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Chapter 40 – Saatie Development

TL: Yuki



From then on, Eunosis continued to ordain both the settlers in the desert and the people who remained in Roquon.


But it was not a coercive 「 Obey me, your God 」 kind of thing.


<Can you hear me, ……? Um, I’m speaking directly to your minds right now……. Come and cultivate the Saatie Desert with me. Let’s make this desert a new Roquon. If we all work together, we can make it happen. The people of the Beastman Kingdom will help us too. Hang in there, hang in there, my people.>


The content of the oracle was so common that it was doubtful that people would recognize it.


Of course, this would not be possible without the progress of agriculture in the desert. Nevertheless, thanks to the efforts of Eunosis, the cucumbers in the desert grew well and were ready for harvest.


The people of Usamimi rejoiced, saying it was a miracle of Eunosis, but it was really just Eunosis using her divine power to help the simple believers. Otherwise, it would not have grown to the point where it could be harvested so quickly.


In addition to growing cucumbers, other crops began to be cultivated at the edge of the desert.


This is where I and Hortensia gave Eunosis some of our knowledge. As long as the desert is not as completely sandy as the surrounding areas, the variety of vegetables that can be grown will expand considerably.


「 Thank you very much. It’s good to know. I didn’t know these plants were so strong. 」


「 That’s right. The climatic conditions in the village of Satorus, where I used to live, are not that different from here. Even so, there are still magnificent forests, so it should be possible to grow fields here as well. 」


「 Indeed! Thank you very much! 」


When Eunosis hears the knowledge, she in turn gives the oracle to the people to pass on the knowledge. This is a kind of subterfuge that is only possible because of the cooperation of the gods. No matter how much Eunosis worried about this on her own, she would not have been able to do anything about it.


Gradually, more and more people from Roquon came to the area, and a kind of settlement started to grow.


However, there was little infrastructure for people to live on in the desert. We could make do with tents for shelter for the time being, but we had to get salt and other necessities.


In order to do something about it, we――


A group of fox-eared merchants came to the Saatie Desert to sell their wares.


The prices were a bit high because we were far from the business district, but still, they couldn’t turn our backs on them in order to build the village. If money could solve the problem, it would be cheap.


「 I told the merchant in a dream that the Saatie desert would be a good customer for him. 」


It seems that Celude was the one to arrange for this.


「 It looks like they’re in good hands after all. 」


「 It’s not like I’m trying to be helpful. I was just telling the merchants that they can make money. If there is no profit to be made, they will not come, even if I tell them to. 」


「 If they come all the way to the desert, they’ll do whatever they want. 」


Eunosis is naturally going to welcome the arrival of merchants.


As the number of people living near the desert increases, the Beastman Kingdom will start to talk about building a road in earnest. At first, the plan was to start with the nearest village and connect it to the Saatie Desert.


It wasn’t going to be a cobblestone road, but if we could recognize it as a road, we wouldn’t have to worry about getting lost.


In this way, the scale of Saatie was slowly growing.


Supplies were also brought in from the Count of Roquon. The houses were built by disassembling the assembled ones and assembling them in Saatie.


In the Saatie desert, where there were only tents lined up, houses began to be built, little by little.


Six months after they moved to Saatie, Saatie was pretty much ready to go.


During this time, Roquon was also somehow negotiating with their home country and was still trying to find a way out of the situation.


It would be a blessing if the Eunosis faith was allowed, and even if that was difficult, they were trying to slow down the process as much as possible so that they would not be forced out by saying things like, 「 We are driving out the villages of extremists who are behaving in a pagan manner 」.


It’s a slow start since they are building a town in the middle of nowhere, but if things continue like this, the city of Saatie will be established sooner or later.


Finally, the La Vianta family of Roquon issued a formal proclamation to the country.


Those who are willing to continue believing in Eunosis should go north to Saatie. Permission to move has been granted by the Beast Kingdom. Continue your efforts to make Roquon a new city.


With this announcement, the number of immigrants has increased dramatically. It is doubtful that there will be enough places for them to live, but Saatie is beginning to take shape to the extent that they can manage if they help each other.


The La Vianta family has also been dispatched people to take temporary control of the area.


It was a stepping stone to the eventual official arrival of the head of the La Vianta family.


I often went to observe how Saatie was becoming a city. It’s interesting to see how it slowly is becoming more like a city.


「 It’s been a little over half a year since we’ve had a good start. 」


Intanyu didn’t do anything directly, but he kept coming towards Saatie to watch over the situation. The stone buildings are sometimes visible, so this must be the work of the masons who believed in Intanyu.


「 And, yeah, if it could continue for about six months more, it’s a pretty good result. 」


「 Six months. I wonder if they can hold out for that long. It’s about time the La Vianta’s reached the limit of their patience and escape. The position is never strong enough. 」


Then Eunosis came running toward us in a panic.


「 It’s official announced, the Count of Roquon has been abolished and the Countess family has been deported! 」


The day has finally come…….


This means that Roquon will no longer have a politician who will protect the Eunosis faith.


Saatie will have to be made the representative city of the Eunosis believers, albeit provisionally.