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Chapter 56 – A God’s Conversion

TL: Yuki



The man, Banyan, was apparently feeling better, and his complexion had improved.


Meekly, Banyan got up and began to worship in the direction Cartia was not.


「 Thank you very, very much, Cartia-sama, for keeping me alive! 」


Cartia looked tired and said, 「 I’m not over there… 」


Although she didn’t seem to be happy about it, she must have been satisfied with the fact that she was able to save someone by herself.


「 Well? Living as a god isn’t so bad, right? 」


「 Yeah…well, I won’t deny it…but I’m really sleepy right now. Let me sleep a little… 」


With that, Cartia leaned over me.


「 Hey! If you’re going to sleep, you should sleep in a proper place! I don’t want you to sleep here! 」


But Cartia was leaning completely against me.


She’s not just leaning back, she’s sleeping completely…


「 I’ve never seen a god who can sleep with such precision. 」


Intanyu said with interest. You’re talking like it is someone else’s problem because it’s not yours…


「 What am I supposed to do with this? 」


「 Just leave it alone until she wakes up. 」


Of course, I don’t want to do something so exhausting.


In the end, I decided to carry her to a place where the grass was thicker and keep an eye on her there.


There was nothing to pass the time in this forest, so it was quite boring.


Eventually, Cartia woke up.


「 Oh, you’re still here? 」


「 Well, you’re kind of sick, so we couldn’t leave you alone. 」


「 I see. I’m sorry about that. I’m grateful to you, too. I wish I could give you something back, but there’s nothing I can do… 」


Cartia scratched her face in embarrassment. There’s only so much a newborn god can do.


For a while, Cartia seemed to be thinking…


「 Okay, I’ll go with you guys. 」


She said.


「 If I go to your place, I can help you in some way. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? 」


Cartia’s face was very serious.


Well, I don’t think she’s capable of thinking with an ulterior motive. She just says what’s on her mind and acts on it.


「 It’s settled. I’ll have to educate this one who doesn’t know any common sense. 」


Intanyu said as if she were a senior here.


「 The Beastman Kingdom is getting bigger and bigger. There might be more stray gods like this. It’s our responsibility to educate them properly. 」


「 Intanyu, you’re so bold, or rather, sisterly. 」


「 I’m an industrious god by nature. I will educate you diligently. 」


「 What… I’m going to be forced to study…? Then I guess I’ll stay here…? 」


Cartia said, her legs twitching.


「 It’s too late to refuse now, we’re going to New Kathra! 」



After this, it was ordained that the god Cartia had moved to New Kathra, and the belief in Cartia became a little more widespread.


However, it was a bit more difficult than the previous gods, as some people thought that Cartia was an evil god because of her odd shape with numerous tentacles on her feet.


We had no choice but to reiterate that Cartia was not an evil god, and the matter was finally settled.


And that man, Banyan, who was Cartia’s only devotee…


After he was cured of his illness, he became a preacher who went around the Beast Kingdom telling people about Cartia’s miracles.


After being cured of his illness, he became a preacher and traveled around the Beastman Kingdom telling people about Cartia’s miracles. The stories of Cartia’s miracles are so interesting that some people have begun to imitate them, and they are becoming a kind of popular entertainment.


Culture is born from the most unexpected places.


Thanks in part to Banyan, word spread that Cartia was the god of healing, and eventually Cartia came to be worshiped as the god of healing.


Thanks to the clarity of the benefits, the number of people worshiping Cartia has increased, and Cartia’s power seems to be getting stronger. I guess we can call it a done deal.


However, Cartia herself was having a difficult time.


Intanyu was playing the role of a brilliant teacher.


「 You can’t even remember this stuff yet! You have until tomorrow to memorize everything! 」


「 Eh~! Give me a break! I don’t care about the names of the towns in this country… 」


「 It’s no good if a God doesn’t know the geography of the country they are worshipped in. You have to memorize it! 」


It seems that Cartia, who really doesn’t know anything, and will continue to have knowledge and common sense drilled into her for a while.


Well, one day she will be grateful to Intanyu. I’m sure she’ll hold a grudge for a while, but…


「 You’re the devil! You’re too harsh! 」


「 What do you mean? You have a more devilish form than I do! In fact, you should be thanking me! 」


There were twists and turns, but at any rate, one more god was added to this country.