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Chapter 38 – The King’s Rest

TL: Yuki



The day after we, the gods, decided on a potential migration site.


One decision was also made on the side of the Beast Kingdom.


「 All the people of the Beastman Kingdom understand the suffering of those who have been forced to leave their homeland. As long as the land in the south does not threaten the livelihood of the people of the Beastman Kingdom, we will allow the rabbit people living in Count Roquon’s territory to settle there. 」


Rione concluded by calling the messengers together again.


The messengers couldn’t help but break down in tears on the spot. They could see the possibility of keeping their religion and community alive. Barely had they been able to hold out hope.


「 Thank you very much! I will tell our Lord right away! 」


「 Yes, and I’ll also give you guys a simple map of potential settlements. 」


The map shows the names of several towns and villages like the one we took Eunosis to.


「 Um, excuse me, where is the Saatie desert? 」


「 Saatie desert? Why do you need to know about that place? 」


Rione made a suspicious expression when she heard the name of the maniacal place.


「 Actually……Yesterday, in a dream, I heard a sign from our beloved Lord Eunosis…… We were told to let them settle in the Saatie Desert…… She said that the people would be saved if we sent an advance team there to first establish agriculture and then send the people…… 」


This must have been Eunosis’ oracle to them.


「 If you want to live in a place like that, you can do as you please. The land have been neglected anyway and no one want to settle there, so if you want to live there, I won’t stop you. 」


The process of the formation of the Beastman Kingdom itself is that refugees gathered together to form a country, so unless they come to New Kathra in large numbers, there is no complains stopping them from settling there.


「 Thank you very much. I’ll pass this on to our Lord as well. 」


Thus, the contact with the messenger went off without a hitch.


However, the nation was now in trouble.


The kingdom council decided to send an official envoy, a kind of spy merchant, to the Rafayette kingdom to gather information as well.


The merchant’s job was to go deep into Rafayette’s kingdom and see how they intended to treat Count Roquon, not because he doubted Roquon’s words, but because it would be diplomacy to take them at face value.


On the other hand, we decided not to send a formal messenger to the Rafayette Kingdom. It might sound like we were interfering in their internal affairs if we said we were accepting refugees.


It would have been less embarrassing if the refugees had somehow fled to the north and started living in the Beastman Kingdom without warning.


After work, Rione came into the room where the gods live, which is the room I live in. It was a good thing because I have been too busy to have time to talk with Rione lately.


「 My husband, I’ve done what I can in my own way. 」


「 Looks like it. I think you’re doing great. 」


Rione sits right next to me. We are husband and wife, so it’s not strange that we are side by side.


「 I’ve never been so troubled in my life. I’m still wondering if I’m really doing the right thing. 」


「 That’s just the way it is. It’s not like you’re going to suddenly know the answer. 」


「 I’m a little tired…… 」


Rione leaned a little closer to me. She probably was not able to sleep that much.


「 Did you guys come up with the idea of a sign in the desert? 」


「 The god of Roquon came here to visit us, too. She said that if she could develop this desert, the people of Roquon might be able to survive. 」


「 Something like that happened without my knowledge. 」


Rione closes her eyes and breathes in and out slowly, almost falling asleep. This is a lot more tiring than I thought it would be for her. Let’s give her a good rest. One big decision has been made, and she needs time to relax.


「 If we’ve made a big mistake, please correct us then! 」


「 Of course I would. I’m the guardian god of this country. I wouldn’t do anything that would destroy it. 」


「 We humans also thought hard about doing our best to make sure that my husband would feel safe. So we decided to allow migration. Because it would be strange that this country doesn’t accept refugees. 」


「 Yeah. I think that’s fine, too. 」


I chose my words, trying to keep my opinions to a minimum. I’m going to be a support for now.


「 If the desert is going to be inhabited, would it be better to have a road? We might have to carry a lot of supplies. 」


「 Rione, I knew you were sharp. 」


I was really impressed. Rione has a good idea of what is needed.


If a city were to be born in the desert, it would need a large influx of goods to sustain it in the beginning. For that, we need a road that connects to the capital of New Kathra.


「 I’m still skeptical about the possibility of building a large city in the desert, but I’ll make plans to move soon. 」


「 At this rate, we’ll be able to get by without any special help from me. 」


Perhaps relieved by my words, Rione’s body relaxed even more, and she sank down, eventually becoming a lap pillow.


「 The High Priestesses will call me for my next task, can I sleep until then? 」


「 Go to sleep, Rione, my king. 」


What a splendid thing you’ve become. I don’t usually have any problems when I’m away. I don’t really have any plans to be away, though.


If Celude and the others see me like this, they’ll make fun of me again. Thinking about this, I spent some time relaxing with Rione.


Rione and I would have to work a lot more from now on.


Eventually, the high priestess Aevia came to wake us up.


「 Thank you, Aevia 」 Rione said with the face of a Ruler.


「 First priestess, you were resting very well. You were really at ease, weren’t you? 」


I guess Aevia kind of gets it, too.