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Chapter 46 – Winning without Effort

TL: Yuki



This was Celude’s idea of a plan.


There was a huge expanse of wilderness between the two countries.


And almost no one on the enemy side was familiar with this geography. Many of the merchants had already been bought by the Beastman Kingdom.


Without knowing the correct geographic information, the enemy forces had embarked on the great sea, so to speak.


That’s how little time the enemy had. If they had been more careful in their preparations, they could have grasped the geography before coming. Or perhaps they were too proud to think that they could easily defeat the Rabbit People.


It was true that the Rabbit  People were not warlike, and their army was not well-equipped since they had just moved here.


However, the real enemy is not the rabbit people, but nature itself that awaits them.


「 Okay, it’s time for the second part of our attack. 」


Celude is calm, even when she is destroying the enemy.


It is often said that the calm wins the war, but in this case, it might be better to say that the ruthless wins the war.


「 I’d prefer nighttime anyway. It’s more likely to cause confusion. 」


Celude will do this so that the greatest harassment will take place.


That night, the troops of the Kingdom of Rafayette were camped out. Rather than an encampment, it would be more accurate to say that they had no strength to move anymore. Their food supply was slowly dwindling, and they were probably in a hurry.


There are many soldiers who want to escape but have nowhere to run. These people are also eating all the food they can get, so they are getting hungrier and hungrier.


When night had fallen, a blizzard of sand blew down on them mercilessly.


「 What! 」「 The sand is attacking us! 」「 Are we under Attack!? 」「 Calm down! Calm down everyone! 」


It was more than just a slight gust of wind. Some people were even blown away by the wind. It’s definitely an unusual situation.


It was Celude, of course, who was doing it.


「 I’ve had a lot of faith in me, too. It’s not hard for me to generate this level of power. 」


「 It’s a pretty nasty thing to do. There are even people crying and screaming. 」


「 If they don’t get scared, there’s no point in doing this. 」


Because it was at night, the army was completely out of control.


Finally, the Transportation Corps, which carried the food, moved their wagons and escaped. They must have thought they were going to die. They must have thought that a few of them could make it to some village with the food.


That reduced the food supply for the entire army.


In the morning, when the scattered soldiers returned, it was obvious that their food supply had dwindled.


It is safe to say that the army is no longer functioning. The attack of the sandstorm had completely deflated their minds. There was also a full-blown food crisis, and they must not feel like living.


「 Count, it’s going to be difficult to attack Saatie any longer. I think we’d better retreat here…… First, please inform the entire army that we are returning.…… 」


The adjutant general also seemed to have decided that a battle was impossible. If their morale is this low, then most of the soldiers are no better than a bunch of scavengers. If they were not in a good condition, the sheer number of them would take a long time to raise morale and even become a hindrance.


「 If we go back, we don’t even know which way to go…… Perhaps the enemy scouts are moving around, changing the road…… But we can’t even find them at this rate…… There’s nothing we can do about it…… 」


They finally ignored the road and walked in the direction that should have been south. The sun was barely visible that day.


As long as they didn’t deviate too far, they could make their way through the empty wilderness and one day reach the kingdom of Rafayette.


「 At this rate, the war is going to end without any damage, thanks to Celude. 」


「 No, it’s not good enough. This is not a decisive blow to the army or anything. They’ll come back and attack us again with more troops. 」


Celude sent the wind at them again, this time from the direction of the headwind.


They were unable to move forward at all. They had no choice but to wait there until the wind died down.


But the wind didn’t stop, and they had to stand there.


This standstill was important. We didn’t want them to leave yet.


The strong wind eventually died down. They tried to walk away.


But it was too late. She had already made her next move.


While they were stuck in the wind, the regular soldiers of the Beast Kingdom were preparing to attack.


Just to the south of them.


While the wind was preventing them from moving forward, the regular army were firmly enclosing on them.


「 I am Tunutz, General of the Beast Kingdom of New Kathra, and I am here to crush the barbarians of Rafayette! The punishment for attempting to destroy our country, will be with your lives.」


The first full-scale military action in the history of the Beastman Kingdom finally takes place. General Tsunuz is a soldier of the Cat People tribe. He has no experience, but he is very motivated. The morale of the Beast Kingdom is high right now, so there’s no problem.


He charges into the exhausted Rafayette Kingdom army.


「 This one was blessed by the Goddess Celude! That wind was created by the Goddess Celude to keep the enemy at bay! Let’s finish them off! We will offer the head of the enemy general for our victory! 」


The armies of the Beastman Kingdom attacked.


As I stared at them, I hoped for the least amount of casualties possible.


And when they say sacrifices, I mean only those not on the side of the Beastman Kingdom.


If the Rafayette Kingdom doesn’t suffer catastrophic damage from this, the war won’t be completely over.


I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to become a sacrifice.


It wasn’t what one would call a war.


The Rafayette Kingdom Army was already too weak to fight a war.


They were killed helplessly. They were wandering in circles in the wilderness, unable to reach their destination. They had no choice but to run away, and which way would they run?


Physically weakened, they were taken out one by one, and the war was over in no time.