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Chapter 45 – Outbreak of War

TL: Yuki



And now, it seems that the army of the Rafayette Kingdom has finally begun to advance. This information came in from the merchants.


However, I’m uncertain if I can call it the kingdom’s army. This is not an army recognized by the kingdom, but more of a private military operation of the lords.


As long as the kingdom doesn’t deny it, it might be the same, but at least it’s not a ridiculously large army. The kingdom has also decided that it’s not worth it to send a huge army across uncharted territory.


That idea is definitely correct. The cost of sending troops from far away would be outrageous, and the food problem could not be ignored. Besides, if they were to suffer a major defeat, the prestige of the country would be at stake.


The country can’t lead an operation like this, which is too risky. That’s why we have a chance to win.


Now, I, along with Celude and Eunosis, had come to the southern part of the Beast Kingdom.


However, I’m not sure if it’s strictly recognized as the territory of the Beast Kingdom. However, we can only say that the land is an extension of Saatie.


There was a narrow road used by merchants, and the army of the Rafayette Kingdom was advancing along it.


「  As I thought, the number is quite large. However, I don’t feel that they are well organized in terms of leadership. Most of them must have been conscripted for this purpose.  」


That was how Celude had judged the state of the army. In a sense, she has a thorough “God’s eye view” of the situation.


「 Before I go any further, I would like to say that in this battle, we are going to make the enemy to have a great sacrifice. Otherwise, we may be attacked a second or third time. We need to make them think that same trick will not work over and over again. 」


「 Yes……Please help us protect our people…… 」


Eunosis worshiped Celude with great reverence. A God begging another God.


「 Don’t worry, I’ll kill as many enemies as the number of Fried Tofu I consumed! 」


I wonder how many of them she ate……  thinking about it, I think she ate over a thousand of them……


Celude had already made a decision about the mission in the form of an oracle. If the plan had been too unrealistic, it might not have been believed, but it was something that even a seasoned soldier would have nodded in agreement with. The plan was immediately put into action.


All that was left was to hope that the operation would go well, but let’s see what would happen.


The kingdom’s army struggled to make its way through the few narrow roads for merchants. Outside the road was a wilderness with no idea how far it would go. Unless they were very lucky, they would not even be able to see the directions. Even the sun was completely obscured by clouds.


And there was no one among them who had any geographical advantage. There was no reason to invade such a wilderness for a long time.


Therein lies the opportunity for the Beastman Kingdom.


They followed a single path, like a lifeline, that seemed to continue forever.


The line stretched wide. This is because the road is narrow. Perhaps they would regroup at open area, before they attack.


But after about two days, they noticed something unusual.




「 Count, we should have reached the relay point by now, but we haven’t found it. What’s is going on? 」


A man in the vice general class questioned the general, the Count. By the way, most of the soldiers are not beastmen, but ordinary humans.


「 It seems like we’re moving too slow. We’ll have to move faster. 」


Oh, this Count is an idiot.

All right, go ahead, go ahead. Keep going.

After another half day of walking, they still couldn’t get anywhere.


They finally start to get confused.


「 Could it be… did we go the wrong way……? 」


That’s right, that’s how it is. There is no decent road from the Kingdom of Rafayette to Saatie. So we erased one road and made another one entirely. It’s a road that veers off to the east of the dessert.


「 What do we do? Get out of the way and continue? 」


「 It’s dangerous! I don’t even know where the outside of the road is going to lead us! 」


「 So are you telling me that lost your way! If we fight such a stupid war, We’ll be ashamed for the rest of generations that would come! 」


Celude snickered at the scene.


「 Don’t worry. You’ll be the last Count I’ll ever see. 」


「 I knew that you were evil, but this is on another level…… 」


「 Even if I have a bad imager, you can’t find anyone who would allow a small sacrifice for a big price, isn’t that a very deal? 」


There is no denying that.


The enemy forces are in a very difficult situation psychologically, as they are not sure where they are.


They will probably have no choice but to steadily turn back at some point. There was no way they could just keep going.



The general, the Count – the lord next to Roquon – made the decision to turn back.


「 Now, then, let’s make them wander even further. 」


The road back to the city has been transformed into a different one by the operatives sent by Saatie. The surrounding area is a vast desert. The landscape is almost featureless. There is almost no way to recognize it when it is tampered with.


「 Maybe we’ll be able to settle this before it becomes a war situation. If that happens, it will be a historic accomplishment. We will be able to talk about it for generations to come. 」


Her fluffy tail was swaying vertically, showing that she was in a good mood.


「 At this rate, it’s like we’ve already won 70% of the game. 」


「 indeed, but the results I want is a 10% survival rate victory. 」


They went on successfully getting lost. The fact that they had not yet arrived at Saatie when they were supposed to have the conscripted men worried. If this were a war in the country, there might be deserters, but that didn’t happen either.


There was no way to escape if they didn’t even know which way was which.


Eventually, their food supplies began to dwindle slowly. Not only that, but the movement in the desert was taking a toll on their strength.


Finally, a week had passed, and they were still stuck in the desert. To break the deadlock, they stay there and send out their horses, but their cavalry doesn’t come back either.


It has been defeated by the soldiers of the Beast Kingdom. 


Soon enough, the army from the Rafayette Kingdom was no longer capable of waging war.