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Chapter 36 – A respectable Head of State

TL: Yuki



I dropped by the shrine maiden’s room – that is, Rione’s room – after the evening meeting.


The High Priestess, who is a close associate of Rione, was there and was talking with Rione. It seems that the Roquon problem is still going on.


There were quite a few books on the subject. Apparently, they’ve collected as much as they could from the library.


Now was not the right time to talk to her, so I watched from a distance. Perhaps Rione hasn’t noticed me yet.


「  Then the next one, Aevia, please. 」


The high priestess with the dog ears nodded.


「 According to a merchant from the Kingdom of Rafayette, the land of the Count of Roquon was in conflict with the Lords of the East and West. So, it seems that the strategy of the East and West lords to disqualify him was set in motion, and it was more effective than I had imagined. 」


After all, there is an aspect of political conflict. Political and religious issues are always mixed together. And the more they mix, the bigger they get, until they become unstoppable.


「 It seems that the lords of the east and west did not expect that the inhabitants of the faithful would be expelled, and they are asking the kingdom if they can get away with expelling only the count, but it seems that the royal capital has decided to keep them all out, and it will be difficult to change. 」


f the people were to disappear, the value of Roquon’s land would also decline. The lords of the East and West would understandably panic.


「 What are the chances that the opinions of the lords of the East and West will be accepted? 」


Rione asks Aevia.


「 I don’t think there is much hope. The kingdom’s influence is stronger in the southern part of the kingdom on the seaside, while the northern part is often neglected. It will be very difficult to change this now that the country has decided to treat it as an evil religion. 」


I guess you could say it’s all water under the bridge.


「 Um, the first priestess. 」


So that’s what Rione is called. The cat-eared high priestess called out to her. The high priestess is a small girl of about fifteen. Her name is Teeto.


「 Why don’t you ask our guardian deity for help? What is the best thing to do is beyond human comprehension, isn’t it…… 」


She sometimes talks with a 「 Nya 」

 sound in her voice.


When in doubt, turn to God. I know it’s hard for a country that has almost no experience in dealing with diplomatic issues. Even if we wanted to learn from history, the Beast Kingdom doesn’t have that history.


The other two maidens also recommended that idea, saying it was a good idea and that they would be happy to hear about it.


If you ask me, I’ll help you to the best of my ability. My mission is not to put people through trials.


「 No, we won’t be doing that. 」


Rione said in a firm voice.




Could it be that I’m being avoided……?


Was it annoying because I was following her around so much. ……?


「 Everyone, it is true that we were able to create a nation with the guidance of our guardian god, Faltear. However, has there ever been a time when a nation that relied on God for all of its decisions became a great nation? 」


Rione looks at his subordinate high priestesses one by one and speaks to them as if teaching them a lesson.


「 If you really have no choice but to throw everything at God from the beginning, we are being reliant on them. When we rely too much on our God, there will be no future for this country. 」


The high priestesses listened intently to Rione’s words.


「 In the past, when there was really nothing we could do, God would show us their power and open the way for us. First, let’s think of all the things that we can do with our own hands. This country is young, but because it is young, we need to be willing to grow 」


「 I was wrong. I’m sorry for not realizing! 」


Teeto bowed her head. The other two apologized as well.


「 There is no need to apologize. It is our job in this forum to voice our opinions. 」


Rione smiled and addressed the three of them.


I was surprised.


Rione, you’ve grown so much……


God is the one who watches over the growth of people. A country is not something that God should manipulate. This is my stance. Rione clearly understands this idea.


Hmmm, no, that’s not it.


This is not just me expressing my opinion. This is not just my opinion, this is Rione’s opinion after absorbing my thoughts. So, all these words were created from scratch by Rione.


Whenever I am with Rione, she tends to be reserved with me. I’ve always seen Rione like that, but Rione is the head of state of this country.


And Rione is also learning exactly how to be a head of state.


Her appearance is immortal and unchanged due to her position as my wife, but mentally, Rione is very mature.


I’d like to go around telling people that I’m proud of her. I have almost no one to go around telling people that.


They continued to discuss how to deal with the situation for a long time.


To be frank, I’m not sure if it was a perfect discussion. There were too many restrictions to begin with. I am sure that there is not much information coming in, and not much information that we could obtain. If you don’t have much information, you have to make up for it with your imagination. That imagination is always out of sync with reality most of the time, though.


For example, it was estimated that the Rafayette Kingdom might send more than 50,000 troops to the Northern Federation alone.


That was an exaggeration; based on Roquon’s mobilization power and taking into account the surrounding area, it was more likely to be a little over ten thousand. In reality, it is more likely to be less.


Still, it’s never a bad idea to have a serious discussion of national issues like this.


No, every great country that has been around for a long time must have gone through a period like this in the beginning.


I was going to say, that it’s okay as a god if we are resolved to help the rabbit people, and that we’ll lend a hand properly – but let’s keep quiet about that for now.


I was going to say, God forbid, but I’ll lend a hand.


Perhaps, because the politicians are rational and sincere.


It was late at night and the meeting was finally over.


Rione took a bath, bathed her body in hot water, and immediately went to bed. I sat beside her and waited.


「 Good work. It’s been a long day. 」


「 Yes, sir. It’s a matter of national importance, after all. 」


Rione did not ask for help.


Hang in there, Rione.