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Chapter 47 – God’s Indulgence

TL: Yuki



The enemy was effectively annihilated.


The Counts who had come as the generals of the war, who ruled the east and west of Roquon, were also confirmed dead. Some of them must have fled into the wilderness, but most of them will probably die in the open on the way.


Even if they were to reach some village and try to wreak havoc, they would not be able to do much, given their poor health. It was unlikely that they would have escaped in a mob, so there should be no problem.


Eunosis shed tears as said thank you to without stopping.


「 Thanks to Faltear-san! Thanks to everyone in the Beastman Kingdom! Now my people will be able to live! 」


「 Come on now, don’t just thank me, thank Celude for coming up with the plan. 」


「 It was worth the compensation 」


Celude was biting into a bowl of Fried Tofu with a satisfied look on her face, although the Fried Tofu was making her look a little awkward.


「 The wilderness is so large that the enemy doesn’t understand the geography. Moreover, we have captured most of the merchants. We had all the ingredients. The rest was ours to win. Since the people who believe in me don’t have a large population to begin with, it’s basically a matter of fighting with some kind of strategy. 」


「 We were able to win with almost no damage to our people. Thank you very much!! 」


「 Then, as a token of our gratitude, please continue to dedicate Fried Tofu to us! 」


「 Yes, I will let you keep making the best Fried Tofu! 」


Eunosis bounced up and down and headed towards Saatie. There was still some work to be done. It should be a pleasantly busy day, though.


Celude and I were still in the ruins of the battlefield.


There are headless bodies lying around. It’s hard to believe that there are so many of them in such a sparsely populated area. The occasional eagles and vultures, scavenging for dead flesh, pecked at them with its beak.


「 You did it so well that I didn’t know things would end up going to go this far. 」


It’s no secret that war is cruel, but it shouldn’t be every day that a battle ends so one-sidedly.


「 Now the Rafayette kingdom will understand the horror of attacking the northern wilderness. If we can convince the merchants of our strength and the dangers of entering the wilderness, they won’t attack for a while. 」


Celude is already thinking about the future as she stares at the pile of bodies.


「 You’ve really been a big help this time 」


I slowly reached around her waist from behind. It was more of a hug than a simple pat.


「 You’re looking a little glum even after a win. 」


「 It’s just been a while since I’ve seen so many people die……I just remembered that the country where I was and slowly dying…… 」


I really should be doing my job like Celude, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.


I’m trying to distract myself from that kind of anxiety by getting caught up at the moment, but since it’s Celude, I’m sure she knows my intentions.


「 Yes, but well, it’s because there are kind-hearted guardians like Faltear-san that I have a place to play. My values are too different to be the guardian deity of a large nation. 」


As she said this, she escaped from my hands and Celude hugged me instead.


「 I’m sure you’ve been through a lot this time. Please take some time to rest. I’m sure you won’t be unfaithful to Rione at this level of skin ship. Continue being a good girl as always. 」


「 Of course, I’ll take your word for it.…… 」


en gods sometimes, very rarely, want to hang on to great power.


A long fluffy tail came and tickled my face. This is also nice.


「 Uu~, this is making me feel a little itchy. But, I don’t really find it unpleasant 」


「 Fufufu, I’m sure Inta-san will be jealous of me later. But it’s still interesting to be around Faltear-san. I guess that’s why all kinds of gods and people gather around you. 」


「 I don’t think I’m doing anything special, though. 」


「 That’s why it’s so interesting. 」


This time, she pats my head with her hand.


「 Ordinarily, when a god lives for a long time, their values become so entrenched that they can only express or do certain things. That’s part of the reason why humans can have faith in them with peace of mind, but when you think about dealing with them as individuals, it’s boring. There’s no change. 」


「 Is that your way of saying bad things about me? 」


For a god, there are probably a lot of things that bother and confuse us.


It would have been easier for me to set my own rules and make people obey them, but this time, the way the country was formed was unique, and I wanted to build it step by step.


「 If you have a problem with that, I wouldn’t be here. Don’t worry. Even if you find it boring, I won’t go away. 」


「 So be it. 」


God doesn’t need to sleep, but being on Celude’s chest makes me sleepy.


「 Ah~, I think I’m going to miss this more than Fried Tofu…… You’re a really straightforward and good God. 」


I can hear such voices grumbling in my ears.


「 But I’m a substitute for a wife, right? If Faltear-san were married to a God, she could be pampered more like this. Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped. 」


「 What are you saying, Celude?」


「 No, please take your time. I’ll let you have more fluff on my tail than usual. 」


Then, leaving Eunosis behind, Celude and I returned to the capital city of New Kathra.


We were reunited with Intanyu and Hortensia, who were staying behind for us.


「 Ah! Good work! 」


Hortensia came running up to me. I guess he could tell by the look on our faces that we had a good result. His expression was also cheerful.


「 I’m back. Looks like there was no confusion here either. It’s a long way from the desert after all. 」


「 Were there many casualties among our troops? 」


「 No, almost none at all, with Celude’s guidance, we won the battle. 」


「 Thank heavens! My kin is at war, and some of them are worried about everyone, so I’ll have a good oracle for later! 」


Intanyu had quite a lot of work to do, and it looked like she will be a little busy after this.


「 Fewer gods means more work to do after all…… Now time to get back to work. 」


「 Yeah, thanks Intanyu for staying home too. I’m sure things will be back to normal soon. 」