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Chapter 41 – Settlement on the Political Front

TL: Yuki



Refugees began to arrive in the Saatie desert one after another.


Especially with the arrival of Calmia La Vianta, the head of the La Vianta family, Saatie has become what could be called northern Roquon.


However, it is impossible to provide enough food in the vicinity of the desert to feed the rapidly growing population. As much as possible, we will bring in food from the northern part of the country, where agriculture is flourishing.


Now that the head of the La Vianta family has arrived, it will be easier for the Beastman Kingdom to move forward.


In addition, on the premise of sending supplies, I had Hortensia improve the food production capacity near the capital city of New Kathra. Any surplus will be sent to the desert.


On the other hand, I needed to make sure that the head of Roquon was aware of my position, even if it was just a matter of randomness.


The head of Roquon, Calmia La Vianta, took her attendants and went through the streets to get an audience with Rione, the king of New Kathra.


Calmia was a forty-year-old man with rabbit ears. Even though he was exiled, one could tell that he was indeed a nobleman and had a dignified appearance.


In fact, Rione was a little nervous because she was meeting a big man from another country for the first time, even though she was on the higher side.


「 My name is Calmia La Vianta, ruler of the land of Roquon in the Kingdom of Rafayette. 」


Calmia bowed his head reverently.


Rione replied from the high place where her throne was.


「 I’ve already heard the story. I understand that you have been forced to leave the country. It is clear that your crimes are not the same as criminal crimes. Let’s allow you to live in Saatie’s lands. 」


「 Thank you very much. From now on, Calmia La Vianta, together with the immigrant rabbit people, will serve the king and repay this favor. 」


Yes, I wanted to hear these words.


If you don’t say this clearly, if the old ruler of Roquon stays and acts like an independent country, the Beastman Kingdom will have no choice but to destroy it.That won’t make anyone happy.


We will not be able to provide assistance unless Saatie is governed under Rione.


「 Calmia La Vianta, I am appointing you as the governor of the city of Saatie. However, we will also send you two advisors, so please consult with them before conducting politics. 」


The fox-eared and dog-eared man who seemed to be her advisor bowed their heads.


We will allow them to rule, but we will not give them free rein, and we will send them a supporter for now.


If we don’t, we can’t be sure that Calmia La Vianta won’t start an army when Saatie develops, even if it’s good for now.


This was also the conclusion Rione and the others came to after thinking about how to get along with the Roquon people.


「 As long as the people of Roquon can live peacefully, we, the La Vianta family, do not need for any higher status. 」


Calmia said, although we are not really sure if he really thought so or not.


「 The number of people from Roquon will increase in the future. As the ruler of Roquon, you are the best person to govern them. Continue to work for the good of your people. 」


I was relieved to see that Rione had been behaving like a king for a long time, and even Intanyu praised her, saying, 「 That girl has become a really good king 」.


The political part is now settled for the moment.


The Beastmen Kingdom will give land to the poor rabbit people who were forced to leave their country, and will send them supplies if they lack them. We did not mention anything about the Rafayette Kingdom at all.


「 Um, there’s one last thing I’d like to make sure of…… 」


Calmia said uneasily.


「 Will you allow me to have faith in our God, Lord Eunosis? 」


It is inherently strange to allow people to emigrate while forbidding them to practice their faith at all, but in this case, what we are actually hearing about is the element that was treated as paganism.


As for Calmia, I’m sure she thinks it’s okay to forbid the obscene part of the religion on the grounds of public disorder, but secretly she wants to be allowed as much as possible. It would be easy to provoke a backlash if she were to impose religious control on the people.


「 The thing is…… 」


This topic made even Rione blush. Not only that, but the other high priestesses were also blushing, because that’s what the Eunosis festival was all about……


「 As long as your faith does not interfere with the existence of the Beast Kingdom – in other words, as long as some members do not gather together to form a clique and try to overthrow the state, we will accept it. However, if the town as a whole is experiencing extreme disturbances in public morals, we ask you to make some changes. 」


「 I understand. I’ll be very strict with the priests and others there…… 」


Eunosis, who had come to check it out, was relieved to hear this.


「 Somehow, we’re going to manage it…… 」


「 That’s right. I’m glad we could make it on time. 」


It’s all hands on deck from here on out.


We must try to develop Saatie into a proper city as much as possible.


Failure to do so will cause serious problems for the Beast Kingdom. If there is a major famine in Saatie, immigrants will move north. There is also a danger of looting, which is quite dangerous.


「 Celude, you think Saatie is enough to take care of all the immigrants from Roquon. 」


We need to be willing to take this opportunity to build several new cities in the south.


「 All right, I’ll let Eunosis know and see if she can help us. 」


Also, we’ll have to do some accepting in the northern part of the Beast Kingdom.


「 Hortensia, if there is a shortage of people in the farmlands, can we move the Roquon people there? 」


「 It should be alright. We’re also adding new farmlands, so we’ll let you know if there’s a shortage of labor. 」


Anyway, let’s try to keep the trouble to a minimum.