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Chapter 54 – Saving the Strange God

TL: Yuki



「 Faltear, is there anything I can do to help? 」


Intanyu asked anxiously.


「 There is. I’m heading back to New Kathra now. You should come with me. 」


Intanyu became a bit annoyed.


「 Going back, leaving Cartia here in a critical condition? Isn’t that a bit harsh? 」


「 I know how you feel, but you can’t help her if you stay here!  It’s not going to help her even if you were to stay by her side just to see her through her final days! 」


「 That’s not it……that’s not it……. I just, don’t really know what to do……. 」


「 I will be using the power of God to the fullest. I doubt it will be for the sake of the New Kathra Beastman Kingdom, but since you’ve been serving the country so far, it’s okay to exercise a little authority for your own sake. 」


Intanyu and I quickly head back towards New Kathra. Gods are capable of moving fast, but not instantaneously. Presumably, though, it’s because humans imagine them in a more human-like way. If they believed in me more as an abstract being, maybe I could move at a moment’s notice.


On the move, I explained to Intanyu about my plan.


「 How is that a guardian deity ……? That’s outside the scope of the guardian’s role. 」


「 I know, and I’m saying it. It’s better than letting Cartia die without trying it, right? 」


Intanyu agreed, replying, 「 I suppose so. 」


It was still deep in the night in New Kathra. Thank God for that, because it would have been a pain in the ass if it had been morning.


「 Well, I’ve asked Intanyu to join me. 」


「 I know. We can’t just leave her here to die, we have to save Cartia! 」


I quickly gave the oracle to a number of priests and priestesses.


It was the time when everyone was asleep, so they must have heard the oracle in their dreams.


The oracle told them that there was a strange god named Cartia in the southern forest, and that if they believed in her, they would be blessed.


I don’t know if it’s beneficial or not, Cartia doesn’t seem to have any intention to bring happiness, but I can’t say that they should be worshiped anyway, so I decided to make them think that it must be beneficial.


Intanyu must have given the same kind of oracle.


The next morning, the priests and maidens gathered to discuss the contents of the dream.


「 So, you too? 」 「 Yes, it was about Cartia, a strange deity with countless legs and…… 」「 legs like a squid or an octopus or something like that…… 」


Then Rione comes in as the Priestess King.


「 I found that Cartia-like painting on the floor of my bedroom. 」


I had made a diagram of Cartia, as it would be difficult to believe in without visual information.


I waved my best regards to Rione.


I didn’t want to interfere further, so I didn’t interrupt directly.


「 I guess it’s safe to believe that so many people saw this in their dreams at once. Let’s tell the people of New Kathra about this and give them a sign to worship it. 」


「 But isn’t it dangerous when we don’t even know what kind of god he is and what benefits he can give us: ……? 」


Aevia, the high priestess, is a cautious person. It would be true to say that she is creepy. Her form looks like she has a lot of legs after all.


「 Even if this god Cartia is an evil god, then it is strange that Master Faltear has not told us anything about it. 」


Rione said slowly, admonishing.


Just because she was the king, didn’t mean she was going to use a loud voice or scold them.


「 Besides, we are priestesses in the service of Lady Faltear. It would be a blasphemy against Lady Faltear for us to doubt her voice when we have heard it. In addition, they say that a similar oracle was heard in the temple of Lady Intanyu. We have to believe the words of the gods here. We must not do things such as not conveying the word of the gods based on our own narrow insight. 」


「 I’m sorry, sir. I’ve spoken out of line…… 」


Aevia fell to her knees.


I knew Rione was one step ahead of the other priestesses.


In a statement from the temple of Rione and Faltear (that’s me) and Intanyu, there was a call to worship the God Cartia.


However, they didn’t seem to understand how to worship her, so they were having a hard time figuring out how to properly do so.


The officials then went around saying, 「 It’s okay if they just call out her name, Cartia-sama, Cartia-sama. 」 That was fine with me; they didn’t really have time to make a statue, either.


As Cartia’s name was slowly spreading in the capital city of New Kathra, I met up with Intanyu.


「 Is this going to help? 」


「 I don’t know, but that’s all we can do, right? 」


「 Well, I guess we’ll go back to Cartia’s place. I’m still afraid to go see her, but…… 」


「 I’m sure it’ll be fine. I believe so. 」


As a matter of fact, we were not absolutely sure if this was the right way to do it, or if it would work, since it was unlikely that we would encounter a god with only one follower.


At least, the way we did it was rather messy, but there was nothing else we could do about it.


「 Maybe a god with a single number of followers has been appearing and disappearing all over the world…… 」


「 Don’t be so ominous……. But it may be true…… 」


「 Now that I’ve found her, I want to save her, don’t you? It’s the same god, and she’s not a bad one either. 」


「 At least, I like you trying to save him, even if you have to force yourself to do so, rather than you simply abandoning him. 」


We turned back to the small forest.


I hope that Cartia is doing well. I hope she is feeling better, if not better, than before……