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Chapter 44 – War Preparation and Fried Tofu Preparation

TL: Yuki



We, the gods, also told Eunosis that the Kingdom of Rafayette was coming to attack.


Eunosis’s ears perked up in surprise.


「 But why…… Just when we were finally starting to see signs of recovery.…… 」


「 There’s no time to be grieving. We have to get through this crisis somehow. 」


「 I’m not a god of war, so I have no idea what to do in this situation…… 」


It’s true that she doesn’t seem to be interested in war at all.


「 Incidentally, do the people of Roquon have a strong war spirit, or does House La Vianta have an army of its own? 」


Intanyu asked. She is also quite knowledgeable about wars after all.


「 I think there were about two hundred people in the local military…… 」


Intanyu held her head up and pondered.


「 It’s too little, even for us! How are we supposed to fight off the invaders with that! 」


「 At that time, we had to mobilize our people from all over to get by, but for a long time now, there were no invaders, so there was no reason to prepare for war 」


Eunosis’s personality would suggest that. If she had been in danger many times, she would be more aggressive.


「 So I guess we shouldn’t expect the Saatie people to be a military force. 」


「 The rabbit people aren’t very strong, and they don’t have a lot of bloodlust…… They’ve even been ridiculed for being fast runners…… 」


It may be more critical than we think.


「 It looks like this is where I come in. 」


It was Celude who appeared, grinning with a devious smile.


「 In my hands, it is easy to deal a devastating blow to the enemy army. I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I’ll be at your service. 」


Celude bowed condescendingly.


「 Well, if she’s serious about defeating the enemy, she’ll would win easily…… 」


Intanyu frowned, seemingly remembering the fight she had once had with Celude.


「 Yes, in an idealistic sense, I’d like to have the Beastmen Kingdom take care of things on its own, but if the country suffers a major defeat because of that, it’ll be a disaster…… I think I’m going to have to ask Celude to help us out here. 」


「 But you’re going to ask me for something, aren’t you? Because you never act for free. In fact, it would be more disturbing if you did act for free. 」


「 Yes. First, my faith is needed widely in the southern part of the kingdom, and I would very much like to have my splendid temples with altars in Saatie and other places. 」


This is a natural request, since God cannot use their power outside the sphere of faith.


「 What else do you want? 」


「 If you can provide us with a large quantity of Fried Tofu as an offering, we will do more than enough to discourage the invaders. 」


「 Fried Tofu, where in the world did you get it? Where did you get it? 」


「 I don’t know the exact place of origin, but I believe it was handled by a merchant in the Kingdom of Rafayette. 」


Again, I’ll need something that looks like it would be a hassle to procure……


However, since Celude is is a merchant in a sense and like contracts, there is a high risk that she won’t really do anything for you unless we have something called Fried Tofu.


「 Eunosis, do your best to scrounge up some Fried Tofu. The merchants who have been coming to New Kathra will definitely come to Saatie, which is closer to the city, have your people pay them if necessary to obtain it! 」


「 Okay, I understand…… I will send an oracle on the Viceroy’s dreams.…… 」


Thus, in Saatie and the neighboring towns, the belief in Celude suddenly started, and Fried Tofu was offered there.


Eventually, a craftsman who knew how to make Fried Tofu was brought in from the south of the Rafayette Kingdom to make Fried Tofu in Saatie.


It seems that a lot of money was involved, but of course, merchants would be more than willing to do anything for a profit.


He also gave us the latest information about the Kingdom of Rafayette for a fee.


It seems that the lords of the northern part of Rafayette Kingdom are planning to invade Saatie. There are probably about nine thousand of them. The demand for weapons is increasing, so they can calculate the number.


Of course, Rione and the rest of the leaders of the Beast Kingdom were told about this, and they began to train in preparation for the coming day.


Some Saatie residents seemed to be thinking of evacuating, but they seemed to have settled down, thinking that they could just head north to New Kathra.


The mass production of Fried Tofu was more important.


「 Do you mind? If you could satisfy me, you will be able to overcome this level of national crisis. You must give more and more Fried Tofu! What you needed to do more is to make Fried Tofu rather than making bows and arrows! 」


Every day, while savoring the Fried Tofu, Celude was thoroughly fueled.


It seems that the rabbit people, who are not confident in their ability to fight a war, are trying to improve their situation by thoroughly believing in this fox-eared god.


From the looks of it, there is a strong possibility that Saatie’s specialty will become Fried Tofu after the defensive battle.


「 By the way, Celude. I hope you’re really making a proper plan, because I’ll be damned if you’re going to let yourself get carried away with Fried Tofu and say random things in return. 」


「 Intan-san, are you underestimating me! 」


Celude said while picking up some Fried Tofu. Lately, I’ve been eating nothing but Fried Tofu all the time. God has no concept of satiety, so we can go on eating indefinitely and not feel sick about it.


「 If you don’t believe me, let me tell you the plan. To put it bluntly, it’s an easy war because the desert is much wider and harsher before you reach the city of Saatie. If the enemy is exhausted by the time they reach Saatie, victory is as good as assured. 」


Then, Celude laid out her plan in detail.


At first, Intanyu and Eunosis looked uneasy, but their expressions gradually cleared up.


「 I think we can do this…… 」


「 Of course, I won’t let a city that makes Fried Tofu end up in ruins! 」


I am really wondering if the rabbit people will really be saved thanks to Fried Tofu.