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Chapter 39 – Settlement in the desert

TL: Yuki



Now, even if the Beast Kingdom is ready to receive them, it’s only a problem for the receiving side, that is, if the people of Count Roquon don’t come in, we’ll be left empty-handed.


Therefore, my current concern is whether the dispatch of an advance team by Eunosis will work.


I think it’s a good idea to let them farm in the desert first, so that they can build a base to feed their people.


I also like the fact that the Roquon people are prepared, but only if the farming is successful. However, this will only be the case if the farming is successful, and if we hold our ground there, we won’t be able to make it in time if there is a major crackdown in Roquon and people start to flee.


Currently, Eunosis seems to be planning to return to Roquon and send people to the desert――


「 Eunosis doesn’t give the impression of being a very powerful god, and I wonder if she can do it right…… 」


I voiced my concerns at a divine gathering in the temple.


「 Honestly, everyone here won’t be able to do it right. 」


Intanyu said simply.


「 She was just a local deity who was loved by the locals and was community-oriented. They’re good when there’s peace, but they can’t cope when the situation changes. And since the people who believe in them often don’t have a full-fledged cult, their faith quickly falls apart. 」


It’s a dry opinion, but there is indeed a good risk that it will happen.


「 However, it’s not like there will suddenly be no one left to believe in it, so if people start migrating, regardless of the scale, it won’t mean that he will disappear. So, there’s no need to be extremely afraid. 」


「 Even if Eunosis survives, we don’t know what will happen to the inhabitants, do we? 」


「 I am only concerned for the safety of those I know. It is impossible, in the extreme, to ensure that all the people of Roquon will survive without sacrifice. The elderly will run out of steam before he leaves for the desert. 」


「 Inta-san really is a god of extremes. 」


Celude teased.


「 Shut it will you…… I’m not saying anything wrong, so it’s fine…… 」


「 You don’t have to be so rough about it. Besides, if you’re worried, why don’t you go see the Saatie desert? 」


「 I didn’t mean to imply that I was worried about you…… 」


Intanyu is blushing. You look like you’re pushing me away, but you can’t push me away, can you, this God?


「 It’s obvious that she’s upset because her tail is moving all over the place. 」


「 Eh, why is your tail is moving―― 」


「 It’s a lie. It is not. 」


「 You’ve got too much of a bad temperament! 」


「 Well, why don’t we go check it out? I’m worried about that, too…… I might be able to tell them something about agriculture…… But……I’m not that familiar with what grows in the desert, so I guess it’s impossible……? 」


Hortensia said.


「 I’d go, but I think it’s too soon, it’s only been ten days since Eunosis returned…… 」


I think we need to wait at least three months before we can make a decision. Also, I’m afraid to see what may happen.


「 That’s right, I guess…… I’ll wait a little longer―― 」


Intanyu stood up, interrupting Hortensia’s words.


「 Aah! Geez! I can’t help it! I’m restless, I’m going to see it! 」


Thus, at Intanyu’s urging, we were off to the Saatie desert.



We would probably find out that there was no movement and turn back anyway, but I know that it is better to see the reality than to be self-conscious about it.


Yes, yes, it’s just a desolate desert landscape anyway.


Right then, what we saw was a landscape looked like a green carpet.


「 Wha-What the hell is this? What the hell is going on here!? 」


Are we seeing a mirage? What kind of change has occurred in the desert, where there was nothing but sand……


Hortensia-kun identified the green plant.


「 It’s definitely a cucurbit plant. It’s a kind of plant that’s difficult to grow in the forest where I was from because of the soil, but I heard it grows well here. 」


「 Ah, the Beast Kingdom folks, thank you for your hard work! 」


Right then, we heard someone call out to us. Eunosis came in, her hat forcibly placed on her bunny ears.


「 What’s with that hat? 」


「 This is normal for farmers in Roquon. 」


I guess each region has its own culture and customs. I was thinking that the hat is going to fall off soon.


「 By the way, won’t that hat will fall off soon. 」


Take action on that, Roquon……


「 We focused the oracle’s predictions not only on the priests, but also on the cucumber farmers. Then word got out that the voices were heard throughout the village, and several villages moved in as a group. 」


「 I see, is that the people from villages that settled over here…… 」


「 That’s right, thanks to the increase in the number of people, my faith has become strong enough to accelerate the cultivation of cucumbers, and I’m working hard with the farmers. 」


「 Isn’t this too much of a high-paced move, though? 」


「 Yes, I am trying in my own way. However, this land is more suitable for making cucumbers than I have expected! I think I might work something out about this soon! 」


Hey, wasn’t Eunosis a little more active than before?


「 After all, it’s fun to work together with farmers! There is a sense of unity! You get covered in mud, and when you eat lunch, you get sand in your mouth, and when you get bitten by a strange insect and your hand swells up, other people see it and laugh at you. 」


Well, Eunosis is like a super commoner.


It’s not the type of god that is worshiped in temples and lives a relaxed life.


Eunosis is a god who is worshiped by the common people in a simple way, and that’s enough for her. In fact, she is a god with such a low threshold.


「 In this desert land, I would like to challenge my new life again! 」


I think we might be able to manage this. Because Eunosis is very motivated.