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Chapter 52 – A New God

TL: Yuki



We ended up talking right next to the man who was sleeping.


「 So, a God’s job is to do what’s best for the people who believe in them, you see. There are times when wishes go against each other or something, but in your case, there’s only one person who believes in you, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. 」


「 I get the gist of it. But he doesn’t have a specific wish that he wants me to do. He just thinks that if he believes in me, he will be saved, and I don’t know what to do. 」


That’s a common thing with gods, isn’t it? The other gods nodded their heads in agreement.


「 Also, I don’t really know how to influence people, do I? I’ve never had power over humans before. 」


「 Well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough. Also, instead of doing something directly to people, I’d rather do it indirectly. For example, I can help them get a lot of wood. 」


Since it was almost impossible to meet a god who had just been born up to this point, I taught her all the very orthodox things.


Such experiences are almost unheard of, so it was rather refreshing.


Next, I asked a few questions for the safety of the country.


To put it simply, I wanted to know if the man had any dangerous thoughts.


If the man has evil beliefs, Cartia could also become evil.


But it seemed to be unfounded.


「 As I said before, he’s only talking about abstract things. So, I don’t intend to do anything wrong, and I don’t know how to do it, and since he doesn’t want to spread his faith, my power won’t be strong either. 」


As long as the man is alone in his esoteric beliefs, he’s not afraid. Even if it is a pagan belief, there is no way to spread it.


It doesn’t matter how strongly one person believes in it, it is still not as strong as the power backed with numbers. Whether there were three or thirty people in the group that would cause the incident, the degree of danger would naturally be different.


「 Then there’s nothing dangerous about it. I’m relieved. 」


「 I’m relieved as well. I don’t want to do or see anything like that because I was on the side of the oppressed in my hometown…… 」


Hortensia-kun and Eunosis are not combat-oriented gods, so they were relieved to hear the conversation.


「 As for me, I don’t really know what kind of gods are dangerous and what kind are allowed. I’ve just been born. I’ll leave all my authority to you guys. Cook it, bake it, boil it, whatever you want. 」


It has tentacles that look like octopus or squid, so it looks like it can be eaten boiled, grilled, or boiled. ……


「 Faltear, what are you going to do? You’re the representative of the guardian gods, so I’ll leave you to it. 」


「 I’ll do the same. 」


It’s too early to say, but both Intanyu and Celude have thrown everything at me. Even if the gods are great, being great also means that they have responsibilities.


「 As for what to do, we’ll just leave her alone. Because there’s nothing wrong with Cartia being here. 」


Just because one man believes that this is the one true God doesn’t mean that we should stop him.


To be honest, I’d like him to have an honest faith in us, but he’s not being negatively promoting about worshiping Faltear, and we should at least let him choose a god to rely on.


「 That’s right. I was thinking the exact same thing. 」


Then say it from the beginning.


「 So I guess the Cartia problem is now safely solved. But it doesn’t mean that evil gods won’t be born, so we should continue to patrol the land. 」


「 That’s true. A country often breaks down from the inside, not the outside. 」


The act of preventing disasters – in other words, disaster prevention activities – should be done in advance, and it’s better if they end up being meaningless.


「 Okay, we’re leaving, is there anything more on Cartia’s end? 」


Cartia’s tentacles were constantly twitching. It seemed to be something that moved regardless of her will. I wondered if they were like centipede legs.


「 No, I don’t have any problems living here by myself anyway. I’ll just take it easy. Do you want me to bring you some souvenirs? 」


「 No, this place doesn’t have much in the way of specialties, so it’s fine. 」



After that, the whole country was inspected by the sound of Intanyu’s voice (or rather the voice of hounds), but no unidentified god was found.


I don’t need to tell you in the form of an oracle that it was okay, and I’ll just tell my wife, Rione directly.


「 It was all right. 」


「 Thank you. The Beastman Kingdom is safe for the time being, isn’t it? 」


Rione also became more dignified in his political duties after overcoming the war with the Rafayette Kingdom (some lords).  I think no one would complain if I said he was the wisest king in the continent anymore. I’m not sure what kind of politicians there are in the north or south of the country now.


「 Thanks in part to the people who emigrated from Roukon, the population is steadily increasing, and it looks like the Beastman Kingdom will develop further. 」


「 That’s right. But– 」


I hug Rione from behind.


「 You can let me spoil you anytime you want. Rione is too hardworking, so that’s just fine with me. I’m a husband too, you know. 」


「 Yes, I understand, Dear. 」


It’s still nice to have time alone with a husband and wife. The unity of God is important, but the unity of husband and wife is also necessary.


But then Intanyu came rushing in.


「 There’s something wrong! 」


「 Yikes! 」


Rione quickly pulled away from my arms and cowered. The timing is terrible. Bad manners.


「 Um, what the hell is this? 」


「 The god we found the other day in the forest has disappeared, or is about to. 」