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Chapter 48 – I’m not Omniscient, but…

TL: Yuki



「 I was reasonably worried, but it looks like you got off on the right foot. 」


When I said that, Intanyu tugged my hand timidly.


「 I’m going to take a nap…… 」


「 Yeah, well, why don’t you just go to sleep then? 」


「 I sleep better when you sleep with me……I mean…… It’s like I feel safe when someone is around me…… 」


Behind me, Celude was giggling at this interaction.


「 Inta-san, I’m sure she was very lonely, so please be selfish with her. I was wondering if you were okay, since there was no one to stay with you. 」


「 Wha! Are you thinking I’m some kind of pet? I’m not a pet, I don’t need someone to look out for me! 」


Intanyu turned her tail up and wagged it from side to side. It was a pretty straightforward and awful thing to tell her, so I let it be……


「 It’s far from that, though. So do you want to stop asking me to sleep with you? 」


「 ………… 」


Intanyu pulled on my sleeves again.


「 Okay, okay. So, you’ll sleep with me, right? 」


「 Uh, umu…… we, well……I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep soon.…… 」


「 Your tail wags when you’re in a good mood, you know. 」


「 You’re annoying! This is a physiological phenomenon! 」


Intanyu barked as he was attacked again from behind.


Intanyu’s temple was neatly arranged. I guess it really shows, Intanyu’s meticulous nature is part of it.


I draped a terrycloth over Intanyu’s body and lay down next to her.


「 Intanyu, it looks like you did a great job of taking care of the house. With Intanyu, I was able to see the war through as a guardian. 」


「 Oh, of course……I’m a god of this country, too……Rather, Celude is unreliable in some ways, and Hortensia is still unreliable in others……We have other problems…… 」


Intanyu curled up tightly towards me.


「 I’m going to develop this beastman kingdom even more and more…… With the addition of the people of Roquon, our population has grown, and our sphere of influence in the land has expanded greatly. Our goal is to eventually become the largest nation on the continent. 」


「 That’s going to be a long time coming, but we’ll do our best. 」


「 if you and I are together……I know we can do this…… 」


Intanyu took a short nap. After seeing that he was sleeping well, I headed to the next destination.


I went to the place where Rione was working.


Just then, Rione was in the temple, praying for victory in front of my statue of God.


「 Please……May the glory of the Beast Kingdom continue…… May the great power of the guardian gods fill this country with happiness! 」


「 Yeah, I think we’re gonna do pretty well. 」


I put my hand on Rione’s back and tapped her.


「 Ah! My Husband! 」


She’s finally able to say “My Husband” without any hesitation. I wonder if this is called growth.


「 The war is over, isn’t it? It was not yet confirmed, so I continued to pray. 」


「 It’s all over now. Tell them that the guardian gods told you that we protected them, and that we used Celude’s plan and won. 」


「 So the Beastman Kingdom will not be destroyed, but will continue to exist? 」


I see, Rione was worried about the possibility of destruction.


That’s because this country has never experienced a major war before, and she knows that her country was once destroyed.


「 It’s not just going to continue, it’s going to become more powerful. Eventually, there will be more and more people with rabbit ears coming to this capital city, and the population will grow more and more, so keep up the good work! 」


「 Yes! I will work harder and harder in my own way to make this country a place where everyone can smile! 」


Well said, Rione is a really nice and honest girl.


But that’s why Rione looked a little tired.


「 Rione, throw whatever political duties you can throw at the High Priestess and the Kingdom Council today, and get some rest. 」


「 But I still have a lot of work to do…… 」


「 Your husband’s back from the war, that should take priority. You’re my priestess, aren’t you? 」


It may be foul, but Rione can’t rest until I say this much.


「 I, I understand…… 」


After Rione reported the victory, she dispersed her work to others and took a bath with me.


「 I used to take a bath when I was purifying myself, but now that I know the war is over, taking a bath feels very special! 」


「 I know, right? You have to relax once in a while, you know. 」


Rione leans her head toward me.


「 Am I doing a good job as king? 」


「 I’m sure you won’t know that until the future. Even I don’t know all that much about it. 」


「 Even in your position as my husband? 」


「 If that is how it works, no country will ever be destroyed. Every country would be prosperous forever. 」


Even God is not omniscient and omnipotent. It’s just that we are better than mortals in our own specialties.


That’s why I get anxious, and sometimes I also want to be healed.


But when I look at Rione, I’ve been thinking.


This just make things more interesting.


I don’t know the answer, but I try my best to tackle various things. That’s why people and God can enjoy and be happy.


If we knew the outcome of everything, we wouldn’t have any feelings.


I hug Rione even closer.


「 Today you will be pampered. This is my command. 」


「 Hai, my Husband…… 」


I will continue to develop the Beastman Kingdom. That’s what I’ve decided once again. Because there is no end to nation-building. If there was to be an end, it would only be when the country was destroyed.


I’m still working with Rione, and with the other gods, to protect this country. We’re going to make it big.


That’s why you need to rest now.


Rione fell asleep in the bath.


I didn’t want her to fall asleep at  a place like that, so I carried Rione slowly and took her to the changing room.


After brushing her hair and drying her body to prevent her from catching a cold, I tucked her into bed.