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Chapter 34 – Rabbit Ear God Eunosis

TL: Yuki



We all gathered together and went to the front of the temple.


A child who looked like a Deity was standing alone under the eaves.


A Deity can tell immediately if they are dealing with an ordinary human or another Deity.


The child had rabbit ears, but they were hanging down. That means there’s a pretty good chance it’s the god worshiped in Count Roquon’s territory.


「 Awww……what should I do now…… 」


He seemed to be looking away and looking quite dejected. Well, I don’t think it’s possible to be cheerful in a situation like this.


「 Um, who are might our guest be……? 」


I called out to him from behind. If she’s here, it probably means she’s here to meet us.


「 Awawawa! 」


I guess she was surprised, but only then did his ears poke upward. Then, the ears flopped down again.


「 Could, could it be that you are the god of this country?……? 」


「 Yes, I am Faltear, the patron god of the New Kathra Beast Kingdom. 」


Following that, the remaining three greeted after.


「 I am the God Eunosis, worshipped in the northern kingdom of Rafayette…… pleased to make your acquaintance…… 」


「 I thought so. I know you’re in a lot of distress, and I’m here to listen about your current circumstance. For now, come in. 」


「 I thank you take you for the offer…… 」


Eunosis entered the temple in a rather low-spirited manner.


Intanyu silently blurted out 「 You’re quite a gloomy one, aren’t ya…… I don’t think you’d be capable of giving blessings to humans. 」.


「 Hey! You didn’t have to say that! 」


「 Hey, why are we whispering so quietly. 」


「 I’ll apologize later for saying something so rude, so just shut up for now…… 」


Geez! she can hear you two, you know!


「 I have very good hearing.…… And, well, what she said was indeed true…… I’m sorry for being gloomy…… 」


I think we may have another problem child on our hands……


Eunosis then started to talking about his plight in a gloomy voice.


「 In the Kingdom of Rafayette, my faith is currently regarded as paganism……The effects of this are beginning to be felt throughout Count Roquon’s domain.…… Right now, I don’t think those followers are going to be burned to death or anything immediately when known, it’s just that…… 」


He said she had a good ear, but his voice was so muffled that I had to be very close to hear him well.


「 Still, if things continued as they were, it might lead to the exile of the La Vianta family, the Count, and the execution of the believers…… After much deliberation, I decided to follow the messenger to this city called New Kathra. 」


God cannot exert his power where she is not believed in, and since Eunosis is not believed in in this country, she came along with his messenger.


「 Eh~, I mean, ehem… 」


Intanyu cleared his throat, as if she had something to say.


「 I understand you’re in trouble, but you’re the very god of Roquon, aren’t you? So why don’t you talk to the people in the kingdom and tell them that you’ll curse anyone who treats you like a pagan? 」


Intanyu has a rather aggressive personality, so she suggests that if you get hit, hit back. She’s not off the mark, though.


「 That’s because…… my sphere of belief is fixed in the vicinity of Roquon ….. and there are almost no believers in other areas……. So I couldn’t warn anyone in their dreams. …… 」


「 The Kingdom of Rafayette is a vast place, and it’s a collection of several nations. It is inevitable that their beliefs are so different from each other. 」


Celude added.


「 Then you should appeal to your followers…… they believe in you. If you do this, you may be able to unite the people. The people are wondering what they should do. It is God’s job to give them an answer! 」


「 Yes, I did appeal to some priests in my dreams.…… but, I don’t know what to do, though. I’m in trouble. That’s why I’m asking for help―― 」


Intanyu flipped backwards.


「 You’re an idiot! The people already know how hard the situation is! If their God asks them for help, they’ll be in even more trouble, too! At least be a little more specific with you are asking help for! 」


「 Bu, but……I don’t even know what to do…… 」


「 Intanyu, you have to be more gentle with her! She’s going to cry! 」


「 Alright, I’ll stop…… Sorry, that was careless of me…… 」


Intanyu, in her own way, is making an effort to be more careful.


「 For now, tell us your doctrines and rituals in detail. 」


「 Doctrines and rituals? 」


「 That’s right. In the first place, there must be some reason why the religion was treated as pagan. If you can find out the reason, you may be able to convince them to change their rituals or come up with a compromise plan. 」


That’s true, too. Let’s have a thorough interview first, and then come up with countermeasures.


「 The reason it was deemed pagan was actually very simple…… 」


Eunosis blushed for some reason.


「 What is it? Can you tell us. 」


「 About three times a year, Roquon celebrates with my festival…… Not only will there be many stalls, but there will even be gondolas parading around the town 」


「 Hmmm, that’s good. That’s good. 」


「 But that’s just the front……They’ve been hiding in various places and quietly holding the main festival so far. 」


「 The main festival? What’s that about? 」


「 Do, do I really have to tell everyone……? 」


「 If you don’t tell us that, we won’t know why you’re being treated like a pagan. 」


Eunosis’ ears are drooping more than ever. It’s like she’s already like a real rabbit when she’s like this.


「 Men and women in the temple……Going around in circles……Take off their clothes one by one……Then, they hugged each other…… 」


「 This is really shameless!」


Intanyu’s face turned red.


I couldn’t be normal about this, either…… It’s pretty extreme stuff……。


「 Ah, I also understand this feeling very well…… 」


Hortensia, you shouldn’t have bothered to tell us.


Only Celude would say, 「 Oh, you’re that type. I see, I see. I’m glad I’m not the type to sacrifice people 」 she said calmly.