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Chapter 59 – Hunchbacked Cat God

TL: Yuki



Yes, I wonder what the old god is doing now?


The fact that there are survivors of the royal family means that they are still around, albeit quietly.


If it’s a god in this country, we’d better check it out.


At the meeting, there were some who said, 「 There’s no way that evil god would show any remorse now, so let’s destroy his statue. 」 I’m rather impressed that they hate us so much…


「 Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big issue, and we should take some time to think about it… At the very least, it is not a good idea to punish someone for a crime that has no basis in fact… Our guardian god Faltear has never allowed such a thing to happen. 」


Rione said, and the meeting of the clergy members withheld their conclusions.


This isn’t going to be as time-sensitive as I thought.


I called Intanyu, who knew the deity, and Celude, who might be able to offer an observer’s opinion.


「 –So, if the god Barunbirn is still around, I think I’ll talk to him as well. 」


「 Yes indeed. But if I hadn’t noticed it before, it must have been worshiped very quietly. Or it could be that there is only a statue of the god left and no one believes in it. 」


It’s true that if there was a proper faith, we would have seen each other at some point.


「 Even if they don’t have a proper faith, wouldn’t the descendants of the royal family in a state of captivity hang on to them at a time like this? 」


Celude said in a way that made sense to me.


Some people only turn to God in times of distress.


「 The royal descendants are supposed to be under house arrest for a while. If we go there, we might be able to meet Barunbirn. 」


At night, we visited the place where the Descendants were being held captive. Even though we visited them, the humans couldn’t see us.


Just then, the descendants of the royal family were holding hands in a prayer pose.


「 Barunbirn-sama…Barunbirn-sama…please save us who have been faithful for so long… 」


The prayer was a whisper. If it were to be heard in this country, it might make the situation even worse.


However, the prayer was serious just because they were trapped.


Suddenly, the presence of a god appeared.


The cat-eared god appeared in front of us, hunched over.


「 You asked me to help you, but what should I do, nya… 」


「 Oh, there you are! 」


I exclaimed involuntarily.


「 Oh, you’re the god Faltear! 」


Startled, Barunbirn’s tail shot up!


「 You must be Barunbirn, the god worshiped in the Kathra Kingdom. 」


「 But I was only worshiped by the royal family, and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything for the people myself, so I don’t have the power to perform miracles. 」


Indeed, no matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to have any power or confidence. To put it bluntly, I don’t even feel motivation from him. There’s quite a negative aura in the air.


「 I know you’ve been through a lot, but since there are people who believe in you, why don’t you do something about it? 」


「 Even if you say so, the people of this country won’t listen to the words of such a god… The descendants of the royal family will be scattered, and eventually the faith of such a god will disappear… That’s all. The natural order of things nya… 」


「 That means you’ll disappear too…? Can’t you show a little more motivation…? 」


「 It’s impossible for me to be motivated. I’ve never been motivated before, so it’s impossible… 」


This is more serious than I thought…


Celude patted me on the shoulder and shook her head.


「 I’ve reached out to you. If this doesn’t work, then I’m afraid there’s nothing more we can do. 」


「 But hey…that’s a bit pitiful… 」


Then Intanyu came up in front of Barunbirn.


Intanyu was an acquaintance. Say something encouraging to him.


「 Oh, Intanyu… 」


Intanyu walked up to Barunbirn.


Suddenly, he bit down on his arm.


「 Ouch! It hurts! What are you doing! 」


But Intanyu didn’t answer. Or rather, how could he answer while he was biting…


「 Hey! What are you doing! Don’t be so violent! 」


I rushed to pull Intanyu from behind.


Somehow, I managed to pull Intanyu away, but Barunbirn’s hands were covered with teeth marks. Not that violence would ever kill a god…


「 Uu… that’s terrible, Nya! I don’t remember you doing this to me! 」


「 It’s because you lied to me, even though you’re a god. 」


「 I never lied to you. 」


「 You said you’ve never been motivated. You were never like that, a long time ago. Remember what you used to do. Then you will know what you have to do. 」


Intanyu said clearly.


「 Okay, Faltear, Celude, let’s go home. Sometimes one needs to be alone to be able to think. 」


I left, letting Intanyu’s momentum carry me away.