdom who is skilled at negotiating in such situations, everyone is looking down. I guess they think it would be a bad idea to ask Rione for her opinion.


「 I would like to make a conclusion through negotiations on the side of the Beast Kingdom. Please give me three days to do so. It’s not as if the Count’s territory will be in the line of fire within a few days, is it? 」


「 Yes…… I’m sure they’re trying to buy time by offering the kingdom a glimpse of rejection to our faith…… I think we can extend it a bit more. However, it’s not like the people can be relocated right away, and we would appreciate it if you would allow us to move as soon as possible…… 」


「 I understand the situation you are in. We will make a decision at an urgent meeting, so please hold on. 」


The messengers were taken to the guest quarters.


「 Shall we have a meeting first…… Regardless of how it is done, I think we have to give an answer soon…… 」


Rione, this is quite a big deal handle……


「 Celude, what do you think you would do? 」


I don’t have any experience in this area, so I can’t read the appropriate measures. I’m fine with gradual immigration, but I never envisioned it coming on this scale.


「 Why don’t you say you will accept them, but make the places you offer to move to very uninhabitable? Many people will give up on the idea of moving, so I’m not sure if it will have much of an impact. 」


「 Are you a Demon 」


「 No, I am a God 」


But this is definitely not a problem that can be solved with kindness alone……


「 Why don’t we wait and see what the people here decide before we give them an answer? Actually, we might come up with a good idea at the meeting. 」


Let’s take Intanyu’s word for it. Besides, it is the people, especially the beastmen, who will decide the future of the country.


However, there was no quick solution.


This was a matter that none of us had any experience with or expertise in. There was no way we could come up with a good opinion.


However, I don’t know how serious everyone was, but they were all willing to give their opinions a try.


Opinion 1: Get rid of it and ignore it.


It’s awful, but it’s the easiest choice. It is safe to say that we should let other countries deal with their own affairs and not get involved.


There were some objections to this.


First of all, there was the opinion that from a humanitarian standpoint, it would be wrong for the Beastman Kingdom not to extend a helping hand to the beastmen who were suffering.


Yes, it is a question of whether it is right for a kingdom that calls itself the Beastman Kingdom to make the decision not to accept beastmen from other countries.


There was also an opinion that it was not a good idea to throw away such an opportunity from the start, since the country’s strength would increase as its population increased.


At the very least, there will be an increase in the labor force, and it would be a good thing if cities were born out of it.


However, there was also a fear that if a big city were to be established, it would take over the country. There are too many of them, and they are just a complete mystery to us.


Opinion 2 Give them the land south of Kingdom and accept them.


The objection raised here is that they might still try to take over the region after leaving it behind. It is still questionable whether the people of the Count’s domain can rush to New Kathra en masse to help in its defense if the kingdom did continue its march.


Opinion 3: Talk them over to the Kingdom of Rafayette as a Sign of Peace


In other words, by interfering in the internal affairs of the kingdom with all our might, we can create a situation where the bunny-eared beastmen don’t have to leave their land.


Some people disagreed that this was too idealistic, but others thought that even if it was impossible, it would be a good idea because it would be a formal attempt to help the beastmen. So that’s one way of thinking about it.


After all, we couldn’t reach a consensus on the first day, and the meeting was dispersed.


This is going to be really tough……