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Chapter 55 – Cartia’s Healing

TL: Yuki



We went back to the small forest.


I prayed that Cartia would be in good health. I hope she is feeling better than before, if not better…


We immediately went to Cartia’s place.


Cartia was on the roof of the hut.


「 Why is that fellow there? 」


「 She grew up in an environment where there was no way to have common sense or anything, so it can’t be helped, right? I wonder if she’s still alive… 」


No voice came from Cartia. Gods don’t have the concept of substance, so it should be impossible for a corpse to remain, but…


As we moved our faces closer, we could hear Cartia breathing in her sleep.


「 Thank God~. she’s alive… 」


「 What, why is she asleep? 」


「 It doesn’t feel like an emergency, does it? 」


It was a bad idea to wake her up, so we decided to wait until she woke up.


Cartia’s follower was still having feverish nightmares, but he didn’t believe on us, so we couldn’t do anything to help him.


In the morning, Cartia moved her tentacles and roused herself.


「 Hey, you guys, you’re here again. 」


「 You are a lazy fellow. If it weren’t for us, you’d be in a lot worse shape than you are now, you know. 」


「 How are you feeling? Are you feeling better? 」


Cartia was puzzled at first, but then she started to move her tentacles. She wondered how many of these there are that she could move.


「 It’s true. I’m feeling better than ever! 」


Our methods had not been in vain.


I explained to Cartia what steps I had taken. I wasn’t trying to ingratiate myself with her. I just thought that since I had taken the liberty of doing it for Cartia, I should tell her.


「 I see. You even did that for me. 」


Cartia scratched her face, shyly, with her hand.


「 Thanks for that… 」


「 It’s a good countermeasure, although I’m not sure if it’s a root solution yet. 」


「 It’s not going to harm the New Kathra faith, right? 」


「 Cartia’s creator is still in critical condition, isn’t he? 」


Surely, the person who important to Cartia was still in a fever.


Today, Cartia looked more mature than ever.


It was as if she had awakened to her duties as a god.


「 This guy, uh… his name is Banyan, I think… 」


「 You can’t even remember his name… You’re his only follower, so you should remember it. 」


「 Because he lives alone, there’s no situation where he can say his name. That’s why it’s so hard to remember. 」


Well, it’s true that people who live alone and say their own name frequently would be strange. It’s already weird enough that he’s believing in an original god in a place like this.


「 I’ll help this guy. Only I can do that, right? 」


Intanyu and I glanced at each other, then nodded towards Cartia.


「 Okay. This is something only you can do, and you should be able to do it. 」


Being too involved with a particular person was not a good idea. Some gods said that, but if you only have one believer or some other situation similar to that, I think you can tolerate it.


It’s God’s job to respond to wishes.


Cartia approached the bedside of the man named Banyan, who was having a nightmare, and placed her hand on his forehead.


「 Oh… this, this feeling is… 」


Banyan seemed to notice that he was being touched.


「 Hey, can you hear me, Banyan, hey, Banyan! 」


「 Da, who’s that…? Why are you calling my name… 」


「 You’re the one who’s always calling my name. That’s why I’m coming out. You should be grateful. 」


「 You can’t possibly be… the true God Cartia-sama ……! 」


「 That’s one way to put it. 」


Banyan was so moved that he was shedding tears.


「 Oh …, finally the True God has responded… After all, this world was ruled by the True God… 」


「 Ah, well, that’s not, really, the case. There really are gods like Faltear and Intanyu in this country. I was also saved by those gods. 」


「 Eh, what… 」


Banyan seemed to be shocked by the denial of everything he had learned so far.


This is the critical moment.


If Banyan were to say that this Cartia was an imposter, then Cartia would not be able to use her power to help Banyan.


Cartia wouldn’t disappear because of the faith that was being generated in New Kathra, but it would be an unwanted result for Cartia.


「 It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. It’s your faith. It’s your decision. 」


For a while, Banyan seemed to be thinking…


Eventually, he seemed to come to a conclusion and opened his eyes with a snap.


「 Cartia-sama’s voice can’t be fake, and there is Faltear and other gods… That’s where I was wrong… 」


Cartia’s existence was accepted.


「 Okay, then believe in the other gods as well. Because it’s shameful to claim that there are no gods that exist, okay? Okay? Answer me. 」


「 Yes, my lord! I understand! 」


Relieved, Cartia exhaled.


「 Okay, now I’m going to make a wish for you to get better, so just sit tight. Repeat my name in your mind, even if it is only my name that you remember. 」


「 I understand… 」


Cartia put more strength into the hand she had placed on Banyan’s forehead.


Eventually, the area around her hand glowed a weak green color.


An act of healing through divine knowledge was taking place.


Intanyu said, 「 How inexperienced she is… It’s so frustrating to watch… 」 she said, while wagging her tail. 


I understand what you mean. It was exactly what a beginner would do. It’s going to take a long time to save even just one person this way.


「 But we’ll need to keep an eye on them. Because this is something that only Cartia can do. 」


「 I know, I know. But I don’t feel comfortable watching them the whole time, so I’m going to go for a walk in the forest… Well, I’m sure things will work out in time… 」


Two hours later.


Finally, Cartia removed her hand from her forehead.


「 Oh, I’m so tired…… I’m so sleepy, I’m so sleepy…… 」