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Chapter 50 – In search of a Mysterious God

TL: Yuki



「 Apparently, there is a god in this country that we are not aware of 」


Intanyu mentioned something that could not be ignored.


「 What do you mean? I don’t know anything about that…… 」


「 That’s why I said it was an imperceptible deity. I don’t know exactly what it is. It’s a very weak presence. Even so, I have sensed something in a small village in the south…… or in the forest. 」


That’s some fishy information.


It’s true that if there is a God, other Gods will be aware of its existence.


「 Isn’t that some kind of misunderstanding? 」


「 Are you doubting me? I’d like to say so, but I would have wanted it if I was actually just imagining it. I’m also a bit skeptical about the situation. I just happened to notice it when I was moving around with the Eunosis after all. 」


「 Paganism can also spread from a community of a few people at first. I think we should check it out as soon as possible. 」


When Celude talks about paganism, her persuasiveness increases by 30%.


「 That’s right. There’s plenty of time for that, so we’d better take precautions while we can. 」


「 I’ll help you with that…… 」


「 I owe you a debt of gratitude, too…… 」


Apparently, we’re all going to be there to see it.



We followed Intanyu’s lead to a land where she said she had sensed the presence of a god.


It was a small forest in the southern part of the Beastman Kingdom.


「 I don’t feel anything special, though. 」


It’s not a very green forest with a few thin trees growing on it. It seemed that almost no one lived here, and there was no settlement in sight.


「 If there’s no one to believe in it, then there should no God……right? And I don’t think it’s the Saturus that are living in this southern forest.…… 」


Hortensia is beginning to think that really nothing around here.


「 Oh, jeez! Don’t be so negative! Though, it would be better if these things didn’t exist……that……you don’t have to make it feel like it’s your fault…… 」


「 I’m not accusing you of anything either 」


Eunosis said. Eunosis also has a cautious type of personality after all.


「 I don’t blame you either. I just thought you were being careless. 」


Celude is as malicious with her words as usual…….


「 Either way, it’s hard to say without a more detailed examination. If it’s a weak force, I think we’ll only recognize it when it’s clearly being prayed for. 」


「 Ummm……I think we should go further…… 」


With Intanyu in the lead, we decided to explore the entire forest.


As we walked through the forest, we found a hut.


It was a house made from a tree. The roof was just thatched with grass, and it looked like it would blow away in a strong wind.


「 It’s the only thing that looks like a human home. 」


「 I wonder if they make their living from forestry. At least it’s not an inn run by a merchant who believes in me. 」


If Celude doesn’t know either, then she’s not connected to commerce. Are they purely living in the forest? It’s a big distance from the road, and I can hardly see the advantage of living in such a place.


「 That’s strange. Something is bothering me. 」


Intanyu is looking suspiciously at the surroundings, but she seems to be happy. Maybe it’s because there’s now a possibility that what she’s saying is not out of line.


「 What’s that smell? 」


「 I’ve checked most of the registries in the Beastman Kingdom, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any statistics that show humans living in a place like this. In other words, they are beings who have escaped the registry. 」


「 You mean they don’t pay taxes? That’s not very good…… 」


「 Eunosis. Your concern is a bit misplaced. 」


Yes, I’d like them to pay taxes, but only if they are living enough to afford it.


「 If they’re out here, isn’t there a reason why they don’t want to be checked in the family register? For example, they may have killed someone and escaped. 」


Hortensia looked pale, perhaps he’s a little too innocent in regard to this topic.


「 What Intanyu said is a possibility. It’s not uncommon to hear of wanted men running away. Alright, let’s wait and see 」


In the evening, a man who seemed to be a resident came home. He was a middle-aged man with a medium build, a cat person. He didn’t have any injury marks or anything unusual about his appearance. He was carrying some nuts, which seemed to be his food. I’m pretty sure he’s been living here for a while. His clothes are quite dirty, as if he doesn’t change them often. It doesn’t look like he’s living a very rich lifestyle.


「 He’s not a very interesting person. It would have been interesting if he had been more evil, even if it was just his personality. 」


「 Celude, did you find something else to do besides having fun. 」


The man was boiling and cooking nuts, and eating them. There was nothing strange about his eating habits. There was nothing unusual in the room either.


「 Is he an eccentric person living alone? I don’t know what it’s like to live alone in a place like this. 」


Eunosis, who was from another country, said so, but the Beast Kingdom did not expect this kind of person.


However, when the meal was over, the man made a sudden move.


He walked out into the garden and drew out some kind of geometric pattern.


「 What’s this? Does anyone recognize it? 」


They all seemed to have no idea what was going on and were pouting or shaking their heads.


What is going on?


Then, standing in front of the camp, the man began to chant something.


「 Oh Cartia, God who dwells in this forest, give this land peace tomorrow, please bring it upon us! 」


Eh, why do I feel like I’m being dissed right now!?


「 Cartia is the true light that guides us beastmen. A true flame. I will not forget that name, even if the rest of you fools do not notice! 」


Cartia, who is that?


As soon as the man finished chanting, he quickly erased the geometric formation with his foot. I guess he didn’t want anyone to see him leave it behind.


The name of a god we had never heard before, the words of a prayer we had never heard before.


Clearly we were looking at something bizarre.


「 Eh, who are you guys? 」


It was then that someone who called out to us.


That means, it was someone who the same as us.