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Chapter 35 – As God, I will Help


TL: Yuki



I now understand why Eunosis was not able to speak about it, and why it was about to be banned.


「 Of course, it was not announced to the public. It was only the children of priests, royalty, and town officials who participated.…… But it seems that people who believe in other gods happened to be mixed in with them…… because of that, they were accused of committing crimes…… 」


Unexpectedly, they submitted a lot of evidence, and when they found out that the Count’s family was also a part of it, the kingdom of Rafayette decided to treat it as a religion of lewdness and paganism.


Since the religion was only practiced in a small area, there was almost no one to defend it, and it was likely to be banned.


「 If the two of them were still secretly mingling…  I’d have an excuse, but… this means that they’re probably just doing whatever they want……right? It’s no wonder they call it a public disorder.…… 」


Intanyu looks more embarrassed than Eunosis who is directly involved.


「 Let’s see……The only way to clear this up is to get rid of the lewdness is to ask for forgiveness…… right? I’m sure there would be a rather easy solution. 」


「 No, well, the reason why the Eunosis religion evolved from that of festival song…… is from the power of unbridled sexuality, all other doctrines are made, frankly, only out of guesswork…… 」


Why is such a shy girl playing the god of this religion…… I don’t think even I’m cut out for this.


「 『 Warmth 』『 Cold 』 is a doctrinal content that explains many things with the dualism of the two sexes, but it’s also originally a metaphor for men and women.…… So the priest also says that when those two are combined into one, it brings you closer to God, or something like that. That’s why the root is sexual, so it’s all supposed to be lewd……There’s no way out of this… 」


This is pretty much a no-win situation.……


「 Perhaps the Eunosis religion has been practiced since very ancient times. At that time, reproduction itself was vaguely regarded as special or sacred, so there was little awareness that it was bad because it was lewd. Of course, they were aware that they shouldn’t do that kind of thing all the time, so they may have lifted the ban only during festivals. 」


Celude does a good job of explaining these things in a straightforward manner.


「 I see what you mean…… I know what you mean, but how can we solve this……? 」


「 At the very least, it would be impossible to get the kingdom to withdraw now. If they were forced to change their ways, they might, but with so few followers, the army that they can mobilize won’t be much. We can’t win. 」


「 Yes……At most, Roquon will only be able to mobilize 2,500 people…… We’ll never win.…… That’s why, I’m asking for help…… 」


However, we can’t send troops from the Beastman Kingdom to such a distant place, and we don’t want to start a full-scale war with the Rafayette Kingdom.


If that’s the case, the only way out is for them to emigrate……


「 In fact, the other day, Count Calmia La Vianta made a confession in my temple. He said that this was partly for political reasons, and partly as a ploy by the surrounding lords to bring down the La Vianta family. He said that he was going to abandon his identity and go into exile for the sake of his faith, and that he hoped that I would continue to watch over him. 」


「 From the sound of it, he’s a very respectable head of the family. 」


「 So I thought about where I could escape to, and I came to the conclusion that the Beastman Kingdom was the only place I could go…… 」


If the region is on the northern edge of the kingdom, it would make sense to flee further north.


Now, it’s time to formulate an opinion, even a tentative one.


「 Hey, Intanyu, you said earlier, that if their God asked for help from me, then I can consider it. 」


I asked Intanyu, who was against accepting refugees.


「 Ugh…… about that……I didn’t think their God would really come…… 」


「 You can’t use that excuse. Because that would mean that God lied without hesitation. Isn’t that a shameful thing for a god to do? 」


We should be able to corner Intanyu like this.


「 Kuh……I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt by saying explaining the situation…… 」


Intanyu’s shoulders slumped.


However, since the god himself came to us somehow, Intanyu would have reached out to her. Intanyu is not so easy-going as to turn her back when a Deity arrives to ask for help. Just a little more persuasion is needed.


「 ――So, I’d like to think about the situation as the god of this place, with the intention of accepting immigrants, though I’ll need to consult at what scale the movement will be and other stuff. 」


「 Oh, thank you very much! 」


Eunosis bowed her head several times on the spot. She bowed her head a little too quickly, though.


「 Oh, but you see, not all the problems have been solved yet. I’m only the guardian deity of the Beast Kingdom, so I want to respect the conclusions of my people, except for the ones that are clearly wrong. 」


「 which reminds me……they still haven’t responded to the messenger, have they?…… 」


Eunosis’s face darkens again. Well, that’s just the way it is.


「 If, but the Beast Kingdom will not officially accept immigrants, those who believe in Eunosis will be executed――If they decide to do that, there’s nothing we can do about it. 」


「 I’m afraid that if I’m only told about the obscene elements, I might be judged as such.…… 」


I’d like to say that’s overthinking it, but depending on how it’s conveyed, there may be some rejection.


「 Then send a messenger with an oracle telling him to be honest and tell the truth. It’s better than finding out later that you’re doing something indecent. The problem is obvious, so it’s better to be open about it. You can’t make a worse impression than that. 」


「 I understand. I’m on the brink of whether my faith will remain, so I’ll make an effort! 」


Sounds like you’re up for it.


「 Then, I and Hortensia-kun will discuss where it would be the most appropriate place for you to settle. The people of the Beastman Kingdom aren’t that familiar with the geography of the south. 」


I’m glad that Celude is there to help me with these administrative matters.


「 Un, please take care of me! 」