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Chapter 49 –  God’s Dining Table

TL: Yuki



We prevented the Rafayette Kingdom from attacking us, and peace prevailed in the kingdom — saying that sounds ominous, like it’s an omen that the peace will break, but it is really peaceful.


In the first place, there is no sign of a civil war, and there are almost no cases of other countries attacking, so if you only consider the war aspect, it is usually peaceful.


Since the number of gods had increased, we decided to gather together for breakfast. We set up a room for that purpose. The priests and priestesses of the various gods would gather there in the morning and make offerings in the same way. This would be a very good idea, as it would make religious conflicts less likely.


I think it’s a very good idea. I hope everyone will praise it to the fullest.


「 This table is a bit cramped. 」


Intanyu complained to me before I could receive any praise from it.


「 At the table of the gods, there would be a large number of offerings. Unless we have a very large table, we won’t be able to keep them all. Don’t you understand that? 」


「 Don’t complain so much! From the human’s perspective, it’s a good opportunity to have contact with religious people of various gods! 」


「 Think about the convenience of the gods. It was good that we were free to eat together in the past. There are times when we want to see each other and times when we don’t. It’s not nice to be forced to eat in the same place. That’s how much freedom we’ve lost. 」


「 So, does that mean Inta-san wants to stay somewhere else? That seems like a good suggestion. 」


Celude said with a teasing smile.


「 We can respond to Inta-san’s feelings and issue an oracle that only Inta-san wants other places. 」


「 Wait, wait, wait! It’s not that I absolutely hate eating together! I’m just saying that I want another option! 」


In a state of panic, Intanyu corrected her.


「 So, basically, we can eat at other places and come here when we feel like it. We could refuse if we don’t want to. Is that alright, everyone? 」


As usual, Celude knows what she’s doing. But I also think it’s nice that Intanyu is saying what she wanted to say.


「 Well, then, I guess we’ll just have to eat in this place for formal stuff, and in our own temples when it’s not…… 」


「 If that’s the case, you’ll have to go out of your way to pick up your food. Isn’t that a huge hassle? Shouldn’t you tell them to put the food in your temple? 」


「 We, well, we could also stay here and wait…… 」


Intanyu slumped down.


「 After all, you want to be with everyone, don’t you? You don’t need to make any unnecessary tsundere gestures. You’ll benefit more from being honest with yourself. 」


Intanyu’s dog ears are flattened by Celude’s sarcastic words. I think she went a little overboard.


「 Come on, Intanyu, I’ll give you something to eat if you like. What would you like? 」


「 ……bread with beans 」


「 Alright, bread with beans then. Yes, this should be good. 」


She handed the bread in Intanyu’s hand.


「 Inta-san a little too childish. Please think about other people’s feelings when you say things like that. Now say sorry to Faltear-san, who was feeling bad that you rejected her idea. 」


「 Well, Celude knows how to read what people feel, and with that information, she would attack them when they are the most vulnerable. Even though I know how one would feel, I’m hoping she’ll use it for good.  」


Now, it’s not that there are only three gods here. To the left of me, Hortensia was quietly eating a variety of vegetable dishes, little by little. Hortensia is a small eater, so his plate is small, but God doesn’t starve even without eating food.


Hortensia is the type of person who doesn’t talk much while eating. But I can tell by looking at his face that he’s eating happily, which makes me smile.


「 It was delicious. The offerings are better in New Kathra than back home. In my hometown, they were very rough with the offerings, like piles of radishes. 」


「 Hortensia, you’ve had a rough time of it, haven’t you…… 」


I think Hortensia has brightened up a lot since he came to New Kathra. He used to have a gloomy look on his face.


Next to Hortensia, Eunosis was eating a variety of unfamiliar dishes.


One thing to notice first is the colors of the food, which were strange. The blue ones, the purple ones, and so on, with some being quite grotesque in appearance.


「 Hey, is that good? 」


「 It’s delicious. This is a local dish from Roquon, purple beet soup and green onion salad. 」


I’m sure it looks bad, but it’s a color that only arouses one’s curiosity.


「 What does it taste like? Can I try it? 」


「 It’s good, but foreigners tend to have a hard time with its appearance. 」


As soon as I tried the purple beet one, my mouth started to feel funny.


「 It’s sour! This is insanely sour! 」


「 After all, I expected that’s the kind of reaction. I’m used to it, though. 」


This time, I ate a green onion salad, a dish that reduced my appetite just by its color.


It was also sour. My saliva started to secrete abnormally.


「 Eunosis, these are both very sour…… 」


「 I do think so too. But, I’ve been eating it for a long time, so I don’t feel comfortable unless it tastes like this. 」


「 I see, people in Roquon like sour flavors. 」


I guess this is called ethnicity. There are some ethnic groups that are also very fond of spicy food.


「 No, people in Roquon don’t particularly like sour food. 」


「 Eh? 」


「 It’s just that if you season it sourly like this, it will last longer. The offerings to me are given in batches every two days. 」


I felt a little sorry for Eunosis.


We were all sitting around the table like this, but there were some proper benefits.


When gods gather, topics of concern come up.


「 It seems that there is a god in this country that we are not aware of. 」


At this time, Intanyu mentioned something that could not be ignored.