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Chapter 33 – Meetings between Gods

TL: Yuki



Even among the gods, it was hard to reach a consensus.


After the human meeting, the gods met in my temple.


「 For the sake of the Beastmen Kingdom, we should leave this place alone. 」


Intanyu concluded.


「 If you carelessly get involved, nothing good will come of it. Besides, if the Count’s territory disappears, refugees may come to our land anyway. If that’s the case, why don’t we protect the ones who escaped at that time? It would be a shame to move now and have the Rafayette Kingdom resent us. 」


「 I see…… Thanks for the input…… 」


The reason why Intanyu answered with a blank look on her face was because she didn’t feel comfortable leaving a person in need to die, and of course I understand Intanyu’s opinion……


「 Faltear, I know this is hard, but you must be patient here. We are the gods of the Beastman Kingdom. You should not do anything that is detrimental to the Beastmen Kingdom. Think carefully about which god you are. 」


「 Un, that’s right…… 」


There is no clear answer to this problem, so someone has to compromise somewhere. It’s no wonder the atmosphere is like this.


「 Um……We should just check the lands south of the kingdom to see if there are any candidates for migration…… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt…… 」


This time, Hortensia expressed his opinion.


「 What is it? Are you in favor of migration? 」


Intanyu looked at Hortensia with a pouting face.


「 No……that’s not necessarily the case, and I haven’t come to any conclusions yet,……but if the territory disappears, there may be refugees from there, and no matter what conclusions I come to, I think it’s good to be ready to move people right away…… 」


「 I see. I guess I should do what I can do now first. Hortensia, good point! 」


I patted him on the head. That’s a pretty constructive idea.


I’ll have to ask the other one for her opinion as well. I have a feeling she’s going to say something terrible, though.


「 Celude, you’re so quiet, don’t you have anything to say? 」


「 Fufufu, I do have something in mind. 」


Celude brought her long fluffy tail in front of her and groomed it.


「 If there are any of our followers in the Count’s territory, we can use our power there to help them. 」


「 Eh, Celude, you want to help people!? 」


I was afraid that she was going to say something worse than that, but she was very sincere. I’m sure I’ll be in the majority if I say I want to help the people with bunny ears.


「 If we can help the beastmen with rabbit ears there, they will be inclined to believe in us. We’ll be able to gain a lot of followers at once. If we do well, we can even take over their faith in the god Eunosis. 」


「 I knew it, you were planning something terrible again! 」


But  that indeed is even more clever and beneficial than just leaving it alone.


「 What’s so terrible about that? If believers are about to be driven out of the country and nothing is being done about it, then the God Eunosis is not doing its job. If something is not worth believing in, it becomes impossible to believe in, that’s all. 」


Ugh, I think I’m going to lose even if I attacked with the right arguments……


「 And faith is not a utilitarian thing, is it? God isn’t something you choose based on whether it’s useful or not. I think it’s something more noble.…… 」


「 Isn’t it also undeniable that it is arrogant of God to ask us to have faith in something that is obviously meaningless? I think it’s a natural thing for people to pray to a god who might be able to help them. 」


I was told with a smug look on her face.


「 That’s, well, that’s just how thing are, right?…… 」


If a people cannot be saved by their gods, they will be scattered and the faith that existed in them will disappear. Since ancient times, there have been many peoples who have disappeared and many gods who have disappeared.


「 If there is political turmoil in a region like the southern tip of the Rafayette Kingdom, there is a danger that it will spread to the Beastman Kingdom as well. If that’s the case, I think it’s not a bad idea for us to intervene, and I’m sure Faltear-san would like to do the same. 」


「 Uugh…… 」


「 Faltear-san is the only one who hasn’t given me a clear opinion yet. 」


「 Well, about that…… I feel bad about leaving them to die.…… 」


「 That’s why, I’ve been telling you, we are only gods of the Beast Kingdom! That kind of do-it-all attitude is not good! Think about your priorities! Gah! 」


Intanyu’s tail is swinging from side to side. This is pretty much a bad mood. It’s not that she’s really mad, but she has a short temper and there are times when she snaps from it, the way she did before with Hortensia-kun.


「 You are quite aware of what is right as a god! If their God had asked for help, I would have considered it! 」


After saying all that, they went poof, and they’re out of here.


「 I’m getting frustrated, so I’m going back to my temple! I’ll come back later when I’ve cooled down! 」


You say you’re going to cool yourself down. Does that mean that she is alright with that……


「 Inta-san, if you clash with Faltear-san too much, she’ll lose her good opinion of you! 」


For a moment, Intanyu stopped in her tracks.


「 God of Fox Ears, don’t spout out words you don’t mean! 」


「 Faltear-san, it’s okay. She’s just sulking because she’s in the minority. She’s just a tsundere. She’ll come back again. 」


「 Celude, stop saying that to Intanyu while she can hear you…… It’ll be hard for her to get back…… 」


I can’t see Intanyu’s face, but her tail is wagging excessively.


「 Don’t joke around in the middle of a serious conversation, you idiot! I won’t make it up to you until you say you’re sorry! I’m serious! 」


Intanyu was about to leave.


But around the entrance of the temple, I heard Intanyu say, Uwah!


She then quickly came back towards us.


「 Inta-san, you’re back before the tongue is even out of your mouth. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? 」


A giggle escaped from Celude.


「 That doesn’t matter now! There’s something strange in front of the temple! 」


Eh? What is it this time?