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Chapter 51 – Cartier, the God with an Extremely Narrow Faith

TL: Yuki



We turned in the direction of the voice.


There was a rather odd-looking god there.


It had many tentacles on its feet, and it moved in a wavy motion. I wondered if it was similar to the Kraken, a monster sometimes depicted like this.


The upper half of the body seemed to be that of a woman, and her breasts were tied up with cloth to hide them. To put it another way, she was wearing nothing else.


「 Uwah, there’s something really creepy that came out! 」


Intanyu reacted with the utmost disgust.


「 Those legs look delicious if you bite into them! 」


On the other hand, Eunosis said something freaky. Is it because of her weird habits?


「 Oi, oi, why are there are other gods here besides me? 」


The strange god was not particularly hostile to us. It would have been troublesome if the gods had fought with each other, so that was a relief.


But from the way she says it, she didn’t know anything about the country at all? We’re the guardian gods over here, you know.


「 We are the gods of this beastman kingdom. What kind of god are you? 」


「 My name is Cartia. 」


Come to think of it, the guy who was painting the geometric patterned formation also mentioned that name.


「 I see. I’m Faltear, the Guardian God of the Beastmen Kingdom, and I’m from another continent, but by chance, I became the Guardian God of the Beastmen Kingdom here. What kind of god are you? 」


「 Even if you ask me that, I am only here and have been staying here all this time 」


Cartia scratched her head with her tentacles.


With tentacles.


Normally you scratch with your hands, but if you have tentacles, is it more natural to use them? I’ve never had a tentacle, so I don’t know.


「 No, I know you’re worshiped by the residents here, but from what land are particularly worshiped in? 」


I haven’t been able to grasp any of the stories about the belief in such a god. If it is believed in, even in some parts of the Beastman Kingdom, I’ll have to ask Rione to look into the reality of the cult and so on.


「 I told you, this is the only place that they worship me. 」


「 So you’re a god native to this forest? 」


It is not surprising that each small area has its own god. In fact, there are only a few gods who suddenly become gods on a national scale, and it is usually the indigenous gods of some region who rise to the top.


「 It has nothing to do with the forest. It’s just that there’s a forest here. And the forest is too big. 」


I’m not sure if we’re on the same page here. This forest isn’t exactly big. It’s just a place where a few trees grow.


「 Faltear, I understand everything. She has tentacles like a sea creature, and she must be a god worshiped by the sea. 」


Eunosis broke into the conversation.


「 The man is probably a former sailor or something, and he is simply following the god he used to believe in. He doesn’t want to say too much about his own downfall, so he’s keeping his words quiet, that’s my guess. 」


Eunosis has a smug look on her face. Well, if you only look at the tentacles, you could take it that way.


「 What are you talking about? I’ve never been to the ocean. I’ve never even seen the ocean before. 」


Eunosis’s reasoning was easily dismissed.


Indeed, I don’t feel that this god is trying to deceive me in any way.


「 触手が生えてるのはアタシを信仰してるあの男の趣味みたいなもんだろ。きっかけはよくわかんねえけど、あの男がCartiaっていう神がいて、その神こそが自分を救うべき存在だと勝手に信じだしたからアタシが生まれたんだよ 」




「 あなた、もしかして、あの男だけに信じられてるの? 」


「 I don’t know how it all started, but he started believing that there was a god named Cartia who was supposed to save him. Of course, I didn’t make that revelation. I didn’t even exist until he believed in me. That’s why I was born. 」


What a ridiculously personal god of faith that only one specific person believes in.


「 That’s absurd! A god is not created just because someone wonders if there is such a god! Otherwise, the world would be full of Gods!」


It was hard to believe, so Intanyu wagged his tail and countered.


「 I don’t know about your common sense. But as far as I can remember, that man, from the words of his prayer to me, I’m sure he’s got his mind made up on how to draw the formation, and he seems to be taking it pretty seriously. I’ve heard that he doesn’t eat meat at all, but that’s because he’s trying to protect his faith in me. 」


Cartia said as she moved her tentacles (or maybe they were just moving on their own).


「 Mumumu……I had no idea that a god believed in only by one person could exist like this…… What kind of miracle is this…… 」


Intanyu looked like she hadn’t caught up with her understanding yet, but she had to be convinced.


「 So what’s a god supposed to do? You’re gods, aren’t you? Can you tell me. 」


Cartia was very logical about it in the first place.


She’s really a rookie among rookies, isn’t she?


「 Okay, okay. 」


I sigh as well too at her actions.


「 So, let’s move to a different place and talk about it. I still have a lot of questions I want to ask you about yourself. 」


「 Although you say you want to move but―― 」


Cartia walked a little further into the forest and stopped just a short distance away from where she came.


「 I can only move this far. 」


I see…… The faith in her is too narrow to allow her to move freely……