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Chapter 42 – Peace and Following Concerns

TL: Yuki



Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Saatie is changing from a desert into something that can be called a city.


Of course, they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put up buildings in the middle of the desert, so the city is next to the desert. The desert is used as a place for agriculture.


The surrounding satellite towns are gradually being built, and the refugee reception has gotten off to a good start.


A year after the first farmers came to the desert, the belief in us, the existing gods, became stronger in and around Saatie.


The people of Roquon recognized her as the deity worshipped in their new country, and Eunosis had apparently made several oracles saying that they should also worship the deities of the New Kathra Beast Kingdom.


She was also aware that she had been indebted to them, so she wanted to return the favor.


The news that the place she moved to was quite peaceful spread to Roquon, and more and more people are said to be moving there.


If we assume that half of the people living in the Count’s domain of Roquon will eventually move there, that would be 20,000 people since the population of the Count’s domain is around 40,000.


If they could successfully build several cities in the southern part of the country and disperse them, it would lead to a significant increase in national strength.


It was quite a headache to deal with at first, but it’s turning out to be a pretty good one.


One day, after the emergency was over, Rione and I had a long talk in the bath, just the two of us. The gods don’t need to take a bath to get cleaned, but they can take a bath when they wanted to. Intanyu likes to take a bath, and often does so in her temple.


Bathing facilities are necessary for purifying the body, so most large temples have them.


「 These days, I can finally afford to relax and enjoy my bath 」


Rione stretched out in the tub. She bundled her hair up so that it wouldn’t get into the tub after she washed it.


「 That’s right. It wasn’t long ago that you never knew when a report was going to come in. 」


I sat next to her and soaked my body in the hot water filled with herbs.


If a riot breaks out in Saatie, we’ll have to send in the army. As expected, the Beastmen Kingdom now has an army, but they haven’t had a full-fledged military action since the merger with the Dog People, so this is a dangerous situation.


In the worst case scenario, Rione would have to go into battle to boost morale. Even though I’m sure I’ll never be on the front line, the thought of Rione going into battle scares me. If at all possible, I want her to stay in a safe place and relax.


But since the arrival of Count Calmia La Vianta, there has been peace for at least half a year now, so it seems that the chaos is not going to escalate to the point where there is no way to stop it.


The city is almost entirely made up of refugees, and there will probably be no conflicts.


「 The La Vianta family doesn’t seem to be making any unreasonable demands. I’m relieved to hear from the supporters that everything seems to be okay. 」


「 Well, even if they did have bad intentions, there’s no way to win against Rione at the moment, so it would be like they be playing cat and mouse. 」


If the food supply is stopped now, Saatie will be ruined; the plants are growing faster thanks to Eunosis, but there is a limit, and the number of refugees coming in is greater.


If there was to be an uprising, they would have to come to control New Kathra, but there wouldn’t be many people who could fight as soldiers, so no matter how inexperienced they were in war, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the regular soldiers of the Beastman Kingdom.


From the above, the old Count family had no choice but to remain quiet. In fact, they have no intention of doing anything wrong. Rather, they may be afraid of being held responsible for something and being purged by our country.


「 I just have a few concerns about it. 」


Rione’s face became slightly cloudy.


Because of her position, Rione can’t easily express her anxiety, so I have to follow up with her when she shows this kind of face.


「 What’s wrong? You can tell me. It’s always easier to tell someone if you are troubled. 」


「 The person we sent to Roquon told us that people are leaving quite rapidly. It’s natural for them to do so in order to protect their faith, but if the pace is too fast, something could happen because of it. 」


Change is a kind of risk in itself, so Rione, the king, can’t leave it alone.


「 It looks like we can still accept migrants, though. Some applicants are gradually being moved to the north as well. To avoid confusion, the law prohibits discrimination against refugees, and we haven’t had any major conflicts yet. 」


As the Beastman Kingdom itself is a nation of refugees, the country forbids any discriminatory name treatment of refugees from Roquon. It seems that almost all the people still have memories of their own refugee days, which makes them feel properly sympathetic.


「 I’m not too worried about this country. Everyone is a hard worker. Both the cat people and the dog people had their countries destroyed by the empire, so there is a sense of unity. However, when something changes drastically, it can also cause unnecessary things to happen. 」


「 It’s okay. When the time comes, we, the gods, will protect the country. 」


「 Yes, my dear husband. Thank you very much. 」


Rione also gives a gentle smile. While she is my miko, Rione is immortal, so she remains a little girl. Her smile hasn’t changed since she was a little girl, but inside she has become a great king.


If we had a more populous country, we might have been able to create a large country that controls an even larger area. If it had been a more populous nation, it might have been able to create a large nation that could rule over a larger area, but it would not be able to sustain itself if it grew too large, so it might be better to do it little by little.


Even in my former faith, when a great king expanded his land too much, there was a backlash. You can’t stop this from happening if there are rebellions in distant places.


It would be nice if the nation could continue on without needing to use the military.


I shouldn’t have thought about such unnecessary things.


A few days later, a bad situation in the Kingdom of Rafayette was reported by those who had been dispatched there.